"This kind of room for the big family that magistrate must have received a lot of money and stayed in those people. They are all rich people who are used to enjoying life. Even if it takes a lot of money to live in it, they are willing to at least live comfortably. Besides, isn’t it just a face that they pay attention to? Having a good house to live in proves their high status! In this way, the magistrate can receive money and earn the favor of those aristocratic men. "

Guo Feng took a look at Fang Wen and then continued, "Except for two points, these houses are newly built after the disaster. When the time comes, people will come to inspect them. He can also say that these houses are all his credit. These houses can be used as a facade project to make his contribution. It can be said that it is not difficult to win this magistrate in one fell swoop after building these houses!"
"This group of moths! This disaster relief, I must sort out an unhealthy trend in officialdom! At present, despite the people’s life and death, they are bent on collecting money and thinking about their own interests. These officials have lost their most basic conscience. They are not worthy to be parents! " Fang Wen low curse a looks pale looking at the middle-aged male city magistrate across the street.
Magistrate in the face of sublimation condition foot soldiers question gently nodded and then mouth asked "what’s the situation today? Is there an accident? "
"Back to the adults, everything is normal, and now there are three foreign masters who want to enter our Minchuan City. This is not a villain who is letting them hand over to the city." Sublimation of the foot soldiers raised their hands and pointed to a few people.
Magistrate along the sublimation condition foot soldiers fingers suddenly shine at the moment.
Although there is a distance, it is faintly visible that the three men are holding a big horse, and it can be seen from a distance that the three horses are not waiting for a good horse.
It’s not easy to ride such a good horse.
"Report well and go back to touts to receive the reward."
The magistrate smiled and patted the foot soldiers on the shoulder of sublimation and walked quickly to Chang Sheng, the three of them. The magistrate didn’t get to know all the refugees in this special period. When will it be? I can also get a lot of money by knowing these less people.
The present situation is that money is worthless, housing and food are the most valuable, and housing and food are the most important things for being in charge of a city by yourself.
I hope these three people have enough money at home so that they can earn more. Although it is said that money is worthless, it will become valuable again when the disaster is over.
At that time, I collected enough money to give a part to san huang, so that my promotion was just around the corner.
Magistrate went straight to Chang Sheng three people around Pei Shaoshao and Li Shaoshao also carefully looked at the three people opposite.
It’s good for these three people to wear, but it should not be the top families. Besides, several people in the top families nearby know these three people, and they have never seen them before. It’s not like everyone is an ordinary family member.
Chapter 336 Open looting
Thinking about Pei Shaoshao and Li Shaoshao, directly crossing Chang Sheng and looking back at the people behind him, "Hey Xiaojia, you said that the face is dirty and beautiful, and the figure is great. Where can I find the less quickly?"
Pei Shao turned back and said something to the person behind him. Then a man with a fierce face behind him came out with his eyes swept away and stared at the woman holding Xiaozhu.
"That woman is the woman with the little girl in her arms. She is the one I said."
Male high shout a immediately Pei less and Li less looked at the past along the direction of the male said.
Pei less that woman’s face stopped for a moment and immediately moved her eyes to a face of dissatisfaction and turned to look at Xiaojia, yelling, "You mean she is beautiful and tasty?" Blind, your eyes are so dark, and you can’t see your figure when you dress so loosely. You grab a lot of this kind of goods at the gate of the city, and you deliberately let the old people come here to buy people. You are always fucking amused! "
"How dare I entertain you if I’m not a villain!" Xiaojia heard Pei Shaoshao’s words and hurriedly waved his hand and said, "I say it’s a real villain and that woman used to be a place. That woman is a villain. The most famous beauty villain in that place guarantees that she is ten times more beautiful than the woman you bought yesterday. If it’s not a young master, you will cut off the eyes of the villain. She is too dirty now. If she washes it, she will ensure that you are satisfied with Shaoshao."
