"He can treat brothers and sisters like this, how can he guarantee that he has never done anything to murder his brother? If it weren’t for Sun Ce’s death, it would be his turn to take charge of Jiangdong? " Angel more say more energised "listen to what you say, watch what you do. If Jiangdong is still controlled by this person, I’m afraid it’s not Jiangdong people’s happiness! On the other hand, my master, the noble Han clan, has a lofty ambition. Since the Taishou of Nanyang, the people who suffered from war and disaster have been miserable. Is Nanyang now a peaceful and prosperous place? "

Speaking of this, Zheng Heng can’t help but worry about his biggest concern. "But I heard that Nanyang strongmen’s Day seems to be having a hard time because of that Nanyang New Deal …"
"The foot is king, song, xu and other strongmen? They are guilty of breaking the New Deal, but what about my master? Instead of killing them all, they tried to find a way for them. Now the Wangs are in charge of mining, the Song family is specialized in smelting iron ore, and Xu and Chen are as worried as they are. How dare they be a lobbyist if not? " The messenger’s eloquence succeeded in eliminating Zheng Heng’s biggest worry.
However, Zheng Heng, the head of the clan, still needs to listen to the opinions of his people for such an important matter. He didn’t promise to understand this messenger, but advised him to balance the pros and cons, which made Zheng Heng very moved.
"Jiangdong will return to Jingzhou sooner or later. At this time, it is also the right time!" Zheng Heng’s nephew is a man who has read a few books and has great ambitions. He has always been an official in his family, and he is often recommended by others. He hates this opportunity. How can he let it go?
Some of his status in the Yu clan also feel that this is a good opportunity to change his family and become a family in Jiangdong. After all, the status of strongmen can no longer satisfy them …
☆, Chapter sixty-six Can there be a good way to quell chaos?
The autumn rain lasted for several days, and the water surface of the river became wider and wider, and the current became more and more turbulent. Dozens of warships struggled against the current in the autumn wind and autumn rain.
The wooden fence at the bow was washed clear, smooth and thick by the rain, and the thick wood can be seen from the tight wood grain. The wooden paddles protruding from both sides of the hull beat into the water neatly and rhythmically, stirring up white spray and pushing the long and narrow warship to swim through the river.
If you don’t advance against the current, you will retreat. Your eyes will fall and roll in, but you are thinking about the situation in Jiangdong.
After quickly putting out the rebellion of Hong and other powerful people and Shanyue people, Sun finally regained his strong self-confidence and lofty ambition. I don’t know that he has had such ambition since then, perhaps because of the influence of his father and brother, or because of his experience over the years, General Sun admitted that what he lacked was an opportunity to control Jiangdong!
He respected the virtuous and respected the proprietors. Although Jiangdong was far less famous than his elder brother, there were also many people who made friends with these aristocratic families. Sun cleverly concealed his ambition. The most he could do was to eliminate the cracks in Sun Shi Jiangdong’s aristocratic families and improve them. He knew that if he wanted to be resolute in Jiangdong, he could not do without the support of these aristocratic families. He thought he would do better than his elder brother Sun Ce.
Real Sun Ce and taste without their own difficulties? Although Sun Jian has made several visits to Wu Di-guan since he started his army, which of these powerful families is not deeply rooted and flourishing? Therefore, Sun Ce must kill and shock people to rule Jiangdong, but it is precisely because of this that Sun Ce will be assassinated …
Thought of here, Sun’s face was somewhat angry with his brother Sun Ce’s death. The rumors became more and more fierce and more and more unbearable. Some people linked Sun Yi’s death and said that Sun sent troops to force Sun Ce to take his place. Sun Yi was also instigated by himself by Bian Hong to assassinate him. All these things have a nose and eyes.
For these rumors, Sun soon realized that the achievements were made by Liu Cong. He also ordered a strict search of Jingzhou agents and killed some people who spread rumors. However, with Jingxian Zheng Heng and others playing the banner of anti-Sun Yongzhou, Jiangdong, especially the strongmen in Danyang and Lujiang counties near Jingzhou, responded in succession. It seems that all these strongmen jumped out against themselves overnight. If there is no Jingzhou shadow behind this, Sun will never believe it.
Hold the week? Hum is just want to leave me Gong Jin! Seeing that Jingzhou is now powerful, these shameful strongmen want to fish in troubled waters.
However, what can be done? There is no other way to think about it except to make the county magistrates lead the troops to suppress the grandson. The water army and the step army of Jingzhou Grand Juntun in Hulin Chungu can’t be mobilized, and he is also unable to mobilize himself in the face of swarming resistance and rebellion
"General, the wind and rain are urgent, so please ask the general to go back to the cabin to have a rest temporarily." When the captain of the guard saw that Sun had stood at the bow for a while, he went behind him and requested.
