"I heard that you have all read Hongwu Political Theory, haven’t you?"

Lin Jingchun asked some businessmen to raise their "On Hongwu Politics" as if there was any magical power to represent it.
Lin Jingchun then smiled.
"Since you have seen some policies of Hongwu’s political theory, you should also be clear about it, including the land reform policy I will talk about next. You must be clear that the land owned by big countries belongs to big countries, not to individuals, but the land belongs to the country."
Lin Jingchun’s voice fell, and some merchants of Quanzhou’s vast land could not stand it.
"Forest department hall what is the meaning of this? Will my land be confiscated? "
"Do you want to take away all our land?"
"I bought these land with real money and didn’t rob them to take away my land? Even a big country can’t be unreasonable? "
Businessmen are chattering about their grievances, and even some foreign businessmen are complaining about Lin Jingchun with strange accents. Obviously, Quanzhou has bought a lot of land. It can be said that they have less land than local businessmen. If the country comes, it will be nationalized.
Lin Jingchun waved their hands to calm them down, but businessmen didn’t seem to be so easy to calm down, so Lin Jingchun looked at the officers around him.
The officer nodded, got up, swished out his broadsword, and shook hands with him.
"Silence! !”
The field was so quiet at once that even mosquitoes could be heard chirping.
Well, criticizing weapons really can’t replace weapons. What the chairman said is true.
Lin Jingchun is deeply touched by this.
Watching the field quiet, Lin Jingchun slowly spoke.
"I know that there are many people who own land property among you, but that’s the big policy. All land departments are state-owned and private, but you can’t own all your land, and the department will be nationalized.
But pay attention to what I say, but if you cooperate with the big government to rectify the land and take the initiative to cooperate, there is a redemption policy to take away your land at a big price
If you want to reserve a part of the land, you can distribute the land according to the number of one adult labor force in a family according to the big land law. This is the title deed directly issued by each legally reserved land conference, but the surplus land must be taken away. "
Say that finish Lin Jingchun looked at the quiet venue.
"Listen to understand? The big land policy can be redeemed and retained, but the land law stipulates that the extra land must be nationalized. If there is an expansion of production demand, you can apply to the government again, and the government will consider it carefully.
If you don’t contradict the initiative and Dahe, I will discuss the redemption amount with you on behalf of the grand court, but if you don’t want to discuss the issue with Dahe, it’s not me but this one around me. "
Lin Jingchun pointed to the Weihai Navy officer beside him.
The officer put his knife into the sheath and looked around at the businessmen, which brought a kind of pressure to the businessmen.
Anyone would be under pressure, and no one would dispute that.
This is a typical carrot-and-stick policy, which can be redeemed with a lot of money or resisted with a lot of knives.
There is no third option.
It is not easy for businessmen to earn so much money and take so much land, and many people’s land depends on their business. The raw material of business is that land was originally owned by their own families, but now it has become a country that has to spend money to buy it.
No one would be happy with so many business achievements for no reason.
However, it seems that businessmen have no choice before the carrot and stick policy.
"Isn’t it too much to do so?"
A businessman who felt a serious psychological imbalance said, "My family’s land depends on the current business. Taking away a lot of land means that I will buy raw materials in the future and spend more money and spend a lot of money for no reason. How can I do this business?"
"There is also consideration for your big problem."
Lin Jingchun pointed to the businessman and said, "Because of this problem in the former Central Plains, the great emperor has issued a decree. It is because people with close land and business ties like you can apply to the big government."
Apply for a part of land enough to support your business scale to produce raw materials. After the big government examines your application, it will be approved as appropriate, so you can make this part of land produce, so you can produce it by yourself or hire someone to produce it, but you need the government to put it on record.
Your production is not a tenant, but a tenant and a landlord, which will be completely abolished. You need to pay them wages regularly and quantitatively, and the wages must not be lower than the standard set by the government. "
Chapter 1172 What do you want so much money for?
The policy of land and land has caught Quanzhou businessmen off guard and they don’t know how to deal with it
It’s the first time for them to face such a thing, and it’s the first time for them to face the court and truly safeguard the interests of the bottom people, which is very unaccustomed to them.
In the past, the imperial court preferred to work with them to make poor people’s money, and occasionally met one or two so-called people who loved the country as honest officials and didn’t want to make poor people’s money, and they would be transferred soon.
Because the property of this imperial court is to make poor money with big families, it is the so-called scholar-officials sharing the sky.
However, the imperial court in Zhongdu seems to be totally different. Don’t make money from poor people, but insist on them.
This makes businessmen feel very uncomfortable.
At this moment, most of their patrons are finished, and many of them are Zhao Songzong’s younger brothers. It is when they want to break away from the shackles and develop, but the government comes up with such a move.
The questioner was very depressed.
"Department hall this …"
"There is also land that can not be applied mainly depends on the scale of local agricultural production. If there are local farmers who need land to grow food, then the merchants should stay away from the land they apply for. The land should be mainly applied to farmers and the surplus land will be delivered to the merchants."
Lin Jingchun grinned and said that businessmen were even more reluctant to hear it.
"Forest hall is this …"
"This is the imperial court’s mandatory requirement that all commercial land should be re-evaluated in the future. There are too many irregularities in the original Jiangnan land, and this time it should be sorted out clearly."
Lin Jingchun shook his head. "The first thing in the land is to grow enough food for everyone to eat, and there is plenty of food instead of other things. Eating is always the first thing. I hope you can understand and don’t do irrational things."
Businessmen feel cold again.
At this time, some more sophisticated foreign businessmen also heard something was wrong.
A foreign businessman with brown hair and brown eyes raised his hand and asked Lin Jingchun questions.
"Lin Butang, you just said that all commercial land should be reassessed. What do you mean?"
He speaks quite standard Chinese. Lin Jingchun understood it and nodded his head for sure.
Literally, all the edible agricultural areas that are not planted with grain, fruits and vegetables should be evaluated and judged whether to continue to make or take back the agricultural road.
"That one thousand is …"
"I know what you want to ask, and I will give you an affirmative answer."
Lin Jingchun said without hesitation, "Even if the buyer you need may be involved in commercial land, it must be evaluated. The first thing for a big country is to ensure that no one will starve to death and would rather not do business if this goal is not achieved."
If you want to buy something, the quantity may not be as large as it is now, and the price may fluctuate. I hope you will be prepared because it is impossible to shake your determination to safeguard the national appetite. "
Boy, you can say that. It seems that the problem is really serious
At that time, both local businessmen and foreign businessmen showed a very dignified expression.
China does not kill people indiscriminately, but all policies are directed at them.
And whether these policies will be implemented or not, and whether there is room for discussion is also on the table.
They can’t help but begin to miss the time when the Southern Song Dynasty ruled them.
What is agriculture when you can get money during the Southern Song Dynasty? What is food? What is human life?
That was their favorite golden age.
But it seems that all this can’t go back.
It’s like a sunshine bubble, like a dream, colorful but fleeting.
It’s gone
Of course, if there is no anti-urbanization and restrictions on business, it is the government’s established strategy to put the financial bubble caused by the false business prosperity in the Southern Song Dynasty back on track, which is what we should do in this era.
There is not enough productivity to produce enough business. Why do you need so much money?
You like inflation that much?