However, Liu Wei told Deng Shicai that it is precisely because these are the pillars of the operation of American society that they should be interrupted. Even if Americans in the occupied areas are allowed to establish their own country independently, they should not be ignored because they do not need a new America. It is a country that is best different from American society

Therefore, even if it interrupts the pillars of American society, it will do no harm to the university. On the contrary, it will enable the university to gain more support from the bottom people without spending much and doing nothing.
Liu Wei said that Deng Shicai allowed him to implement this set of policies. Although he offended many elites, Deng Shicai admitted that they could win them over by allowing them to establish their own country independently.
It is Deng Shicai who underestimates the influence of this kind of smashing social cornerstone on a society, just as the local elite said that the occupied areas were in chaos.
Those black people who got debt relief and private land really enjoyed the army more, but at the same time, they demanded more after seeing the support of the army. They stopped paying rent to landlords or landlords. They robbed all the plantations, shops and businesses. They also wanted to occupy the landlords’ mansion and the landlords’ women to share the landlords’ wealth.
The new law caused considerable confusion for a while, but Deng Shicai decided to stick to it because he saw that the American area was even more chaotic.
The policy of distributing land to local tyrants in Houston’s West Texas has led to a more developed economy in Houston’s East Plantation and a greater contradiction between planters and blacks. Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama, Mississippi, have all set off violent incidents in South Carolina in which blacks refused to pay their debts and demanded to divide the landlord’s land.
The troubles of Americans are nothing worse than the chaos in half of Texas. The chaos here is relatively weak, and the damage is relatively small. Because most landlords have actually fled to the roots, there is no confrontation force. The chaos is a short-term release of contradictions rather than a large-scale interest group conflict, but the American government is very serious, especially if it chooses to suppress, it will push five million blacks to the opposite side of the government. If it is freed, not only the social order in southern States will collapse, but also it will deviate from American production and legal concepts, which will make politicians bear considerable political burden and great pressure from the middle class.
Deng Shicai was very satisfied with this situation, so he planned to strike while the iron was hot to launch an independent statehood plan for the southwest of the United States. However, although Zhu Jinglun allowed him to do all he could, there was no problem, but he decided to ask an emperor for instructions because he had been too arbitrary, but he could not, which was also strongly urged by Liu Wei.
Deng Shicai found that Liu Wei was simply a talent. He suddenly sympathized with Liu Wei’s fate and was sent to Alaska just because he embezzled hundreds of taels of silver. Ten years is really a wave of talents. Look at the refreshing [vertex network O]
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Section seven hundred and sixty-two The East Korean Daoist Uprising
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According to Liu Wei’s suggestion, Deng Shicai returned the report on supporting the independence of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. @++www* C
Zhu Jinglun didn’t know that there was separatism in the United States until he read these reports. However, if you think about it, you can see that these southern States have fought against the North of the United States in the past. Maybe not all local people want to establish their own country independently, but there are always some people who are dissatisfied with the status quo or history. There are all kinds of birds in the forest, and so are the China forests, and the American forests are no exception.
So he immediately approved the plan to especially support Deng Shicai in organizing the infiltration of the Black People’s League into the hinterland of the southern United States. He suggested that Deng Shicai give priority to this infiltration, and this plan can be used in military cooperation if necessary
For example, if the U.S. military forces suppress the local black army, it can take the opportunity to launch a large-scale attack to support these uprising blacks. If the blacks flee into the military-controlled areas, they will be given strong support to help them regain their strength, and even send officers and their consultants to help them enter the hinterland of the United States to recruit soldiers and occupy the territory.
Zhu Jinglun thinks of the power of China to fight local tyrants and divide fields in the later generations. He is very much looking forward to how strong social forces will be aroused when this way is transported to the United States. He will change his attitude towards military action and make an exception. He told Deng Shicai not to be too busy taking care of blacks. Those white people at the bottom of the United States are also worth fighting for. Some white people owe a lot of debts, and their lives may not be much better than those of blacks. All troops who are dissatisfied with the former American society should always support them.
Zhu Jinglun believes that in the gilded era of rapid industrial development in the United States, it is also the era of the rise of hooligans and tycoons. Social problems such as the polarization between the rich and the poor in social wealth must have accumulated a large number of social contradictions, which will detonate enough for Americans to drink a pot.
