But it’s only been two or three weeks since school started, and generally speaking, I have to wait another week before I give it to Lin Jin.

"Mom, what’s the matter with you?" Because she was talking to her mother, Lin Jin did not hesitate to change to a dialect and asked her mother, "Is it urgent?"
"Well, it’s urgent," her mother said slowly, in a somewhat serious tone. "Don’t you want to have an operation? I asked the doctor for you here. When you come to Guangzhou this week, I will take you to see a psychologist. "
Lying in the trough?
Lin Jin looked stupid.
When did I say I wanted to have an operation? I can become a sister without surgery, okay?
And see a wool psychologist. Is there anything wrong with my psychology? Don’t I have a B number myself?
"I have no psychological problem," Lin Jin forced. "Why should I see a psychiatrist?"
"I think the Internet says that you are ill and can be cured by a psychologist. If you can’t be cured, you can take it to you for surgery in a few years." The other mother patiently explained, "And you can ask the doctor what the procedure is."
I don’t want surgery!
Lin Jin sighed. Mom actually recognized Lin Jin as a medicine niang because of her father’s "bewitch". She had a serious chat with Lin Jin at the beginning and said that she wanted to operate on Lin Jin.
But! There is no way to refute it! If you refute it, you can’t explain why you have become this beautiful appearance in one semester.
"What day is it?"
Lin Jinnai asked to compromise his mother’s idea.
"Please take a vacation by car on Friday and Thursday, and I’ll pick you up by train." My mother relaxed a little when she heard Lin Jin’s compromise tone, and said earnestly, "Lin Jin, now that you are grown up, you know what you should and shouldn’t do."
"If you want to have fun, please tell your mother that if you have surgery later, you won’t regret it." My mother is still worried about Lin Jin. She keeps nagging, "You are an adult now and you have been in college for half a year. Don’t be as sexual as before."
"I know, I know." Lin Jin kept nodding and didn’t dare to refute anything at this time. He said in a hurry, "I know what I’m doing. I have something to talk about here later."
"Well, do you remember that Zhou asked the counselor for two days off?" Mom replied and said directly, "Bye-bye."
Life can be loved and hung up. Lin Jin turned to look at Liu Shengji with a blank face. He and Lin Jin are fellow villagers. Of course, he understood the dialect that Lin Jin said. He looked at Lin Jin’s mouth curiously and wanted to ask something.
"Don’t ask!" Jin Lin’s big eyes narrowed and glared at him.
"Well …" Liu Shengqi obediently nodded and abruptly changed his curiosity to a question and said, "What do you want for supper?"
"Are you really going to fat me to death?"
"If you are fat, no one will rob you with me," said Liu Shengji, making Lin Jin sick.
Disgusting, Lin Jin got goose bumps all over, hurriedly took chicken legs and coke and went to the brain table, afraid to look at Liu Shengji again.
This guy who likes men is really disgusting!
Chapter 324 323 was provoked by a man!
Liu Shengqi is leaving.
When he was young, Lin Jin felt annoyed every day, thinking that this guy tried to keep him as a pig and had to be careful to guard against him, but when he was leaving, he felt a little sorry.
After Liu Shengqi left, the whole rental house was left alone again.
After that, I can’t lie in bed and wait for brunch, dinner and supper. Although I will take the initiative to pay for it every day, I can lie down and be a salted fish every day with someone to help me buy rice. Lin Jin is full of nostalgia for Liu Shengqi.
So he said that he would give Liu Shengji a ride when he went to dinner in the afternoon. When Liu Shengji heard it, he suddenly burst into tears and said that Lin Jin would not marry in this life.
To tell the truth, Lin Jin has always liked Liu Shengqi because he is beautiful enough and a man can satisfy Liu Shengqi’s heavy taste and curiosity. But these days, Lin Jin found that Liu Shengqi doesn’t seem to like him simply because of curiosity or anything …
It seems that I am quite sincere to myself.
Moreover, the admirers listed only 5+ goodwill in the Central Plains. Now Liu Shengji’s goodwill towards Lin Jin has reached 7+ in three days. This goodwill is simply terrible. At the beginning, Haohappy’s goodwill towards Lin Jin seemed to be so high.
Frowning at Liu Shengqi carrying his huge backpack in front of the gate, Liu Shengqi smiled slightly with some bitterness. He looked at Lin Jin and asked cautiously, "Are you really going to see me off?"
"Well" Lin Jin nodded.
In the past three days, Lin Jin has always been true to Liu Shengqi. At most, Liu Shengqi complained about what he would eat when he bought a bunch of food. But today, Lin Jin took the initiative to tell him that he would give him a free ride. Liu Shengqi almost tried his best to please Lin Jin in the past three days and achieved results.
However, when he saw that Lin Jin’s face was still cold, his heart was cold as soon as he saw it. Lin Jin was just repaying the food for these three days.
"Let’s go. You’re taking a bus, aren’t you?" Lin Jin doesn’t like to look at Liu Shengji’s eyes. Liu Shengji’s eyes are a little too hot. It’s even hotter than ever. He can’t bear this kind of eyes, so he bowed his head and said, "If you wave for a few minutes, you will have to wait for more than ten minutes if a car just passes."
"En" Liu Sheng nodded and opened the door to take the lead out of the rental house.
Without saying a word, the two men walked across the street to the bus Lin Jin, who wanted to send it here, but seeing Liu Shengji’s pathetic eyes depended on the bus sign, Nai’s hands holding his chest and eyes looking around.