"oh? You should be so sure, then I will believe you. It’s just a matter of several steamed buns and buns at a time. "Pei Shao Wen nodded his head and Li Jia Shao came to the fun.
"Xiaojia, you said that woman is so beautiful, so she is so beautiful. I want her daughter to be good, right? Pei Shaoshao is interested in young women, so her daughter will be mine. She should be her daughter holding that little girl."
Said the lees less rushed behind a wave with all the assume strode to the front of the small bamboo mother and daughter looked down at the mother and daughter "well, you two are blessed from now on, you can follow me, Pei less, and you will no longer be hungry after your daughter belongs to me. Now go with less."
Xiao Zhu’s mother looked at him and suddenly walked up to him. The man shook his head vigorously. "No, I didn’t say I would sell myself. I won’t go with you. Our mother and daughter won’t sell!"
"Not for sale?" Pei Shaoshao, who came from behind, heard Xiaozhu’s mother’s words and then smiled thoughtfully. "Dare to tell the old man not to sell you or this Minchuan city is the first to tell you that if you buy it, you have to sell it!"
Said the Pei less waved to a behind big drink a way "somebody take them away for me"
Chang Sheng listened to Pei Jia’s words and looked at the magistrate with two young men. Where are these two young men now? They are openly looting! He will be interesting to see how this magistrate will react when he sees this.
As if the magistrate didn’t hear the two little words, he turned to greet the guard at the door and whispered, "Recently, there are more and more refugees coming to our Minchuan city. You must be careful not to relax your guard."
The magistrate pretended not to hear two little words!
Chang Sheng was annoyed when he saw the magistrate’s words. No wonder these two boys were so arrogant. The magistrate had long been in cahoots with them.
In the face of collusion with these people, Xiaozhu’s mother and daughter can’t resist
Chang Sheng remembered that people in the vicinity just said that they were both fond of abnormal games before the reincarnation of two less people. It is estimated that they will be tortured to death if they let Xiaozhu mother and daughter fall into their hands.
The mother of Xiaozhu is a respectable woman, and Xiaozhu is also very cute. from ruin can’t help them.
Chang Sheng thought suddenly stopped Xiao Zhu’s mother and said, "Don’t take them away. Chang Sheng buys them first. They are Chang Sheng. Don’t rob Chang Sheng."
Pei less wait for a while looked at this suddenly froze in front of his face. How did this man feel silly when he spoke?
After a pause, he also reacted. This is Minchuan City. Pei’s family is walking sideways and robbing people with him is simply a death sentence.
"Hum, this is Minchuan City, not your arrogant place. Get away from me or I’ll punish you now!"
"get out?" Chang Sheng’s eyes blinked and his hands clenched with a thunderstorm stick. "You let Chang Sheng roll and Chang Sheng know that rolling is swearing and Chang Sheng kills you!"
Chang Sheng suddenly shouted and raised his fenglei stick against Pei Shaoshao’s head.
A rumbling sound suddenly sounded Chang Sheng hit Pei Shaogen with a stick and didn’t respond. The whole head has been smashed and then the whole body.
Chang Sheng this stick boom Pei less whole body instantly smashed red blood four splash.
No one thought that the young man with a stick would suddenly kill people until Pei Shaoshao was killed and blood fell, and they didn’t react.
"You! How dare you kill Pei Shaoshao! "
"Looking for death!"
Pei’s family saw that they were killed less and roared immediately. When they pulled out their swords, they rushed at Chang Sheng.
While seeing Pei’s family killed less, he was talking with the magistrate, and the master of sublimation also shouted a sword and rushed to Chang Sheng.
"You want to kill Chang Sheng!"
Changsheng’s eyes were red and he rushed to his family. "Changsheng killed you!"
Changsheng waved a fenglei stick and swept it away!
A stick sweep immediately includes rushing to the front of the sublimation master and being swept to death by a stick.
"Changsheng killed you and killed you to bully Changsheng!"