If it can trigger the anti-war movement of the United States during the Vietnam War, then this war will be easy to fight.
After sending these opinions, Zhu Jinglun stopped interfering with Deng Shicai’s actions and still told him that he had everything he needed for the war and that the government would try its best to satisfy him.
Then Zhu Jinglun went to another thing, which made him very contradictory. Because of his historical experience, Zhu Jinglun rarely encountered problems that made him contradictory. In quite a few cases, he was able to handle it with ease. In this matter, he really had many contradictions and finally did not know how to deal with it.
This is the East Korean Daoism Uprising.
In January this year, thousands of Eastern Taoists held an exhibition in Luodaoshen Liyi, the "Godfather’s Revenge" campaign.
In fact, the so-called ancestor’s redress requires the rehabilitation of Cui Jiyu, their founder of eastern Taoism. In 16 years, Cui Jiyu fought against the introduction of western religions in Korea, that is, the so-called western learning, and created a fusion of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. The Korean people believe in eastern learning and western learning, and the opposition is commonly known as eastern learning.
Cui Jiyu’s thought of traveling around the world to preach Oriental studies has aroused great repercussions. The Korean kingdom is worried that this person will take the opportunity to make waves and form an anti-government force similar to the White Lotus Sect. In 163, he was arrested and executed on charges of broadcasting cults the following year.
Although Cui Jiyu is dead, the theory he founded has even greater influence. This is a common paradox in history. Often, a religious leader may not have great influence when he is alive. Once he is dead, it becomes more and more absurd. When he is alive, he becomes a god when he dies.
The main reason is that this kind of person is easy to combine all kinds of anti-government forces, and a large number of forces dissatisfied with the government hope that their influence will increase under the banner of this kind of person.
In the 30 years after Cui Jiyu’s death, the East Learning Road in North Korea has developed hundreds of thousands of believers. In recent years, the East Learning Road has never stopped fighting against the government from time to time, but it has mostly helped ordinary people to uphold justice in the countryside, and its nature has not yet developed into resistance to the government.
Until the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the combination of 30 years of learning from the East and 30 years of social contradictions in North Korea finally came to the brink of outbreak.
In March, 1993, in Seoul, the capital, the followers of Dongxuedao complained in front of the Gwanghwamun Gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace, and constantly held demonstrations, demanding that the government’s godfather Cui Jiyu rehabilitate and recognize the legal status of Dongxuedao and expel foreigners (except Koreans) in North China.
In April, 1993, 10,000 followers of East Learning Taoism held a large-scale public meeting in Baoen County, Chungcheong Province to unveil the banner of "rejecting foreign countries and promoting righteousness", which was later forcibly dissolved by the North Korean government by combining hard and soft methods.
Although North Korea temporarily suppressed the actions of civil organizations dissatisfied with the invasion of Japan and foreigners, a large-scale anti-government action is brewing, and the overall situation of the East Learning Party uprising has changed.
Zhu Jinglun knew that it was this uprising that triggered the Manchu-Japanese War. Of course, the Japanese deliberately made excuses and the Manchu-Japanese War would break out sooner or later. This is an opportunity. Without this, the Japanese will find excuses to fight sooner or later, but it can be postponed for several years.
According to the big information, Japanese preparations for war are still in progress. Since 19 years later, the Japanese national fiscal revenue has been 6% to develop the navy and army. Since 1993, the Emperor has decided to allocate 300,000 yuan from his own palace classics every year and then draw 10% from the salaries of civil and military officials to supplement shipbuilding.
This year, the second round of saving money and building ships has just started. Obviously, I feel that I am not prepared enough. You know, Li Hongzhang’s Beiyang Navy is still bluffing.
Li Hongzhang still built a large-scale Beiyang Navy in this history. Compared with history, the Beiyang Navy’s main ships are four, two German-built Dingyuan and Zhenyuan, and Li Hongzhang borrowed railway loans from Britain to order two armored ships with larger tonnage of 10,000 tons, Anyuan and Fuyuan.
I have to say that the country is huge and has great national benefits. Just squeeze the funds to build warships. Although the Manchu finance is more difficult than history, they didn’t fight that expensive Xinjiang war, saving tens of millions. The two armies and Canada faced a greater threat to the sea than history, but they entered Bohai Bay many times, which brought great coastal defense pressure to the Manchu court. With this pressure, Li Hongzhang built a Beiyang Navy larger than history.
