Ye Han said, "I was going to colonize Io at the beginning, but now it’s good … haven’t you tried anything to cool the earth?"

"Want to how can you not want to? But it’s not as simple as the release rate of greenhouse gases or it’s more than six degrees. "
Ye Han was annoyed and angry. "Isn’t this the end of the world?"
"Who said it wasn’t?" Duan Zhiyang’s voice was deep. "It’s simply a drastic measure. Aliens don’t have to land early. Humans are dead early."
Ye Han said, "aliens can raise the temperature of the earth to 90% and there are ways to lower it. It is much easier for them to take over the earth than to attack it by force!"
"Maybe there is something we don’t know," Duan Zhiyang said. "For example, raising the temperature is simple and cooling is more complicated."
"It may also be that we hurt the aliens. They knew that the probability of occupying the earth by force was too small to think of such a way."
"Can’t you?" Duan Zhiyang looked puzzled. "According to the position, the expeditionary force was not formed when the foreign fleet set off. Can they still know the Oracle?"
"It’s not a prophecy, but you think about what we were like when aliens just called. What are we like now? No matter before and after the last expedition, there were four expeditions, and the scale of each expedition was stronger than that of each one. What would you think if you were an alien? "
Duan Zhiyang words meaning can’t help but nod a way "also want to when the asteroid to the earth or got a few space shuttles from the yanks to change when warships sent the day now? We have even been to Saturn several times. How has it changed so much in just over ten years? "
At that time, human beings were able to temporarily refit the space shuttle and take the lead. Now, the level of human spaceflight has achieved a double leap in quality and quantity. It is no longer that aliens bully fish maws and reach the height that aliens must look up. It is not too much to say that it is a miracle.
"Yes!" Yip hon also sigh with emotion "at the beginning if it weren’t for our determination to expand North Moon Island, it is estimated that we still let aliens bully us on the ground."
Duan Zhiyang said, "The alien fleet has nothing to bully us, but isn’t it also bullying us if aliens make the earth look like this?"
"Then kill them!" Yip hon said savagely, "haven’t you found out where the aliens are hiding?"
Duan Zhiyang nodded "there has been no clue"
"Didn’t you get a clue from the bug killer?"
"When we didn’t find a place, people would have gone upstairs."
"Well …" Yip hon thought for a moment. "What do you think the boss is going to do with me?"
Duan Zhiyang shook his head. "I don’t know where this is, but I don’t think it is possible to deal with insects by orbital descent. It should be to send you where the strategic reserve is the most troublesome."
"What do you mean the most troublesome? Just say the most dangerous!" Yip hon sighed "the earth? I mean the situation is not the environment. "
Duan Zhiyang scratched his head. "It’s always very passive if you don’t know a word or two. If you really go back, you won’t have a good life."
"What else should we do?" Yip hon hands spread out "who let us eat this meal!"
At yip hon Duan Zhiyang nai waved "forget it, forget it. What do you want to know? Check the information yourself … I’m not here to chat with you. I’m leaving in a few days."
Yip hon spirit a flap "found aliens again?"
"If you don’t routinely patrol Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to see what’s wrong, you always throw a nuclear bomb there before it happens, so you will strangle the enemy and not give the enemy a chance to make a comeback."
Ye Han said, "I guess I won’t have a chance to join the expedition. I have a chance to throw more for me!"
"That must be where you see not pleasing to the eye? Tell me directly! "
Ye Han laughed. "If you are not pleasing to the eye with aliens, just throw it away!"
Chapter 1567 is more serious than expected
After Duan Zhiyang left, Ye Han couldn’t calm Duan Zhiyang for a long time. Duan Zhiyang’s words were like a thorn in his heart, which made him want to know the real situation of the earth very much.
But he doesn’t have access to alien information at the root of his hospital, so he can’t understand that it’s just a military hospital, not a staff headquarters. Is it necessary to be so abnormal?
Tucao belongs to tucao. You should abide by the rules. You have to abide by him. Go on waiting patiently.
