Li Bai has a half knowledge. "So you can’t win it?"

"No …" Pei Min shook his head and smiled. "After its third sword, I learned a truth. The rules of the world are all set by people. Then Fiona Fang is also set by others. I can’t mind what the sword means. I want to thank it for its third sword and let me break through the bottleneck."
"You haven’t said who you really won."
Li Bai can’t wait to know the result. It’s an anecdote.
Pei Min said slowly to the sky, "I have a feeling that if I didn’t stab my last sword, the purple sword would kill me, but when I spent a wick of incense, I finally got a hint of enlightenment and used a more mysterious sword, so it spared me … This seems to be its rule, but a person as powerful as me will surely meet God’s will and want me to die, and only by breaking the rules can I die …"
Speaking of this, Pei Min suddenly turned to look at a place in the west where there was a white Lei Guang flashing. "People are spying here?"
Pei Min’s eyes are like a sword, pointing directly at the western thunder, and that Lei Guang suddenly retreats.
Li Bai was shocked to see this scene. "Isn’t it better than the sky that blade master’s eyes can let Lei avoid three points?"
Pei Min looked at the west thoughtfully. "No, it’s not the sky. It’s more like someone spying on the heavenly sword. It’s really incredible that I won the heavenly sword this time, and the strength of the heavenly sword is by no means that I can guess it at this time, which makes me see a new realm and let me fear that people can win me during the day. From now on, I will close this place and practice and look forward to a heavenly sword."
That night, I climbed the mountain alone to challenge Pei Min because there was a sword at the foot of the mountain and a sharp sword. After seeing this sword, the world knew that Pei Min’s sword was higher than the mountain. The sword blocked the way of the mountain and made people approach the mountain. The swordsmen of the world speculated that Pei Min had died of old age and the sword was changed by Pei Min, so it was named "Pei Min Jian". Later generations of swordsmen often came to the foot of the mountain to worship this "Pei Min Jian"
The phantom of St. Catherine Abbey, the red witch, is still entangled in huge chains. They anxiously look at Pei Min and beg, "Please ask blade master to save us and we will cut off the punishment."
Pei Min looked at the two men and thought for a moment. "At the beginning, this chain locked me for a moment, but I also felt that the chain was connected with my lifeline. If I cut your chains, I will also cut your lives. Only you can conquer this day."
"yourself?" The phantom of the opera, the red witch, was born with despair and purple chains wrapped around them for many years, but the strength made them feel that the struggle against the root method was like throwing an egg at a stone. At this time, the two had already resisted their thoughts
The red witch asked again, "blade master was like cutting off the scourge? Can you teach me? I would like to play for blade master in this life. "
The phantom of the opera also echoed, "I also want to follow blade master in this life."
Pei Min sighed, "It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, but that you and I are different. I don’t know how to start teaching, but I can tell you that it was my own sword that cut the chain. Kendo is invincible and can be bound. I broke the chain."
"Everyone has every humanity, and I am willing to break free from the chain. Presumably, you also have your own ways to break free from the chain, but I want to wake up that after you break free from the chain, you will face the test of heaven. If you win, you will be born and lost."
"What test?"
Pei Min didn’t answer Christian, but he said, "Thousands of years ago, I saw the punishment coming to the world. Mr. Pei Min was better than the sword. They were better than the three swords. Finally, Mr. Pei Min’s swordsmanship made the punishment disperse."
In a word, everyone was shocked. Victoria didn’t feel the punishment of heaven. She made a wild guess and asked Christian, "You mean Mr. Pei Min is better than heaven?"
Christian said nothing but looked at Pei Min and Pei Min.
The Red Witch asked again, "Can blade master use the sword that won the day, so that we can know the strength needed to overcome the punishment?"
Pei Min thought for a moment, "If I have a sword in my heart, you will die. I will draw my sword and you will feel the sword. If you can overcome this sword, you will be able to overcome the punishment."
The Phantom of the Opera and the Red Witch don’t understand Pei Min’s meaning. They saw a cold sword in Pei Min’s hand, which was condensed and shaped. As soon as it came out of Pei Min, it was lifted again.
Suddenly the Phantom of the Opera Red Witch took a step back at the same time. They saw that Pei Min’s sword pointed in another direction, but the tip of the sword appeared three inches before their eyebrows?
A strange scene appeared, and everyone saw Pei Min holding a sword straight in his right hand in the same place, but the phantom of the opera, Red Witch, was running around like avoiding the sword.
The tip of the sword in the eyes of the Phantom Red Witch has been three inches away from his eyebrows. They have no doubt that this sword can stab them to death. Only by avoiding the edge can they survive, but no matter how they escape, they can’t escape the tip. It’s like growing their own bodies.
The two men fled for a while, and suddenly the tip of the sword stabbed an inch forward. The phantom of the opera, the red witch, shouted at the same time, "No!" "
They felt a great sense of oppression and death threats, as if the sword would take their lives in an instant.
Pei Min closed the sword and the sword disappeared, and the sword dissipated.
The phantom of the opera, the red witch, was in shock and looked at Pei Min again with a little more fear in her eyes.
The Red Witch took a long time to speak and said, "Sir, it’s by no means S-class extraordinary. The whole extraordinary world underestimated you. It’s ridiculous that all the extraordinary organizations in Europe are still the strongest themselves. The strongest one turned out to be nine swords."
