Zhao Kuangyin single-handedly brought out Song Jun. It was only after signing a peace treaty with Liao that it was completely abolished. Haolai persisted for forty or fifty years.

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Su Yonglin came to an accurate conclusion.
There is no elite that can cause great damage to the insurgents except that the Jin Empire set up northern and northwestern border areas to guard against grassland cavalry and Xixia army border troops
The corruption of the Jin army is of course good news for Su Yonglin, but there is even better news.
After the Song, Jin and Shaoxing peace talks, the two sides will not fight for nearly 20 years. During this period, there was no elite army to prepare for war. In the Southern Song Dynasty, there was no main force to guard against the Jin people, nor did the Jin State.
During this period, the main energy of the superficial Jin State was to deal with the Mongols and Tatars in the north.
From the time when Emperor Taizong of Jin Yan Hong and Wu Qimai bought it, the Mongols in the northern grassland were the border troubles of the State of Jin.
During the reign of Emperor Xizong of Jin Dynasty, a group of Jin Jun valiant soldiers who beat the shit out of Song Jun took turns to crusade against grassland nomads. After years of fighting, they couldn’t pacify the northern conquest led by Wan Zongbi, who was called Jin Wushu by the Song Dynasty, and they didn’t take advantage of it.
Just like the real Central Plains Dynasty, the cash country is also facing the threat of the northern grassland, with a headache and a hot brain.
They are in an absolutely bad situation, and they are not like some people in the Southern Song Dynasty who beat their enemies all over the world.
Mongolian ministries are just that they have never been able to solve the foreign invasion. The war between the Jin State and the Mongols is not beautiful at all, and it is not as fierce as it was when the Song Dynasty was destroyed.
Su Yonglin’s view is that the state of Jin is a hollow shell, and class contradictions and ethnic contradictions are intertwined, which can ignite a spark of rebellion everywhere.
The Southern Song Dynasty was far more difficult to deal with than the Jin State.
Xu Jin is a powerful army, but it will be finished if we defeat it.
The army of the Southern Song Dynasty does not look strong, but it is also quite resilient. More importantly, it is still a long way from defeating the army that defeated it.
First weak, then difficult, and gradually develop from weak to strong.
Su Yonglin’s grand strategy has never changed.
On March 11th, 20th year in Shaoxing, Su Yonglin ordered the Sujia Island ship in the northeast of Dinghai County to start a large amount of money, food and ordnance equipment to Shandong.
The rebellion began.
Chapter 11 Sun Yuanqi is really dead
On March 11th, Sue’s family was able to move more than 20 seagoing ships to transport Su’s family, goods and various materials prepared for many years to Shandong.
Zhao Kaishan in Juzhou, Shandong Province has arranged for Sun Yi and Liu Yongqiang, the local strongmen who decided to revolt, to assist Su Yonglin in transporting materials to their site and then to Zhao Kaishan Uprising Camp, ready for the uprising at any time.
On March 14th, the last batch of Su Yonglin left Dinghai County by boat.
Before leaving, Su Yonglin had moved the whole family and secretly moved the graves of his grandfather, father and mother, leaving a shell.
He doesn’t want it.
People don’t want those peripheral members. They don’t know where they are going. They can’t know the specific trends of Sue’s core group without wire connection.
It’s not a pity that some things are lost if they are not needed.
Because Su Yonglin didn’t know whether he could succeed or really enliven the uprising.
There is a high possibility of failure and a low possibility of success, which he knows in his heart.
Of course, you can’t say this to the outside world. You should be hopeful and stick to it forever.
However, even if Xu Jin Guo has an army, it is strong enough, especially those elite border troops who were famous for their powerful tactics.
There are more than 30 horses in Su’s family. Whether Zhao Kaishan has cavalry or not, the whole rebel army can’t form a decent cavalry. This is a huge weakness.
Before getting enough horses to form cavalry, the rebel army still had to face Song Jun’s embarrassing situation-there were not enough cavalry.
Of course, in the early days of the uprising, Xu Jin would not rashly move the elite of the frontier to suppress them. It is highly probable that the local Jurchen soldiers and the signing troops think they are a group of thieves.
It was an important window for the insurgents to expand their strength and enhance their strength.
During that window period, we must grasp the strength to train cavalry to deal with the possibility that Xu Jin Guo may arrive at the elite border army at any time.
The head of the uprising must be clear that it must always be full of crisis consciousness until the Jin people are driven out of the Great Wall and reoccupied, and they must not slack off and never stop.
Of course, once the uprising, private salt will definitely not be sold.
He can smuggle salt because of Sun Yuanqi’s umbrella. Once something happens to Sun Yuanqi, even if he doesn’t find out what the problem is, his market share of smuggling salt will immediately become a piece of fat.
Soon, there will be a large number of high-ranking court officials and dignitaries, and there will be countless private salt vendors scrambling to compete and bite the Sujia forces, and they will soon be uprooted by their hands.
Without Sun Yuan’s official protection, there would be no private salt business. It is clear to Su Yonglin that many people are polite to Su’s family because of their background.