But the present situation is that even if he gives his life immediately, it may not stop Liu Rentu from being crazy.

All five of them are elite members of Hyderabad Shintoism. The great relocation array can only bear five people at most. When Elder Heck gave the town magic flag to himself, he looked quite dignified. According to Elder Heck, it seems that treasures like the town magic flag have never been given to the third-order practitioners. If this incident is not too important, it would be impossible to give such precious treasures to their second-order monks.
But how did you meet this monster Liu Rentu here?
What surprised him even more was that there was a treasure comparable to the magic flag in the town.
"Hands-on" Curry shouted, a piece of white fog suddenly spread from him, and layers of white frost floated on the ground, and snowflakes floated in the sky. Unexpectedly, Curry turned out to be an ice mage here.
Ice mage is not strange, even if Liu Xuan can move more than one ice technique himself, but this library is very strange. His ice spell is equivalent to being powerful. At one time, Liu Xuan didn’t take it seriously, but after three strokes and two types, Liu Xuan felt something was wrong.
Those falling snowflakes are not ordinary people. With these snowflakes, more and more snowflakes are attracted, but after a few breaths, Liu Xuan feels that his own movement has slowed down a lot. It happened that this guy named Curry is probably afraid of being taken into the longevity map by Liu Xuan, so he won’t fight with you, just like flying a kite. Steal the operation from a distance and ask Liu Xuan to jump far away as soon as he approaches.
When there are more and more snowflakes, a cold wave penetrates into Liu Xuan’s body through the covering snowflakes.
At this time, Liu Xuancai came to the other side for nothing. It may be that the root is to attract himself. Although the town magic map was made by the soul of the celestial apparatus and the soul of the immortal apparatus, the only thing that can be rushed out of the town magic map is its own area. Zhao Jiadi can’t rush out to deal with Hyderabad Shinto. Everyone will have their own one to watch the town magic flag lose and slay themselves before they can win the battle.
However, they didn’t expect that there were even two helpers, Red Mountain Mandrill and Spirit Mouse, who were suddenly disturbed by themselves, and the Fire Maid was transferred to Immortality by themselves. Otherwise, they should be themselves in trouble now.
The strength of Curry is that he is not only a simple ice mage, but his ice power is far superior to that of ordinary people. That is to say, if ordinary ice method can exert 100% ice power, his ice power can reach 200%. The most serious place is that there is a natural gas ice field in Curry, where hostile forces will be affected by his ice field, even if they are not caught, they will be slowly consumed by his ice power.
Hear Curry shout to burly conference semifinals hurriedly began to push back the red mountain mandrill, followed by a whisking ding ding three green light metal columns pierced his side, and three metal columns on the bluestone pavement gave off bursts of green light.
The red mountain mandrill was forced to lean back with a big mouth and a thick fire dragon with water roots. He also blurted out that this burly conference semifinal looks like an elite plant operation, which is the bane of this burly conference semifinal.
After understanding this point, the red mountain mandrill is unreasonable and tide wait for no man. This huge fire dragon is not an ordinary fire method. This is a fourth-order fire method. The puppet beast flies sand and stones. Even when it is against the puppet beast, he refused to use it.
The fourth-order technique is far different from the first three-order ordinary techniques. Generally speaking, the first-order technique, the flame technique, the ice technique and the like all need to condense elements to produce a burst or ice-cold effect. Most of the second-and third-order techniques have single attacks, mainly or auxiliary techniques. Most of the time, it is still up to treasures to decide the outcome.
However, the fourth-order technique is different. Most of the fourth-order techniques are based on ancient techniques, such as rampage and killing the Lord. Whether it is flying sand and flying stones or raging dragons, it is a large-scale group attack technique.
667, Shinto conspiracy six
It seems that this monkey, Red Mountain Mandrill, has been beaten by him. He must have moved this closet skill. It is impossible for the other side to resist this fourth-order technique, and he intends to end the battle.
But this monkey never imagined that a green whip shadow suddenly cracked on the bluestone ground in front of him and jumped out of the ground. Pa-yi was smoking a flaming dragon body. This green shadow was so powerful that it suddenly slammed the monkey’s fourth-order technique into a small building on the street, and it burned up and suddenly became a sea of fire. Don’t say that no one is now, and someone can’t save it.
The green shadow has risen to the thickness of the water root in the blink of an eye, and it is getting longer and longer. In a short time, it has become a green python that is constantly whipped.
This green whip shadow turned out to be a green magic vine. This magic vine is different from the vines made before Liu Xuan. Seeing that this magic vine grows bigger and bigger, strange flowers grow up. If you look closely, the center of these flowers turns out to be big mouths full of sharp teeth. These big mouths keep biting and look very strange.
A look at this magic vine is no wonder that you can play the fourth-order technique of red mandrill.
The magic vine grows faster and faster, and soon it has grown to a point where one person is more overbearing and hits the red mandrill. It really hits Liuxuan like the same strange python.
At this time, the young conference semifinals also dumped the spirit-seeking mouse and quickly approached Liuxuan, where there was still a distance from Liuxuan. There was a loud clap on the ground, and the huge bluestone actually turned over, and Liuxuan’s position actually collapsed to bluestone and quickly wrapped the collapsed position.
At this time, when the figure flashed, the bluestone was about to cover the ground, and Liuxuan had already flashed out of the encirclement. Liuxuan speed wanted this kind of thing to encircle him.
