"You will not white? It’s easy to love someone, and it’s hard to let someone go. "That’s from Wen Yi’s mouth.

The warmth froze, but the tenderness smiled. The three sisters walked on again, and no matter how good the scenery was, they were satisfied when they walked together.
"I didn’t know you knew so much."
Gentle said a Wen Yi vomitted to stick out the tongue tender said I also second sister has been moistened by second brother-in-law has long forgotten those novels torture each other.
"I just watched a movie yesterday and that’s what I said," Wen Yi said.
She sometimes wants to quarrel with Fu Xiaohan, who says she must have read too many novels and then went to coax her.
"He and Belle fell in love when they were in college, and it was not long before they left campus that it was not easy to let nature go all their lives," gentle said.
"And if he is so easy to let go, then his relationship may not be stable, which can say that our brother is a relatively long-lasting boy."
"So is this good or not?" Wenqing Wen
"There is no beauty in this day. It should be him sooner or later." Gentle said again.
Then the warmth and Wenyi both dropped their eyes.
Three people on the soles of their feet wear the same shoes, which are gentle, natural and generous. Just three people went to the store together to buy new leather shoes, and others will know that they are good sisters at first sight.
"Xiao Liang said she liked it, but turned around and threw it into the trash can. There was a snowman in a glass ball, which we often saw on the roadside when we were young." The warmth explained strongly.
Tenderness and tenderness agree that three people are in front of a tall Christmas tree, and the Christmas tree has not been removed yet. Looking at the snowflakes passing through those greens, tenderness and tenderness are probably broken.
It is easy to analyze whether Wen Liang is in love with Meng Lin or not.
However, how does this relationship end and what can be said clearly?
If there is a good result, it is natural to have a woman at home to guard them. Wen Jia is more important than anything else.
However, will Wen Liang catch it?
Wen Liang had dinner with lawyer Jiang. I didn’t expect lawyer Jiang to take Jin Yu, too. Jin Yu didn’t give a good face when he saw him.
"If you have an appointment with Mr. Wen, why do you still ask me out?" Jin Yu said
Wen Liang knew that she must know what happened last night.
"What about her?" Wen Liang asked one.
"She won’t see you again," Jin Yu said coldly.
"Then I won’t bother you." After Christmas Eve, there are few guests in the big restaurant.
He immediately attracted the idea of others next to him. After all, he is also an excellent young man.
Jin Yu looked at him with pride and couldn’t help twisting his eyebrows and moving his mouth. I don’t know what the low curse was.
"Don’t be angry. Let’s have some tea to warm up." Lawyer Jiang immediately ingratiated his daughter with a frown.
"What is your friend? Do you know what he bullied my sister into? "
"You calm down first. In fact, Wen Liang is definitely a good boy, but he has just experienced a bad relationship, so he should always give him some time, right?"
"Give him some time? Did you give it to him less? "
"It’s only been less than a year since he broke up with Belle. Do you think he would be sincere if he could have a relationship so soon?" Lawyer Jiang is always a lawyer.
A few words will make Jin Yu angry and sigh.
It was not too late when the car arrived at her building, but he didn’t have a car.
It was the window that left nothing after the light snow last night.
And her building is still lit.
It’s still early, and it’s normal to stay up at home.
He wanted to smoke. The warmth in the car made him feel suffocated, so he hit the door and then smoked.
The moonlight is beautiful, except that it is too cold at night.
His face seems to be freezing, but he still has the strength to keep smoking.
He didn’t intend to see her before thinking about it.
After he didn’t want to be with her, he couldn’t figure out whether he had put Belle in his heart or not.
But when she said those words that night, it was very thick. In the past two days, he actually felt that breathing made his every nerve ache badly.
The stars are shining, and another car slowly stops beside his car.
A girl came from the car and said goodbye to the people in the car. Be careful.
Well, it’s best to let nature take its course, dear ones. Happy holidays!
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