This primitive killing method from snakes is enough to crush prey with several times its own strength.

Part of itself belongs to snakes. Xuanwu naturally knows that this move is terrible.
Therefore, he should retract his limbs into the turtle shell, leaving only the dragon head and the snake head in tandem to deal with the strangulation of the green-scale snake.
Click …
Accompanied by a sound like a broken glass, fine cracks appeared on the surface of the hard tortoise shell of Xuanwu.
This sudden change can not help but shock Xuanwu, and even Xiaoqing herself feels a little surprised.
However, after a brief surprise, Xiaoqing suddenly converged her mind and began to feel physically and mentally, and her body gave birth to that new force.
That’s why Xiaoqing stayed in the cave and didn’t go out much during this period.
It was also the result that she was stimulated by Pei Wende and began to make further breakthroughs.
The deep snake sound gradually turned into a high-pitched dragon song, while the Xuanwu tortoise shell appeared more cracks due to greater pressure …
Xuanwu, the biggest victim of this change, can watch the green snake begin to grow dragon horns, dragon whiskers and Long Lin.
Even the body structure originally belonging to snakes has undergone earth-shaking changes.
This special body structure has not changed the shape of the green snake, but it has far more power than the normal state.
Xuanwu is familiar with this special body structure-it is the "real dragon form" that many creatures dream of.
[No, this power is more perfect than the real dragon! 】
If you want to turn into a demon, you must get through the congenital nine orifices and have the ability to communicate with heaven and earth before you can further practice.
The creature born with nine orifices is the "real dragon", which is the most widely known among the public except for a few human ghosts.
The same innate nine-know-how creature, the dragon’s acupoint skill and strength far exceed its nine-know-how creature.
Except for snakes and fish, which can be transformed by means of their own forms, few other creatures can be transformed into real dragons
However, when his knowledge reaches the level of Lv Yan, he clearly knows that the real dragon is far from the limit of nine creatures.
At this moment, Lv Yan is personally feeling this extreme power far beyond the real dragon.
Waves became louder and louder, and the serpent in the middle scale suddenly grew four ferocious and powerful fingers and grabbed the Xuanwu turtle shell and wouldn’t let go.
Immediately afterwards, the back of the serpent with green scales quickly swelled two meat balls and quickly differentiated and grew into a pair of huge wings that covered the sun.
The wings simply spread out to cover the sun in the sky.
The powerful Achilles tendon extend from that back to the base of the wings, and no one will doubt whet it can support this huge body like a mountain.
Beyond biological imagination, it violates the most basic physical rules to some extent.
This is Xiaoqing’s practice achievement during this period!
-Dan into five turn, Ying Long form!
Xiaoqing suddenly incited a pair of wings behind her to cover the sun after self-transformation of Ying Long.
In an instant, the wind swept across the earth and the frost came to the world.
The cold and fierce wind directly uprooted all the trees in Fiona Fang Baili, and the disaster brought by it swept the whole cave world
Then the second and third …
Xiaoqing flapped her wings like a mountain. Xuanwu was so abruptly taken off the ground by her.
Every time we flap our wings, we can blow up a hurricane. Every time we flap our wings, we can crack the earth and make several marks …
It seems so futile and powerful to struggle with Xuanwu.
If we leave aside the current size of both sides, the scene looks like a falcon catching a turtle.
Unfortunately, Ying Long is not a falcon and Xuanwu is also not a turtle.
The destruction and power caused by the constant struggle between the two are even more exaggerated than a natural disaster.
Mountains and rivers are broken and Gankun collapses.
These exaggerated words have become a reality here.
So when Xiaoqing got used to the power of Ying Long and flew into the air with basaltic completely, even the sky, Lei Yun and lightning were dispersed.
Flying high in the direction of the sun, Xiaoqing announced to everyone that she was the real winner of this battle with the momentum of throwing basalt into the sun.
Whether Xuanwu was thrown directly from high school or really into the sun, Xiaoqing’s victory was beyond doubt.
Lu Yan, the incarnation of Xuanwu, naturally knew this, but he tried to stop it from happening.
Because Xiaoqinggen didn’t take the tricky way of fighting, but the most direct and brutal violence cracked his own defense.
Chapter sixty-seven Peony in full bloom, leading edge to continue.
At the risk of being hit by two giant fighting waves, Xuanyang finally broke through the layers of obstacles and successfully came to Bai Mudan’s side.
It was after coming to Bai Mudan that Xuanyang realized a very serious problem-how should he take this Bai Mudan away?
This Bai Mudan is now deeply rooted in this soil, and it is meaningless to simply pick up the flowers on the surface.
As we all know, the real "body" of plants is buried deep in the roots.
In case of emergency, Xuanyang must find a way to uproot this Bai Mudan to ensure that it is the real "Bai Mudan"
If you change to normal Xuanyang, you can slowly think about how to solve this problem.
But now the key to the problem lies in Lv Yan’s incarnation Xuanwu, which has been abruptly dragged down by Xiaoqing, and it seems that it will be impossible to persist.
In other words, there is not much left for Xuanyang at this time.
He must think of real strategies in a short time to live up to Lv Yan’s sacrifice.
"If I had known, I would have followed the master to learn more spells …"
It’s also feasible to put the yogi in the body when you hate less.
Zhong Li is a great walking spell, which contains great people who are good at supernatural powers and spells.
Nai Xuan-yang’s pursuit of kendo and fire escape is unforgettable for his magical powers.
It happened that both Kendo and Huodun were inclined to attack the protection method, and there was no way to uproot Bai Mudan without damaging his roots.
Just when Xuanyang decided to abandon all concerns and forcibly pull out Bai Mudan, a light suddenly bloomed in front of him.
That’s the light when Bai Mudan is in full bloom, and it’s also the light when the surrounding vitality gathers.
At this moment, Bai Mudan seems to feel Xuanyang’s determination to take the initiative to gather Zhou Zhou’s vitality and form a pure vitality cover on his own surface.
However, to Xuanyang’s expectation, those roots in the soil actually contracted voluntarily after Bai Mudan completed the most basic self-protection.
When Xuanyang realized what had happened, the Bai Mudan not only returned to its previous appearance, but also stripped off a small part of the soil to form a simple potted plant.
"Uh …"
A face of consternation looked at all this happened XuanYang leng for a long time to return to absolute being.
It turns out that Bai Mudan’s previous gathering of vitality was not to prevent himself from hurting it, but to peel off the nearby soil with the help of vitality to form a simple potted plant.
"Do you want to leave here?"
Vaguely aware of what Xuanyang tentatively asked.