A few days later, the hospital finally allowed Yip Han to leave the hospital and returned Yip Han’s personal figures, including sidearms and personal terminals.
Yip hon immediately called the terminal and couldn’t wait to connect his family, but after entering the mailing address, the feedback limit was insufficient!
Yip hon couldn’t believe his eyes. The whole person almost exploded with anger. How can his grandmother be short of a lieutenant general?
He rushed to the headquarters angrily, but before he stepped out, he found several unread messages in the mailbox, each address of which was Beichenzhou.
Yip hon heart immediately unwillingly a disorderly jump, he hurriedly point the first information Bai Xiaoting familiar face immediately appeared on the screen.
See Bai Xiaoting moment Yip Han heart instantly calm to eyes left screen wife.
Screen Bai Xiaoting some excitement almost control emotions for a while to calm down "yip hon I just got a notice that Sirius found you, thank god I’m desperate …"
Bai Xiaoting rambled on about some thoughts, but didn’t say anything. Then she introduced the situation of the child and some daily chores, and finally asked Yip Han to give her a message as soon as possible.
Yip hon ordered the second message. Professor Qin appeared on the screen. The old man looks good. He looks much younger than in previous years. He looks like a mature man in his fifties instead of a teenager.
Professor Qin is much more rational than Bai Xiaoting. He simply said nothing about himself and his family.
The third message comes from Bai Xiaoting. This time, she has some uncontrollable emotions and her eyes are red as if she had just cried.
In her video, she almost begged Yip Han to reply as soon as possible. If there is no news from Yip Han, she will collapse.
At the end of the news, Bai Xiaoting said that he didn’t dare to let the children know about him until he was sure about Yip Han’s situation.
Yip hon almost collapsed. Click reply in the direct message. This time, it actually succeeded. There is no shortage of limit.
He quickly replied with a message, "Xiaoting, I just came out of the hospital. I miss you very much. I can’t wait to fly to you now …"
Yip hon tried his best to pour out his thoughts, and many words failed to convey his meaning because of his emotional agitation.
It took a few minutes for Yip Han to send out the message. As a result, the demon moths showed that the message was being reviewed!
Yip hon almost mad god special audit is not a military secret audit grandma!
He immediately contacted the communication center, and as soon as the communication was connected, he questioned regardless of what was sent to his family and had to review it!
It took the operator across the street a long time to be silly. What did Bai Yehan mean? He patiently explained that "the communication sent by the head to Beichenzhou must be audited and encrypted, and private communication is no exception. This is a level regulation. Please understand."
Yip Han calmed down a little and continued to ask, "Why don’t I know this rule?"
The operator said, "Have you just come back? This is a new regulation last year. "
"Know" yip hon stiffly thinking off communication suppressed full of fire but can’t find a place.
Since it is difficult to meet the requirements, does the operator have a root?
Looking back now, no matter Bai Xiaoting or Professor Qin, they are very restrained in communication. It is obvious that communication must be reviewed. He knows nothing and says everything foolishly.
It’s no matter how angry it is, he simply put it behind him and looked up the situation of the earth
The first news came from Duan Zhiyang’s mouth. His first check was Super Plant.
However, Reagan didn’t have this information in the database. He finally found a clue by changing a few key words-super plant is his own name, and the official call this thing multiple compound plants.
According to the official statement, the super plant species are very small, but the genes are very complex. The external environment has a great influence on the species, and the external environment can directly affect the gene expression of the species, thus developing into the most suitable appearance for the surrounding environment.
The vitality of this thing is beyond imagination, and it is tenacious. It not only occupies the deep sea, Gobi and snowfields suitable for plant growth, but also places where sulfur craters are everywhere can grow saline-alkali land. It is simply pediatrics.
Because this plant is very dependent on water, the more abundant the water is, the more rampant it is, and the danger to ordinary fields is less, but the blow to paddy fields is almost devastating, and even weeding in the fields day and night can not inhibit the growth of super plants.
According to public information, rice has become a paradise since the super plant landed on the earth. If you want to eat rice, you can grow a layer of dry rice with poor taste.