"Are biological weapons allowed on the battlefield?" Zhao Li still couldn’t help but ask, and ran all the way without hiding his whereabouts. Zhao Li has been pondering this question. Sanders should have crossed the battlefield and might know the answer.

"Normal logic doesn’t allow it." Saunders also ran panting, but still didn’t answer back.
"What do you mean?" Zhao Li was confused by his previous answer. He pulled the branches in front of him and asked 1
"That is, if you are not found secretly, it will be over. Who knows?" Saunders had a compass with a thorn handle in front to identify the direction, and Zhao Li almost bumped into it.
"Have you ever seen or heard of anyone?" Zhao Li seems to want to break the ice. It’s another question to chase after him.
"Do you really want to know?" The direction has been determined. Sanders covered the guide and turned around and asked.
"yeah!" Zhao Li nodded and looked at Saunders and stopped talking.
"But I have personally fired thirteen latest VS79 gas bombs." Sanders must have clearly answered, "In order to destroy an enemy in a entrenched and permanent fortification, including dozens of civilian departments killed within 500 meters around the whole fortification."
Answer to Saunders Although Zhao Li had been prepared, he still didn’t expect Saunders to give such a shocking answer. However, despite the shock, Zhao Li didn’t continue to ask any stupid questions or blame Saunders for being cruel. What is it to silently tighten the backpack belt to make himself more comfortable? It’s a little loose just now. "Where are you going next?"
"This way!" Saunders pointed in one direction and led the way and ran again.
Nothing can make a soldier grow up faster than killing himself. That’s how Zhao Lixian overcame the shock after killing. It seems that nothing can bother Zhao Li. Even when he heard that Sanders killed the enemy and killed the civilians at the same time, he didn’t have any special feeling. Moreover, at that time, he thought that Sanders was imprisoned, but it was not because of killing civilians with gas bombs. Strictly speaking, Zhao Li still had too little contact with some ways of doing things in the army.
I believe that after this time, even if some of the prisoners jumped out and said that he had killed 10 thousand people, Zhao Li would never admit that they had heard those incredible things from those guys before lying. It was always bragging, and now it seems that it is likely to be true. Zhao Li has finally gained another understanding of those prisoners.
For a day and a night, no one harassed me, and there was no sound of aircraft in the day. I don’t know if those people had retreated or moved. Anyway, there were almost no accidents along the way.
However, life is always so careful to prevent accidents, when accidents will not happen, when there is no accident at ease, accidents happen at this time
"Shout finally arrived." Sanders sat down against a tree and took a long breath to signal Zhao Li to take a nap here.
Zhao Li also found a tree to sit on, but he still held the weapon in his hand. He and Sanders chose to lean against the tree and help each other to see what was going on behind them. It was also a cover for each other and they could not relax during the break.
"What is this place?" Zhao Li grabbed the military map to determine his current position and quickly locate his position, which is also a foundation for wild life.
There was a sharp sound of "before" just above their heads. It was a high-speed passing sound of something low, accompanied by a roar of the engine.
In some cases, Zhao Li and Saunders jumped up and looked around like a spring installed on their buttocks. Saunders made a tree gesture, and then neither of them said anything and quickly climbed the canopy.
The aircraft was so fast that I don’t know where it went. It was quiet around, and there was no movement except the rustling of leaves.
"Damn it!" Zhao Li couldn’t help cursing these guys psychologically. Don’t they really be military? I’m so nervous about flying high-speed aircraft, and I’m also worried about Christine. If they find something unusual here, will they drive a warship to check it out? Can those humble small warships here deal with these people?
After walking for less than an hour, I heard the faint gun. Zhao Li and Saunders also cooperated tacitly. The first reaction was that the horse was hidden
I carefully distinguished a gun from the sound, and it should be some distance from them. It seems that there is nothing for them. The sudden attack a few days ago also made them nervous and heard the gun conscious reaction.