Sun shook his head slightly. What about this storm? When Jiangdong is really tottering, the thought of pressing his shoulders like a mountain is getting heavier and heavier.
"When can I get to Spring Valley?" Sun was silent for a long time and asked the guard behind him that he should have arrived yesterday, but the rain slowed down the trip for several days.
The captain of the guard immediately replied, "According to this situation, I am afraid it will take two days."
Sun was noncommittal when he heard this, but the captain of the guard saw that Sun was silent and was about to persuade him again, only to see that Sun raised his hand and gestured to bow down and retreat to the back.
Looking at Sun’s back, the guard is in a complicated mood. He was only recently promoted by Sun, and a guard is said to have angered Sun, who was killed by himself. However, no one can tell what happened, but it seems to have something to do with those rumors.
Was the former general really killed by him? The thought together with the chief of the guard suddenly felt creepy. How could he think so? You can’t even think about such a disrespectful idea, but if not, many people say he did it. There are so many people in dispatch troops who have just put out the strongmen such as Hong and the Shanyue rebellion, and there are a large number of strongmen such as Zheng Heng.
Kong Wu’s powerful bodyguard forced himself not to think about it, but those with exquisite minds decided to think about it in this respect. Not only did they think about it, but they also inferred that the wind of doubt about cronies had spread all over Jiangdong and even the Spring Valley barracks could not escape.
More than ten days after Sun’s arrival in Spring Valley, at the beginning of the month, the court should play Zhou Yu’s Yangzhou Pastoral and Danyang Taishou by Liu Congbiao …
Earlier, more than 100 people from Zhou clan in Rishu County crossed the south of the Yangtze River and brought a letter from Liu Congsuo to Zhou Yu.
In the previous letter, the tone was more severe than that in this one. He wrote, "You Bofu was harmed by the real grandson of the general who stole the news before. Is it because the general commander made friends with his cronies that he didn’t rebel against the thief?" I can’t bear to see the creatures in Jiangdong sink into the flames of war, because Yangzhou is a hero of Jiangdong. The former is white and I’m not wise, and it’s especially important for you to have three views! "
After reading it, Zhou Yu angrily threw a letter at the ground and disdained, "This departure is childish!"
However, he had to consider this matter in his heart, and Zhou Yu had been secretly sending people to investigate it for himself and Sun’s influence on Sun Ce’s death. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that Sun is the murderer behind the scenes to kill Sun Ce.
I don’t know that since the imperial conferment, Zhou Yu has always felt that Sun deliberately alienated himself. Whenever this happens, Zhou Yu understands Sun Yi’s mood at the beginning, but he is not Sun Yi, so he will never think that Sun will get rid of himself, but Zhou Yu must also make a gesture to prove himself. First, he refused the imperial decree to the imperial court, and then he asked Sun to disarm.
"What is Gong Jin doing?" Zhongjun Zhang Sun looked at the case, and a few seals and roller were frightened to disgrace.
Zhou Yu leaned over and said, "Yu has been ordered to lead the water army to resist Jingzhou, but he has never made any achievements. Therefore, the strength of Jiangdong’s water army will be damaged. Yu has thought for a long time and decided to ask the general to choose another sage to repel the invading enemy and protect Jiangdong."
"Don’t blame yourself! At the beginning, if it weren’t for the night attack on Jingzhou Water Village, I was afraid that our army would lose even worse. "Sun sighed and then said," Who else can be more suitable for commanding the water army than the governor? Besides, this time, the imperial court ordered Liu Cong to leave you and me again. Gong Jin must not do this. Otherwise, wouldn’t Liu Cong be tricked? "
When it comes to this copy of Zhou Yu, he will no longer insist on it. However, Sun Xin really wants Zhou Yu, but he is somewhat unpredictable.
"Liu Cong incited local strongmen to rebel. Our troops are stretched, and it is difficult for each county and county soldier to annihilate those strongmen. I wonder if Gong Jin has a good plan for this?" Sun thought of Jiangdong swarming strongmen rebellion headache and said to Zhou Yu
Although Zhou Yu knows this situation very well in Spring Valley, other counties don’t say that Danyang County alone has several strongmen, such as Zheng Heng of Jingxian County and Liu Pang of Shexian County, who have successively raised their troops in numbers ranging from 5,000 to at least 3,200 troops. They either attacked the county seat or looted grain and grass, which made Danyang County chicken fly a dog to panic.
Seeing that the autumn harvest season is coming, if they toss about like this, it will be snow and frost for Jiangdong, which is already in chaos
"Zhou Yu heard that these people had been rewarded by Liu Cong before the rebellion, not only for their official positions, but also for their help in the armory." Zhou Yu mused, "It is not enough to suppress these rebellions simply by force."