But as soon as Liu Xuangang flashed out, he felt a huge darkness falling from the sky. When Liu Xuangang looked up, it turned out to be a huge magic vine released by conference semifinals. This magic vine was like a giant whip and was severely smoked at Liu Xuangang. Liu Xuangang, who had just emerged from the encirclement, was pumped back at a time, and the whole bluestone ground was closed up.
At this time, Curry has come back with a lot of snow around him. These snow and snow immediately rolled into the bluestone adobe, which was frozen into an ice lump in a short time.
"Hey, Mary, this idiot, if she hadn’t been so impulsive and added her fire, maybe we could have directly killed the number one rival of Shinto, or maybe it would have been good to trap him now. Let’s hurry up. Hank is in charge of soul search. There must be definite news, so we will leave. When the devil gets out of trouble, we can’t go any more."
The three men nodded to each other and were about to move when a sepulchral sound suddenly sounded behind Curry.
"So to speak this should be your card, go don’t want to go or stay …"
After saying his word, a flash has pierced Curry directly through Curry’s body.
Hank, the conference semifinals, was so frightened that he hurriedly pointed out his hand at the sudden appearance of Liu Xuan, but just the day before, he didn’t have a magic vine to react. He turned his head to see that the red mountain mandrill was in front of the foundation of his magic vine, and he always believed that the magic vine was emitting smoke and could not live.
It turns out that when Liu Xuan appeared, the red mandrill had already dived into the magic vine. Although the magic vine is strong, he is a plant after all, so he is less afraid of fire. It is the most weapon to deal with this magic vine flame.
Curry can’t live when he sees it. Liu Xuan is also a quick victory. He can directly move the strength in the arrow of God. This can kill the power of God. Although there is a little bit, it is after all the Hyderabad cult in the library. In the end, it turned out to be dead. It is a bit ridiculous to think about it in the hands of a false god.
Seeing was that Curry also became a ghost of Liu Xuan’s sword. Hank and the young conference semifinals were dumbfounded. The Hyderabad religion is not a fanatical believer. At the very least, Hank is not a young conference semifinals. Although he is tough at ordinary times, if he is against other opponents, he may really be like a fanatic. However, his fear of Liu Xuan is naturally impossible to fight with Liu Xuan like a fanatic.
At this time, the garage is still alive, but everyone knows that the power of Yao Ri’s arrows and gods in the garage is far more powerful than that of Liu Xuan’s imagination. He regrets that he should not put this powerful force in the garage so that his opponent can reach Liu Xuan. Although the garage has been screened by Yao Ri’s arrows and great power, Liu Xuan will naturally go to the ground as soon as he lets go.
There was a roar. Hank and the young conference semifinals looked up and their faces changed again. They had to rely on the magic flag of the town to roll up bit by bit, and the shadow of the magic flag of the town on the ground had already disappeared. Leave a few mangran Zhao Xiaodi at sea.
These are all combat team members Zhao Penghai, and the last young brothers of Zhao family were all printed by Liuxuanshan. At this time, the town magic flag was made, and these talents came out of the mountain-printed stone group.
"Escape" Hank shouted directly to the young conference semifinals, but he saw that Bai Liuxuan was not at all soft on Hyderabad. The incident has come to this step, even if he begged for mercy, it is estimated that Liu Xuan will not let them all escape. It is the right direction. They just learned the general direction of the delivery from zhaojie and others. If he can escape from the delivery, he will have the possibility of survival, but if he stays here, he will die.
When you say go, he reacts much faster than the young conference semifinals. He is also intentional, just like there is a story that if you meet wild animals in the forest, you need to outrun them. You just need to outrun your friends.
Before the young conference semifinals of Suohanke could react, they had shot out with a step. They had been watching him for a long time before, but he didn’t escape slowly.
In a flash, he has fled to the elder. The elder is really capable of keeping him in file, but the elder didn’t start work, which means he was lightly left as if he were dead.
66, Shinto conspiracy seven
Hank is also very strange. It is reasonable to say that they also killed many Zhao’s brothers. The elder should hate him very much, but looking at the elder is like looking at a dead man.
Of course, he also knows that there are ghosts in front of him, and it is almost impossible for them to fight their way out. But Hank doesn’t want to fight with them. Naturally, he has prepared something to deal with them when he has never come, but he has one-fifth of the means, so he is now gambling on the ghosts in front, and he doesn’t gamble much on himself, but he can rush out of his way among the ghosts.
Just now, when they were fighting with zhaojie and Liu Xuan, the ghost clan suddenly receded, and the remaining Zhao Jiadi was also on the other side of the street. They also had no way to suddenly betray zhaojie and others, which was equivalent to blocking the retreat of the big elders and others. After the ghost clan receded, the big elders and others could stay where they were, but they were neither advancing nor retreating.
The original elder wanted to fight for the lives of the majority of the Scott clan. Liu Xuan could get the dragon gas to activate Long Mai, but when zhaojie and I betrayed him, the elder knew that he had these numbers left. Judging from the fear of sacrifice, it may not be able to send Liu Xuan to the array. Only then will the elder let Zhao Peng kelp take the young man out of the battlefield. I hope zhaojie can see the same Scott clan and spare these Zhao teenagers.
But when the magic flag in Hyderabad town came out, the elders came here for nothing. All this was impossible. Even if zhaojie refused to kill the conference semifinals, they wouldn’t be Zhao Jiadi.
See the elders didn’t start work defense before the Zhao family didn’t start work. When Hank rushed out of the defense, he looked at his eyes and made a comeback. The ghost family was also afraid. He trembled slightly and took out a Dan medicine and just wanted to throw it into his mouth.