Ma Fangxing was stopped by Lotito when he was trying to pay. "You can’t, you can’t even go in if you pay."

Ma Fangxing leng after a nasty he angrily asked "what? !”
"You are reporters of Sports Weekly. We have a rule that reporters of Sports Weekly are not welcome to interview." Lotito shrugged.
Ma Maxing knows this rule. Sports Weekly has never had a winning story and Lazio reports can’t win it. But if Lazio reports that it doesn’t win, what is there to report? Constant victory is the key word that Lazio can’t bypass.
Therefore, in this respect, Sports Weekly has been greatly influenced, and their sales volume has been slipping year by year. Coupled with the network impact, Sports Weekly has long lost its past glory.
But Ma Fangxing thought that it was Sports Weekly’s European football and the ever-victorious old country football. I’m here to report on China. I don’t give a fuck about Lazio!
So he immediately protested, "This is not fair! We’re here to interview the China national team and you Lazio. Nothing! You do this! "
Lotito shook his head. "This is the Vermelot training base, which belongs to Lazio Club. Lazio Club has absolute control here. We said whoever is allowed to enter can enter, and whoever is not allowed to enter can not enter!"
He said with a cold face
I often smile before my face disappears at all.
The businessman’s face changes faster than that of the child …
Ma Fangxing immediately flew into a rage when he heard him say this and saw his expression.
He is mainly following up the interview with the China national team. Now he is not allowed to enter the stadium. How can he report on the training of the China team? By weaving?
He took out his cell phone and the little Lazio club dared to play with me?
Does anyone in my face know?
Otherwise, how could I get so much first-hand information?
Ma Fangxing called an acquaintance in the Football Association to protest and complain about this matter.
Then he hung up and said to Lotito, "I have reported this to the Chinese Football Association and you are interfering with the normal interview of reporters!" "
Soon Lotito also received a message.
Ma Fangxing was watching coldly. It seems that the Football Association is still quite powerful. It called Lotito’s mobile phone so quickly.
He sneered to see what Lotito could do.
He believes that Lazio club took the initiative to let China train, so as to further publicize their image in China, expand their popularity and expand the China market.
At the beginning, all the people in the Football Association Department told themselves that Lazio sent an invitation on their own initiative, rather than the Football Association looking for a door. This is very problematic.
He believes that Lazio will not dare to disobey if the Football Association puts pressure on them, because they can’t give up this opportunity to announce them in the China market, and they will definitely bow to the will of the Football Association.
He is confident.
I was just thinking about it. Lotito hung up and then he came over and looked at Ma Fangxing.
"Mr. Ma, I don’t like swearing very much, which makes it difficult for me, but I still want to help people take the message to your football association, which has already communicated with us. They are determined not to intervene in our training base according to our arrangement."
Lotito looked at Ma Fangxing and sneered, "Finally, he often asked me to give you a message for him. He said Ma Fangxing, right? Get out! "
Ma Fang gaped at Lotito and couldn’t believe what he heard.
The football association doesn’t care?
Changsheng still let him go?
This … world … is a little … crazy?
Ma Fangxing finally rolled away, and when he rolled away, he was quite driven out of his mind. It seems that everything will eventually turn into this ending after all.
Of course, if he doesn’t know, he will naturally ask China to come here for training, but in fact, China is eager to come to Lazio for training …
He died of asymmetric information, and it’s no injustice at all.
While China is preparing for the Asian Cup, Lazio is also preparing for the game against Inter Milan.
The 15th round of the league is Lazio vs Inter Milan.
If Lazio played Inter Milan, it would be the most anticipated and beautiful match in Serie A today.
But this is not the case from this season.
Mourinho left Inter Milan this summer and went to Real Madrid to coach.
Everyone knows that Inter Milan will find a world-class coach with the same level as Mourinho to coach the team and continue to challenge Lazio hegemony-it seems that only Inter Milan has this strength in Serie A.
At that time, the media was very enthusiastic about finding a coach for Inter Milan.
Among them, Guardiola is the most
Guardiola was severely criticized by cruyff after losing to Lazio in Barcelona. Everyone thought that his life in Barcelona was over.
It’s just that Mourinho is leaving Inter Milan, so it’s natural for Inter Milan to ask Barcelona coach Guardiola to coach, right?
Besides, Guardiola has a feud with Changsheng, and it will look much better when he comes to this league.
And Guardiola is also the only one in the world who is likely to beat the winning coach in the key game at present …
However, I didn’t expect the management of Inter Milan to be shocked by the world again. They finally chose the head coach … Leonardo!
I coached AC Milan in the season, and the result was a constant victory, Leonardo!
This is Lazio’s opponent in the new season!
Many media have vomited that Moratti’s choice is really unpredictable.
They don’t understand why Moratti would choose Leonardo.
The only reason that makes sense is that Moratti has given up the pursuit of the league title and changed his competition to a more realistic rival AC Milan.
So they invited Leonardo.