"I’m going to buy some water." Liu Shengqi felt in his pocket and found that he didn’t have any money, so he went to the small supermarket by the bus and came out with a can of coke in his hand. He said to Lin Jin with a silly smile, "Here’s a coke."
"Don’t want to drink" Jin shook his hand and refused, but was thrust into his hand. He looked up at him and found that Liu Shengji had gone to the other side and looked at Jin with hot eyes.
Nai Lin Jin nodded and showed kindness to Liu Shengji. There was no way out.
The bus did seem to have just passed by, and not many people took a look at Lin Jin from time to time. Liu Shengji looked around and found that no one noticed them for a moment. After that, he moved towards Lin Jin.
"What do you like Lin Jin?" Liu Shengqi also leaned against the billboard and approached Lin Jin carefully to ask him.
"Me?" Lin Jin frowned and hesitated. He wanted to describe Liu Shengji with someone he liked, only to find that now he doesn’t like people at all, so he said, "If it’s a woman."
"So?" Liu Shengqi certainly knew that Lin Jin was perfunctory and shrugged and continued, "I’ll come to see you once a week, right?" You are too thin to feed you a little fatter. "
"I’m so thin? It’s one hundred and twenty, okay? " Lin Jin immediately raised his eyebrows when he heard the weight problem. "I’m only one meter six!" Weight 120! At least 20 Jin overweight, okay? If you feed me like a pig these days, I will have at least 125 now! "
"It’s okay, even if you weigh 400 Jin, I won’t abandon you." Liu Shengqi looked at Lin Jin affectionately. "If I feed you a little fatter, I like you, and no one will rob me."
"Is evil disgusting?" Lin Jin’s face is a little reddish. Liu Shengqi said this for the first time that he felt sick. The second time he said that he thought this guy was a mental derangement. However, after hearing it many times, Lin Jin actually found that his heart beat a little faster, but he still snorted coldly. "I won’t look at you even if I weigh four hundred pounds, okay?"
Liu Sheng Qi suddenly changed his heartbroken face and said with a wry smile, "Why are you so cold to me?"
"Because I like younger sister" Lin Jin pie pie suddenly found himself a little too close to Liu Shengji and quickly pulled away a little distance and continued, "I’m straight, you faggot, stay away from me."
"I also like younger sisters," Liu Shengqi explained hastily.
"Then how do you like me? Not gay? " Although Lin Jin knows that she looks the same as her younger sister, she still pretends to be very manly and asks Liu Shengqi, "Are you still a woman?" There is nothing wrong with your head! "
"Just look like a younger sister, so it’s called men and women."
A pervert, Liu Shengji, is still thick-skinned, with a so-called face. Seeing Lin Jinzhi grind his teeth, he can’t say anything more, but he snorted.
"The bus is coming." Lin Jin glanced at the road and the bus coming from afar casually said, "Let’s go."
"How about a hug?" Liu Shengqi walked over and spread his arms to Lin Jin. "I don’t know when I will see you again."
"Didn’t you say you were going to come after the weekend? I don’t know a wool. "Lin Jin turned back two steps and didn’t want to give a hug to a big man."
Liu Shengqi Nai put his hands in his pocket and took out the edge of a coin counter to wait for the bus.
Moments later, the bus entered Taiwan, and seven people scattered and walked towards the car. Liu Shengji hesitated and looked back at Lin Jin, but suddenly he turned his head and walked towards him.
"Why? The car is here, and you are still … "
After saying his word, Lin Jin felt that his eyes were black, and he felt that he had been plunged into an arms. His hands were heavy and he was imprisoned. A big head also crossed his shoulders.
Lying in the trough? ! Lying in the trough? ! Lying in the trough? !
This is a sudden attack?
Lin Jin’s whole head was in a daze, feeling the feeling of being hugged
"I’ll come back this weekend. Don’t lose weight. It feels good to hold the meat. If you lose weight, you’ll feel skinny."
Once again, the body came to the cold air, and Lin Jin just slipped away from God, flushed and forced to look at Liu Shengji’s hurried car back.
Me, m! Being teased by a man!
Chapter 325 324 Break up Teacher Lin
I don’t know why Lin Jin actually began to miss Liu Shengqi’s day of living with him.
Every time he saw Liu Shengqi leave traces in the rental house, he always felt a little inexplicably sad. He always felt that living alone was a little unbearable loneliness. This was something he had never felt before. Lin Jin always liked living alone and living quietly in a small house, but since Liu Shengqi left, he suddenly felt that he might prefer lively houses.
Some people are lying in rented beds. Today is Friday, just one day before Liu Shengqi left, but Lin Jin has a feeling of seeing things and thinking about people. When he saw Liu Shengqi leaving a low table, Liu Shengqi made soap towels and toothpaste. Yesterday morning, he bought a breakfast box and missed him inexplicably.
You can’t like Liu Shengqi, can you?
Lin Jin frowned and thought about it carefully. Suddenly, she found out why she would miss him.
It must be because I miss having brunch and supper in bed every day, and I miss having a guy who is like a servant.
Right! Being taken care of is relaxing, and suddenly I will definitely not be used to being alone!
Whether he really likes Liu Shengji … It must be impossible. Lin Jin is not without liking others. He knows what it feels like to like someone. Although he can’t describe it in words, he is definitely not impatient when he sees Liu Shengji.