Distinguished the source of the gun, and both of them came out from behind the hidden tree and looked in the direction of the gun, although there were dense jungles in that direction and they couldn’t see anything.
"Where are we going?" Zhao Li asked again. This is the second time he asked all the way. For the first time, Sanders didn’t answer directly. He said that he knew that he didn’t know what Sanders said this time, but Zhao Li asked it out anyway.
"there!" Saunders made a signal with the lips in the direction of the gun, and said nothing more.
Hearing this answer, Zhao Lishi doesn’t know what to say. Why is there always trouble where he wants to go? I saw something I shouldn’t have seen, almost died, and I had to get my hands full of blood. Now I just heard the gun and found that it was the destination I had to go to.
The condescension belongs to the condescension, but Zhao Li is not afraid. Maybe after several murders, Zhao Li has completely grown into a qualified soldier.
"What can you hear from the gun over there?" While carefully touching it over there, Sanders seems to seize every opportunity to test Zhao Li.
"The gun is not coherent for a while and stops for a while." Zhao Li also heard the gun horse answer from beginning to end. "It’s not like two people shooting at each other, but more like a group of people hunting."
"What else?" Saunders still appreciates Zhao Li’s performance. After all, he brought it out by himself, but he is still a little proud.
"It’s a little troublesome to deal with things in a row instead of single shot and three bursts." It should never be like this when shooting at each other. Zhao Li also judged that shooting crazily must be because he missed or hit it but didn’t achieve the desired effect, so the soldiers kept shooting continuously.
The two people are interested in whether the shooters are the same people and the sound of aircraft sounds very similar, and Zhao Li hopes that those people might get some news from those people that the second killing was too fast and no one was left alive. Zhao Li regretted it for a long time afterwards.
"Try not to attract attention!" Saunders turned to Zhao Li when he was close to the target. "Mom, I don’t want to be hunted again!"
Zhao Li nodded and agreed that Zhao Li never wanted to go through the second time. Whether it was killing or being killed, it was not a good thing. They discussed a simple action plan and then went into the jungle separately.
The position of the gun keeps changing, as if the hunting speed is faster. Today, the gun still rings and says that it has not been successful. Zhao Li slowly touches it in that direction from the side.
Waiting for an opportunity to hide in the canopy of a dozen meters high, Zhao Li can already see the faint figure here, which makes Zhao Li’s heart jump wildly. Those people are dressed exactly like the people a few days ago, which means they are probably a group.
Zhao Li was pleasantly surprised by this discovery. He was surprised that if he did it, he might be hunted down again. However, he was finally able to find someone to ask him carefully what the disabled virus was.
Although the gun is big, Zhao Li hasn’t found out what they are attacking, but these Zhao Li are not very concerned. They are staring at those figures and wondering which one will be alone occasionally.
The other side is almost more than 20 people. Maybe this is a lesson. I dare not divide it too much. It is 100 meters from the forest. Everyone in Fiona Fang area is holding on to weapons.
Flowers at the moment, a taupe shadow flashed across the field of vision like a ghost, and disappeared instantly. After the dense trunk, Zhao Li suddenly made a tingle. Is it that kind of monster again?
Before he could get the white flour, someone had seen yelling and chased it in the direction of the shadow hour. More than 20 people immediately rushed over there.
Opportunity! Zhao Li watched a guy fall behind and change the magazine. If he died, Zhao Li hid in this tree and stayed down to fiddle with the magazine root regardless of whether there were enemies above his head. Perhaps he firmly believed that there would be no outsiders here!
Brush high Zhao Li jumped from the canopy to a height of more than ten meters. If you hit that guy directly, you can definitely kill him directly. Zhao Li also had to deviate a few minutes.
On the top of the head, the enemy root appeared unconsciously. The guy just changed the magazine and pulled the bolt. At the same time, the back of his neck got a heavy blow and a soft faint.
Zhao Li got up from the ground, the first thing to do was to pick that guy’s com, crush it and throw it far away. Then he looked around and pulled people aside against the tree, blocking everyone’s sight.