The river soon recovered calm, with hundreds of millions of blood bodies floating on the surface and several blood gases transpiration. These blood bodies are the bodies of the monks in the weathered ancient city, and they are almost turned into bones by the blood river.

But Guo Yi never got up from the bottom of the river and seemed to have become one of those bloody corpses.
Did Guo Yi be shocked to death by the Buddha clock?
"Guo Yi won’t die like this?" Some monks couldn’t believe their eyes. After all, Guo Yi is now too famous in the northern wilderness, and he is called the first person of the younger generation to catch up with the older generation of kings.
"It should be dead. The Buddha clock is not powerful. Even a saint can’t meet Guo Yi with flesh and blood. It should be dead. There is no slag left. I wonder if the Secret of the Emperor has also sunk into the bottom of the river?"
"Guo rogue this scourge die I don’t know how many beautiful women will be sad to hear that this rogue will harm one side everywhere, and many amazing and gorgeous women have moved their feelings for him. The whole world is that Guo rogue may not be the strongest in the sky, but his wife is the strongest in the sky."
"There’s a fart, and now there’s no such person at the bottom of the river."
Those monks of the older generation are talking about clapping their hands and applauding, regretting, and worrying that "The Secret of the Emperor" wants to sneak into the bottom of the blood river to find Guo Yi’s body and take it away.
The madman roared at the bright moon, and the huge Buddha clock suddenly flew out of his hand, suspending the blood river, and the mouth of the clock actually devoured the blood gas in the blood river.
Several blood corpses rushed up and poured into the giant clock, shaking out thousands of resentful souls, which were sucked around the giant clock and kept crying like a ghost, Sen Yin Jun.
The giant clock hovers over the bright moon!
Ghosts cover the sun, blood springs surge in the giant clock, and the blood gas is thick and suffocating.
A terrible smell rises slowly, and it feels like the end is coming.
"What’s the matter? Is it a secret tonight that this crazy demon slaughtered the monks in the whole weathered ancient city? " An old man’s face turned pale and his forehead unconsciously rolled with cold sweat.
A knowledgeable old man exclaimed, "I know, I know that this is a taboo secret in Buddhism. If I didn’t guess wrong, this madman wanted to cultivate a kind of achievement method with the blood and soul of hundreds of millions of monks. This achievement method broke through the semi-sacred realm. This madman is so horrible now. If he breaks through the semi-sacred realm, I am afraid even a saint may not be able to make it."
"Yes, it’s a Buddha’s heart. It can’t be so rational now. Is it that the flute player altruistically wants to refine it into a butcher’s tool? If so, then the flute player’s plot may not stop there, but there are even more obscure mysteries. "
Jade beauty, white dress, blue hair hanging down like a white jade fairy, a broken wall, looking at the turbulent river of blood, her eyes blurred with a layer of water mist, I couldn’t believe what I saw.
She looked at the river with a pair of eyes and murmured, "Don’t … don’t … do he really hurt this?"
"Life is a fart, and he wants to go crazy when he dies, but this bastard has never really died." Green cow lies on the wall and lies on the jade beauty heel with a pair of fists, so Daniel’s eyes secretly stare at Na Yue’s giant clock with greedy eyes.
It took a keen interest in the falling bell.
I don’t know when this dead cow has run back, and the bull’s nose dragon rope has broken off again. With that neck bell, it keeps clanging. "Is this really a kind of magic?" Green cow looked at the Buddha’s bell mouth dripping with saliva and almost soaked the jade beauty’s shoes. Jade beauty nodded slightly. "The Buddha’s heart is the most mysterious forbidden art in the sixth volume of the Buddhist Sutra. The core of the sixth volume of the Buddhist Sutra has produced several heroes in ancient Buddhism, but there are two or three people who can make this hermetic. Although they have gained strength, the final result is very tragic."
Jade beauty has a lot of knowledge and knowledge. There are few things in the Seven Wastelands that she doesn’t know. She knows a little about many secret stories.
"This is?" Green cow is surprised!
It became a forbidden law, and it ended in a tragic ending as a contemporary hegemon?
Jade Beauty said, "The cultivation of magic seeds by Buddha’s heart is actually made by others, and the Mahayana Day is the cultivation of this secret legal person when cutting the heart and picking the seeds. It is just a cultivation tool."
You know, the secret legal person like "Buddha’s heart breeds demons" already knows that the real luck is behind it, and all this must be suspected by the blowjob.
The flute player wants to be crazy. He practices "magic seeds"
"Is it people who benefit it?" Jade beauty’s eyes looked in the direction of western awning flute with cold light.
"Boom!" A sword light is like a flash, and the flash of the western awning cuts a crack in the virtual capital.
This is the tenth sword buried in the sky, "Kendo with one heart". I don’t know when Guo Yi sneaked into the west hundreds of millions of miles away from the sea of blood, and he wanted to force the flute player out.
As soon as the flute stops
A slender jade hand was stretched out in a suspended awning palace, and two fingers were gently pinched to crush the tenth sword of the powerful horse buried in the sky.
This is a woman and a noble woman.
Because of Guo Yi, she saw a golden silk edge on her wrist, which was only available in the Imperial Palace of Northern Wilderness.
Is this woman from the Imperial Palace?
Guo Yi was slightly surprised. Even the tenth sword of the burial day was easily crushed. It’s a little terrible for this woman to fix it!
"The sacred demon flag is forbidden to be sealed."
Guo Yi knew that it was the thorough suppression of the blowjob girl that solved all the root causes of the disaster, and offered the sacristy to forbid her to be sealed.
The perfect jade hand stretched out again, and with a gentle grip, the sacred mountain on the banner of the sacred demon was crushed, and even the flagpole fell into her hands.
"What power is this? Is she a saint?" Guo Yi felt an irresistible feeling, even if the madman was so powerful, it didn’t make him feel this way.
"With your semi-sacred cultivation, you can’t produce the true power of the sacristy. Let me teach you how to be a sacristy." The woman in that palace said for the first time that her voice was beautiful like a heavenly joy.
The holy demon battle flag is powerful in her hands, and the holy light has just stirred up. A holy power will blow out a blood hole the size of a head in Guo Yi’s chest hall, and the body almost broke into two pieces.