Zhao Zhu’s magic face emerged with a little smile, saying that Sun Haosun’s agarwood can still distinguish between the enemy and me at the key moment, but he also nodded slightly to Sun Hao and said, "Sun Haosun’s agarwood has just made it very clear that this is the reason. Do you have different opinions?"

It stands to reason that Sun Haosun Chenxiang is just the right way to represent the South China continent, and the comprehensive ranking is even lower, just ranked 94th.
At this moment Sun Haosun agarwood root is not qualified to speak.
Usually, what is said is equal to nothing.
But after Sun Hao finished, the scene suddenly became quiet.
Actually, no one refutes Zhao Zhu’s magic words. The monks of all forces don’t look at their leaders.
Suddenly, everyone clearly felt that Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang even had the ability to influence things.
It seems that in addition to the demon temple, Sun Haosun Chenxiang has friendship with every leader of the forces. Everyone feels bad when he speaks.
Not only is it difficult to refute, but it makes everyone unexpected.
The Ice and Snow Palace, Summer Sunny Rain, first stated that "I agree with Hao … agarwood’s opinion and suggest that Qingguang Large Array be placed in the Tiangong"
It’s not surprising that there is such a resolution that the body of the ice and snow holy palace is on good terms with the heavenly palace
I didn’t expect that it was the ghost of the Lord of the Temple of Hades, who was even slightly blessed and weak, and said, "The spirit is seconded …"
Ghost Sanjiu and Xi Lan didn’t object to hades’ temple, and they agreed.
A big demon in the demon temple stammered "Seconded …"
The demon temple was also seconded. You know, the only thing on the scene that has nothing to do with Sun Hao is them. Are they so frank? Didn’t you say that these big demons are the most one-track-minded
Will it be like this? At this time, even Zhao Zhumo felt incredible.
Gong Xiaoli seems to be dissatisfied and gently snorted, but he can’t help complaining that "the playboy is really a playboy …"
The temple of the sea laughs and the flowers tremble before saying anything.
I didn’t wait for Dan to speak. Ying Ting Zhu Ling suddenly said, "I’ll speak first, little temple master."
Shan Guan Guan flashed a little surprised and nodded slightly.
Zhu Linglang said, "It’s reasonable for Aquilaria to say that it’s reasonable to discuss the magic road with friends, but since you all said that they made great contributions to the burial day market, I want to say …"
Zhu Ling gave a little finger to Zeng Xiangwu and Sun Hao and others. "How can their interests be guaranteed? Will they be given one and a half trees if they have a share of my Suzaku? Otherwise, hehe …"
Shan Guan laughed and said crisply, "Seconded by Master Zhao’s elder brother Suzaku, it’s quite right. The large array of green light can be given to you, but we can’t be mistreated if we have heroes, otherwise it’s hard to talk …"
No one else spoke.
The big demon in the demon temple actually stammered again, "Seconded …"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Bloody heroes
Throughout the ages, the mountains and rivers are picturesque, swallowing Wan Li like a tiger
Far away, the team saw twelve Chinese characters
Each character is like a cake, and the Chinese character is an ancient seal with magnificent momentum and golden light.
From a distance, the Chinese characters can still be clearly seen, but I don’t know whether the golden Chinese characters should be magnificent after approaching.
See these twelve characters.
All monks don’t think of "heroes" in their hearts.
Isn’t it just "Wan Li is swallowed like a tiger through the ages" at the beginning of the hero symbol of Tiangong?
After seeing the big characters, Zeng Xiangwu made a gesture and everyone slowed down.
Shang Sheng said loudly, "This is the first node that needs to be repaired. Please be careful that there will be a lot of fierce beasts or magic things in front of you."
Zhao Zhumo Lang said, "This is my hero symbol in the Heavenly Palace, and it is also the barrier of guarding the burial day market in Gongbao Town, Tiangong Town. What I’m waiting for today is to supplement the hero symbol with aura, blood gas and re-create the symbol, so that you can continue to play …"
Sun Hao visually looked ahead at the twelve golden characters in the virtual space, and gradually came white.
No matter what’s wrong with meeting the hero of the Heavenly Palace before, it’s absolutely safe to bury the hero of the Heavenly Palace in front of you.
The sky cracked and collapsed
However, the twelve big characters of a golden symbol that covers the sun are stuck in half, which is like a plaster sticking to a wound, generally sticking to a rupture and maintaining stability.
The huge symbol seal makes people have an impulse to worship.
Seeing the character seal can’t help but make people daydream.
At the beginning of the burial day market, when the sky fell apart, it was the great monk who swallowed Wan Li with the hero of the Heavenly Palace, sealing the gap like a tiger and bringing thousands of years of peace to the mainland.
Huge symbols are hanging high.
The monks’ team began to approach, and the heroes buried in the Tianxu market were shadowed.
Every time the burial site is opened, the monks will arrive at several nodes that need to be repaired from different roads after entering.
Every time you go through hardships, you will finally get the opportunity to repair the node.
This time, the hardships of burying the Tianxu market have been rebuilt, and the forbidden law has been banned. It is even more difficult to face the final gathering of heroes and fierce beasts.
Zeng Xiangwu was born on a journey and began to organize monks to form a war.
This battle array is somewhat different from the common battle array of monks, but the real mortal battle array. At this time, the monk’s real element is sealed and the combat power is constrained, but the mortal battle array is more suitable.
The burial day market has never been a "circular array" of Xiang Wu.
Ordinary mortal battle array method
Zeng Xiangwu, a circular array, is located in the center of the formation to command the peripheral forces to be deployed layer by layer.
Du Jiu, Jian Baiduan and other monks armed with long weapons, Sun Hao, Yue Dayong and Zhu Pang, the outermost monks, armed with bows and arrows and knives, moved their troops remotely.
Sun Hao knows a lot about the array method, and he also knows about the mortal array method when practicing the top ten battles.
In my heart, I am also very admired for Zeng Xiangwu’s circular law arrangement.
The tactical idea of circular array is close defense.
Fiona Fang formation is dense, and its defense is extremely strong.
However, due to the dense formation, the circular array is difficult to pursue because of the lack of change in maneuvering.
However, everyone’s entry into the burial day market is not to pursue the enemy and slowly advance, but it is very suitable for tactics.
Hundreds of then-elixirs have entered the Tianxu market, and now there are 60 and 20 receivers. Before you know it, 30 mainland tianjiao have been buried in Tianxu market and turned into dust.
Team like a ball slowly rolled forward in the past.
The heroic symbols in the sky are getting clearer and clearer, and the huge fonts in the sky are getting more and more dazzling.
And the front of the team began to change.
The scattered stones on the ground staggered up.
Form a tall stone giant as tall as a few stories.
The giant stone man set foot on the earth and made a drumming sound.
Knock, knock, knock …
The stone giant lumbered at the monks, and the huge footboard was lifted and stepped on the circular array.
The whole circle array immediately enveloped the shadow of the foot plate.