Compared with the Beiyang Navy’s Japanese fleet, it has not changed much. The cruiser’s main speed is still relatively fast, and the artillery is relatively new. Because an armored ship is moving at a rate of millions, Japan can’t afford it. Because of the financial difficulties of the Qing Dynasty, Japan’s finance is actually very difficult. Because of the strong squeeze, history has made Japan harvest most of the foreign exchange sources, and the tea and raw silk industries have finally struggled.
The situation has not changed in the general direction of political reform, and the financial situation is even more tense than history. It is quite difficult to build an armored cruiser main fleet in the future.
Do you really have the courage to fight Manchu in this day?
Zhu Jinglun doubted whether the Sino-Japanese War would break out again.
This is his contradiction, because he really can’t judge whether this matter is good or bad. This battle is to wake up the dream of the Manchu literati. It was only after this war that the Manchu literati set up the industrial atmosphere that this history was played. Because of the great promotion of the Manchu literati, it was more encouraging than history to set up the foreign movement, but it was limited to the official foreign movement. Even if the local rich in Shanxi ran the coal mine, they actually joined a large number of official shares, and the government sent people to supervise the officials to supervise the commercial enterprises. Although the phenomenon of commercial operation was very common, the local rich in enterprises withdrew their funds and could not be withdrawn.
If we don’t let the Japanese wake up the literati and elites in the Qing Dynasty, even if the country is unified, we will have to carry out modern enlightenment in the north and promote the industrialization enthusiasm of the northerners. That is really the time, and it may even cause resentment and bring about a crisis of national division.
However, if the Japanese thugs come forward to severely attack the decadent ideas of the literati class in the Qing Dynasty, they will be greatly shocked. After the literati class generally accepts the introduction of western scientific and technological concepts, the ideological resistance will be much less.
Moreover, Zhu Jinglun is still considering such a question, which aroused a strong response in the hearts of the literati and officialdom where the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 was held. It is precisely because it is hard for everyone to accept that a small country like China, which has been vilified by Japanese as a "country waiting for the Japanese for thousands of years", can defeat the Qing state. This is a strong humiliation and stimulation.
At the time when the scholar-bureaucrats were most humiliated by the defeat of the Manchu government, they were also most dissatisfied with the government. If they could come out at this time to get rid of this humiliation, they would definitely be ambitious.
The Sino-Japanese War was actually the best opportunity to reunify China.
Taking advantage of the defeat of the Qing Dynasty, Li Hongzhang signed a humiliating treaty, and the Empress Dowager Cixi * * * Hongzhang calmed the public anger. When the Qing Dynasty was the most chaotic and the social contradictions were the most intense, it seemed very likely to force the rulers of the Qing Dynasty to give up their power, just like the Yuan Shikai era forced Empress Longyu.
At that time, Longyu was weaker than Cixi, but at that time, he was stronger and much stronger than Yuan Shikai.
It may not be impossible to succeed.
In this way, Zhu Jinglun’s biggest worry about reunifying the country is that it is bleeding and drifting away. The only worry for Zhu Jinglun is to take the opportunity to unify the country and deal with the possible collapse of land administration.
What makes him contradictory is where he doesn’t know what to choose.
So he decided to bet on whether Japan would win if it strongly supported Li Hongzhang.
If Japan really fought and won again, and demanded the same compensation, it also stimulated the whole Manchu people and scholar-bureaucrat Zhu Jinglun to seize this opportunity to unify the country.
Before the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, it was hoped that the American war could be solved, so that the northern expedition could be carried out at any time after the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. Zhu Jinglun believed that Deng Shicai should be able to solve the United States this year, not directly destroying the United States, but winning enough concessions from the United States.
Land attack on Houston and win one or two more major battles. The navy and navy can successfully enter the Gulf of Mexico and stay in the eastern United States by armed confrontation or dexterous swimming.
Zhu Jinglun believes that in this case, Americans who are willing to withdraw from American territory should accept the same benefits as European immigrants even if they are die-hard.
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Section seven hundred and sixty-three Prelude to the General Assembly War