In addition, it is said that this magic weapon is sealed in a gourd, and it is seven inches long. The white light with eyebrows and eyes will be stared at, and the mud pill palace will be sealed and fall into a coma. Tao Jun will order the flying knife at this time. Please turn around and behead the coma.

These two magical powers are definitely going against the sky.
Furthermore, Lu Ya Dao Jun also has a real skill of mixing yuan and picking up money. As soon as you listen to the name, you will know that it is absolutely not inferior to the level of the God King.
Will Su Yingru not be entangled in three choices?
Chapter 1156 Ghosts and demons hammered the offering and refined flying knives.
In the end, Su Ying decided to choose the immortal flying knife.
However, it is not a magic weapon to cut the fairy and fly the knife here.
Su Ying didn’t think much about it. After all, character extraction can’t directly extract a complete magic weapon.
"Congratulations to the host for winning the fairy flying knife lottery. Does the host work immediately?" Tong Wen asked
After Su Ying vetoed it, there was a sudden increase in his mind in the practice of offering sacrifices and cutting immortals. He thought slightly and suddenly asked, "Does the mall sell congenital gourds?"
It is said that "nature exists"
"How much is it worth?" Sue should be a happy heart directly asked.
"According to Su Zhu’s current net worth of 100 million Jin Lingshi can be purchased."
"What? 100 million Jin? "
Sue should have nearly blacked out when she heard this.
He had a hard time getting so many lingshi from killing the king’s abode of fairies and immortals. I didn’t expect that opening my mouth was 100 million Jin.
"Everything in the mall is genuine. It’s not expensive for the host to sacrifice the gourd needed to cut the fairy flying knife."
In the end, Su Ying decided to exchange 100 million Jin of Lingshi for the gourd needed for the sacrifice of the immortal flying knife.
"Does the host confirm the purchase of yellow-skinned gourd?"
"Confirm purchase"
As Su Ying confirmed, he found that his knowledge of Hailingshi directly reduced by 100 million Jin.
At the same time, a green gourd appeared in front of him.
This gourd’s endless flow of innate rhyme is a real innate treasure.
However, there is no sacrifice, and when the sacrifice of the immortal flying knife is completed, its surface will be green and dripping, and the inconspicuous yellow skin color will be changed.
"I have chaos clock’s King Kong, but I still need a hidden big killer. If I can finish the sacrifice of the immortal flying knife, I can have a very strong life-saving means."
Miss this Su Ying should think back to the formula of offering sacrifices to cut immortals and flying knives, and then spit out a cloud of gas. This cloud of gas is colorful and instantaneous, which covers the whole gourd for a moment. Su Ying’s mouth is full of sounds, and the operation is constantly transferred, and the soil fertility of the celestial phenomena is constantly being washed and practiced, and the array is constantly branded.
Looking at the green gourd in my hand, I saw that the gourd was flashing with several innate rhymes and runes.
"When I complete your thorough sacrifice, I will definitely make you a horror treasure for these gods to retreat!"
Staring at the gourd in front of Su Ying’s eyes, a little divine light flows.
For a moment, I saw Su Ying suddenly open her mouth, and a cloud and mist came out of her mouth to breathe and got into the gourd.
He closed his eyes and printed a series of mysterious and unpredictable French seals flashing towards the gourd brand.
I don’t know how long it took, but I saw that the gourd gradually became crisp with yellow and white inclusions. Su Ying slowly opened his eyes but saw the little divine light flowing in his eyes for an indefinite moment. When he shook his hand gently, he saw that the innate mixed elements in the gourd suddenly burst open at this time. It seems that Gan Kun recreated the general number of innate mixed elements. Su Ying’s hands were controlled by the method of formula to instantly imprint the gourd and then slowly absorbed by the gourd, and disappeared.
At this time, if someone can see through the gourd wall, there is a mass of congenital mixed elements in the gourd, which is quiet and sleeping, but suddenly a haze rushes in from the gourd mouth, and then they see the white jade beads in an instant.
This round pearl, the size of a grain of rice, is branded with several real words, and the instantaneous streamer is embedded in the gourd wall, only to see that the gourd seems to be alive at this time, and the wall keeps crawling, and the pearl runes are constantly absorbed as nutrients.
When the pearl runes were absorbed by the gourd wall, they saw a dharma seal coming.
Suddenly, the turmoil caused this innate mixed element to be in disorder. For a moment, the circulation of the auditions on the avenue saw that the blessings of the innate mixed elements on the avenue seemed to have undergone a certain mysterious change. Then I saw that the auditions on the avenue were wrapped in the innate mixed elements and flew towards the surrounding walls.
A net slowly opened, only to see that the auditions of several avenues fell into the innate mixed element, but only to see that the auditions of that avenue flew out with the innate mixed element in their arms.
Then breathe towards the surrounding barrier and blend into the gourd barrier. The whole gourd barrier seems to be a living thing, constantly devouring all kinds of mysterious sounds.
With the circulation of runes, the mass of congenital mixed elements is decreasing, and finally a tiny spar is surrounded by mixed elements.
This kind of spirit is the degree to which the gourd can be immortal after it is born with sacrifice.
"The sound of heaven on the avenue is the main life, but the immortal flying knife is the main death. If the flying knife comes out, the dead flying knife will instantly rob the other side of life to bless the gourd."
Su Ying should slowly open his eyes to discuss whether it is the sound of the avenue or the mixed element. It is a method and a gourd.
Both of them do not belong to this world at all. It is conceivable that there are almost no people who can detect and break the fairy flying knife.
"It’s the starting point to cut the fairy flying knife and mix the elements. If you want him to truly kill the gods and destroy the immortals, you still need to constantly integrate into the killing spirit. I just have a killing sword."
The mind moves to kill the sword, and Su Ying suddenly appears. He has already sacrificed and refined this Excalibur. The sixth forbidden place can make this Excalibur as big as you like.
His mind moved, and the killing sword became smaller directly, and he got into it from the gourd mouth.
"There are all the auditions to kill the sword on Hunyuan Zhenling Avenue."
Su Ying’s eyes sparkled with a little divine light: "The flying knife to cut the fairy is finally going to be sacrificed and refined into an important head."
After that, Sue should slowly lift the gourd and look at the blue and white color. Sue should have passed through this method of offering sacrifices and cutting immortals again and again.
After careful consideration, it is confirmed that the Soviet Union should once again enter thousands of lines into the middle.
As the road lines are constantly branded, I see that the green gourd is slightly shaken, and then I see that a wisp of mysterious gas in the green gourd is slowly derived. I see that the water, wind and fire in the gourd are inexplicably rising from the surrounding world, and the water, wind and fire are distorted. The gourd is actually expanding and spreading to the surrounding world.
Su Ying’s mind moved 36 avatars holding array flags, and then his eyebrows cracked and a mass of HarmonyOS purple gas with the size of a human head appeared, and then everything was refined and the large array started to hammer HarmonyOS purple gas into the immortal flying knife!
HarmonyOS purple gas is the innate mother gas, which can make it stronger and immortal after being integrated into the fairy-cutting flying knife.
Thirty-six armed sledgehammers appeared naked in the 36-pole array flag.