The Phantom of the Opera also nodded. "blade master’s sword is even more horrible than our chains. Although we are enemies, there are still ways to avoid this chain, and blade master’s sword is beyond our knowledge."
"Want to hide? Once you have the idea of hiding, you will never be able to defeat me. "
The phantom of the opera, the Red Witch, meditates on Pei Min’s truth in their hearts, but they will still take a step back involuntarily when they recall the sword foot just now.
The Red Witch turned to look at the pit with a wry smile. "It seems that our existing prayer prophet can save us."
Words just say that finish red wu saw JiTianCi holding SiNa spoon handle manually!
The sixth volume World War Chapter three hundred and fifty-five The Prophet Yu Wenzhi
Ji Tianci carefully looked at the hut in front of him. At first glance, he knew that the building in Gu Zhuo in the Han Dynasty was rugged and simple in structure. Although it was small in size, it was atmospheric. There was a strange doorknob hanging on the wooden door of the scarlet stone wall and beige roof.
This doorknob is actually a Sina, and the coffin Sina is exactly the same. Ji Tianci believes that the wooden door will open if the spoon handle is pulled from the right to the side.
However, as soon as he stretched out his hand and was about to touch the handle, he stopped and turned to ask Mo back to him. "Mo Lao, this Yu Wenzhi has the ability to make you and the two prophets can’t kill him."
Don’t frown back. "This man’s skill is strange, and we don’t know him. Yuwen’s fighting power doesn’t seem to be strong. Jiang Kehuang has killed Yuwen himself many times, but Yuwen can always’ come back from the dead’. The only way to eradicate this man is to isolate him. I don’t know that Zhuge Ke Huang wants to release him, but the prophet must have his reasons. But I still want to wake you up. After releasing him, you should be absolutely careful. If you can’t control him, you can try to send him back here again."
Ji Tianci nodded and then put the "doorknob" on his right hand.
Don’t go back to the world and disappear. Everything is back to normal. Ji Tianci went to the coffin again. He gently pulled the handle of Sina spoon to the south.
"Crunch" A coffin lid opens by itself
A bunch of people in the deep pit didn’t turn their heads to the pit after hearing this sound. Catherine called out "Bad" and raised her big sword and rushed towards the pit. However, a figure has quickly jumped up from the pit.
The newcomer is not Ji Tianci, but a man dressed in red, Han Jiuyou. This man is more than seven feet tall, handsome and elegant. At first glance, he will be a young man. At first glance, his mature temperament looks like a middle-aged man.
He left the crowd, except for members of the Dark Council. Everyone else was waiting for Pei Min. At first glance, he decided that the man was definitely an authentic nine-secluded man. His knife-shaped eyebrows were slightly thin and his long black hair was scattered to his ankles.
"Met the Prophet’s Adult" Anne looked excited, and she took the lead in responding. When she saw the newcomer, she would salute.
Several members of its dark parliament followed and were about to salute, but this man reached out and stopped him. "Don’t salute. I have to thank you for saving me."
This man has a gentle tone, and his voice is like a spring breeze, which makes people feel comfortable and have to obey his wishes at heart.
To Pei Min’s surprise, this nine-secluded man was actually communicating with members of the Diablo Parliament in English. After saying this, the man put his hands flat on his chest and staggered back and forth and buried them in wide sleeves. Then he saluted a bunch of people in the Diablo Parliament.
This kind of salute is the etiquette of the Han Dynasty that makes Pei Min feel more weird in his heart.
Ji Tianci also jumped out of the pit at this time. The man immediately turned to face Ji Tianci and smiled. After a ceremony, he said in nine whispers, "Thank you for your ancestors’ rescue."
"Are you the prophet Yu Wenzhi of the Dark Parliament?" Ji Tianci was surprised that people in front of him were gentle and very polite, and they didn’t look like a "devil"
"You …"
Ji Tianci had a million questions in his heart, but he didn’t know when he asked. Instead, Catherine stabbed him with a sword immediately after hearing Yu Wenzhi’s answer.
Members of the Diablo Council were surprised and wanted to stop it, but the sword had come too soon.
Yuwen seems to have no reaction to come over and still stabbed his chest with this sword. The tip of the sword pierced his back from his chest.
People were not surprised when members of the Dark Council were about to send it, but Pei Min stretched out his hand and stopped them.
Seeing that Yu Wenzhi was still smiling, his eyes turned to Catherine, "Miss Jiu Youjian still can’t kill me. How does your sword hurt me?"
Yu Wenzhi slowly stretched out his right hand and grasped Catherine’s golden sword. It was like being infected by a virus. At the place where he held the sword, a black thing began to spread, and instantly he turned the golden sword into a black sword. After it turned black, the big sword suddenly decomposed into black dust.
Catherine was terrified, but the sword was a part of her body, and she felt that this part of herself was instantly corrupted and disappeared for no reason.
They were surprised to see that Yu Wenzhi had destroyed Catherine’s sword so lightly. Suddenly, Yu Wenzhi’s whole body was covered with meridians and purple light, which caught him like a purple net.
The phantom of the opera and the red witch secretly call this is definitely a punishment, but what will it look like?
So the red witch couldn’t help asking, "Prophet, are you also plagued by heaven’s punishment?"