Sun listened to the movement in his heart, and he also had a similar idea. He didn’t think it through until now. Now Zhou Yu’s words should mean something similar to what he thought. After a little thought, he said to Zhou Yu, "Does Gong Jin mean that I may be tempted by high officials?"
"yes! These strongmen will be incited by bretz to blame the family interests. Now that the situation in Jiangdong is not guaranteed, they will have new ideas for defection. But now that we know their ideas, we can prescribe the right medicine. In turn, General Zhou Yu will consider it more profoundly.
Sun hesitated. "What if they have to follow Liu Cong?"
"Did the general forget the Jiangdong family?" Zhou Yu asked, "Seeing that Sun frowned and remained silent, he naturally knew what he was worried about. However, now he can go on to say that" there are many private soldiers in the middle of the family, and the generals should encourage them. Many families will help the generals eliminate these rebellious strongmen. "
Sun’s concern is naturally that the aristocratic families will become more and more powerful after the private soldiers of the aristocratic family are officially recognized. If the strength is greatly increased in the process of eliminating the strongmen, it is likely that he will even be unable to control himself. "The two evils are lighter, and the general aristocratic family has always been friendly." Zhou Yu is the younger brother of the aristocratic family. He said this and took some risks, but what did he take to destroy the rebellious strongmen? At last, Sun Heng made up his mind to send someone to please him. At the same time, a decree was issued to the effect that the aristocratic family could recruit a trilogy to help counter the rebellion …
☆, Chapter sixty-seven Chaos has been recalculated.
"Hua!" Bundles of knives and guns are unloaded from ox carts, and the new arrows are piled up like hills. The farmers with thick hands and big feet skillfully fiddle with the hard bow they just got. Someone hangs up the bowstring and pulls it with a smile. "This Jingzhou bow is really worth it!"
Some people try to wear glossy leather armor, and feel the hardness and strength of leather armor protection by banging their fists on their chests.
These farmers are all members of the Zheng family, and there are also many soldiers who took refuge in the Zheng family to hire farmers and hide in farming. Although they can’t be compared with those elite old soldiers who have been fighting all the year round, they still don’t show up against the soldiers from the same county, and they have gained a batch of Jingzhou weapons, which makes their confidence even higher
What’s the difference between who you are playing with these days?
I have to say that Zheng Heng’s appeal in Jingxian County is still very strong, with the support and secret assistance from Jingzhou. Zheng Heng is now a guerrilla general in Danyang County, Jingzhou. He has not only more than 1,500 private soldiers from his own department, but also powerful men from him, adding up to 5,000 years old.
This batch of ordnance came together with several Jingzhou army generals and hundreds of people, and Zheng Heng knew that compared with those swords and halberds, these battle-hardened officers were the most. Since he started, Zheng Heng had fought two battles in Jingxian County, but for the messenger to command himself at all times, this team was almost annihilated by the other side. After these two times, Zheng Heng realized that the messenger was the riding inspector of Jingzhou Army.
After seeing these hundred generals and Du Bo, Zheng Heng was about to call the housekeeper for a banquet, when he saw the old housekeeper rushing over with small steps to see what was urgent about his anxious appearance.
"What?" After listening to the housekeeper’s ear whisper, Zheng Heng couldn’t help wondering in his heart when he was so popular. Sun sent an envoy to the dock castle. According to the housekeeper, the envoy was ordered by General Sun to give himself an official position.
Narrowing my eyes, Zheng Heng decided to see and listen to what he would say anyway. Anyway, he didn’t do less before Zheng Heng, but it was in the interest of the whole family, and no one could say anything.
However, Zheng Heng hurried to the back and fell into the eyes of these Jingzhou officers. They all looked at each other and realized that something was happening. At this time, the original messenger now saw Zheng Heng’s nephew and waved him to come and whisper a few words. After that, Zheng Heng’s nephew nodded and went to the dock.
After years of continuous expansion, Zheng’s fort covers an increasingly large area. After entering the gate, turn left and right, and high walls can be seen everywhere. Black holes four feet square patrol the walls of private soldiers and walk back and forth. From time to time, someone probes Zheng Heng’s nephew and asks if those weapons can be distributed to him only when they are delivered today.
Dock fort is located to the north of Zheng’s compound. At this time, Zheng Heng and Sun Pai’s emissary are talking in the courtyard hall, but Zheng Heng’s face is not very good-looking
The emissary seems to be a fine man, but his eyes are small but intense, staring at Zheng Heng and saying, "Is it enough to dislike the official position sealed by General Krupp?"