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Chapter 40 Meet the ghost laugh again
? Liu Pojun has rested for a long time in the ground and finally has the strength to move around. He just forced the secret method to upgrade, and the disadvantages have been completely revealed. Now his practice has fallen to the late stage of the martial arts division, and the recovery speed of the true qi is much less than usual. However, with Lin Sheng’s help all the way, the speed of the two people is not very slow.
All the way, Liu Pojun understood what Lin Sheng said just now. He now sees those three-eared rabbit-headed longhorned monkeys, and their expressions are almost the same as when Lin Sheng first entered the forest of death.
"How did you say these guys grow up? This doesn’t make sense! Why do you think rabbits have three ears? " Liu Pojun asked.
"I don’t know where this is. I don’t know what the reason is for those monsters who have lived for hundreds of years, but I guess it has something to do with the environment here. Men come in all year round or are killed by the giant when they come in. This special situation without human influence has changed constantly."
"Well makes sense! But can these things be eaten? We ran in. Don’t starve to death instead of being killed by the giant. That would be a shame! " Liu Pojun said half jokingly and half seriously.
"Don’t worry, there is a kind of snake that can be eaten and starved to death." Lin Sheng laughed.
"That’s good. I’m worried about what we eat bark every day. In that case, we might as well rush out and fight Lu Chaofeng and them."
"hmm? Wait! Someone! Don’t go out! " Lin Sheng with the wave holding breath novel way
At this time, Lin Lai’s footsteps are sparse. Listening to this sound, there are probably six or seven people coming near here in the forest.
"I didn’t expect them to dare to come in and search, but they are quite fast!" LiuPojun face pitfalls said.
"No, I don’t think it’s Lu Chaofeng who listens to this sound. They can’t spread their troops so widely to find us. These people are not enough for us to warm up!" Lin Sheng shook his head and said
"It should be those small mercenary groups who probably came to me."
"Who told you so valuable! See where you go, people are coming to catch you! " Liu Pojun jokes
"Ha ha, valuable is valuable, but you have to consider whether the strength is enough. There are neither experts in the town nor fewer people like them. Isn’t this a long life?" Lin Sheng noncommittally said
"Come on, let’s go and see what the sacred party actually dares to run to the heart of the forest of death." Lin Sheng and Liu Pojun stopped hiding and walked towards the group of people, who were also horses, and found that both of them were taking up arms and being on guard.
Lin Sheng and Liu Pojun walked in and saw that it was seven people. It seems that Lin Sheng’s perception of God has also increased a lot since he broke through to the late Wu Ling.
"hmm? How are you? " Lin Sheng was taken aback when he saw the leader.
"Why? Do you know them? " Liu Pojun asked.
"Ha ha, it seems that we are really predestined friends." Lin Sheng pondered and stared at the leader in front of him. This leader met the robber head with Duan Xin when he first came out of the mountain that day.
The robber recognized Lin Sheng with a ghost smile. For this amazing teenager, he still remembers seeing Lin Sheng smiling and looking at himself with a ghost smile. But then he became a horse and calmed down. After all, he used to be a killer. This self-control ability is still very strong.
"It turned out to be this young Xia. I was taught by young Xia that day. Now we have turned over a new leaf and stopped doing that bandit thing. Now we are working as mercenaries outside that Cangshan city, which is one of our own efforts."
"Oh, so you are also looking for that Wang Lin?" Lin Sheng said with a smile, it’s getting more and more interesting. Why are the former bandits involved? It’s really …
"Yes, this time we are looking for the Wang family to offer a reward to Wang Lin. If we find him, my brothers will take over the life even if we have a landing." The ghost said with a smile, but I don’t know if this is the one they want to find Wang Lin.
Aside LiuPojun heart that laugh and want to laugh and brimming with as funny as that.
"Young Xia, you must have come to see this Wang Lin, too. Young Xia, it must be easy to meet that Wang Lin!" Ghost laugh or continue to flatter without knowing it.
"Then you can know what Wang Linchang looks like? You just blindly look for it here, even if you meet it, you don’t know it? " Lin Sheng is still grinning and said
"I really don’t know this, but it’s estimated that no one else dares to come in this dead forest. You can be sure that it’s Wang Lin when you meet a pending list."
"Ha ha you are clever" Liu Pojun laughed.
"Then guess what my name is?" Lin Shengwang a face of ingratiating smile ghost smile said
"This is really not done. May I ask your name, young Xia?" Ghost smile suddenly felt wrong and asked carefully
"Hehe, it’s ridiculous to find someone for a long time and now he’s in front of you and you don’t know him!" Aside LiuPojun finally couldn’t help it. "
"ah! Is young Xia Wang Lin? " Ghost laugh finally came in vain, but I still can’t believe it and asked 1
"Yes, I am Wang Lin! How? You want to arrest me now? " Lin Sheng looked at ghost smile light said
"No,no. If I had known you were Wang Lin, I wouldn’t have dared to arrest you even if you lent me a dare!" Ghost smile hurriedly explained
"Come on, I don’t think you have the guts. Go and finally don’t let me meet you again." Lin Sheng said with a wave at the ghost smile.
Lin Sheng looked at Lin Sheng and looked at Liu Pojun beside Lin Sheng. Suddenly, he was surprised that his strength in the later period of the martial arts master was actually unable to see through his repair. It seems that this is also a master of Wu Ling period next to him! This Liu Pojun came to fix Wu Ling’s period. Although the secret method forced him to fix it, he lowered it, but his god knowledge power is still Wu Ling’s level. This ghost laugh is naturally incomprehensible.
Ghost laugh at this time, my heart is playing a small abacus. More than 20 people are fooling around in Cangshan City, even a generation can’t make it out. But if you follow the young man in front of you, it will be different. This young man is young and has such a revised future. It’s limitless to follow him now. It’s far more precious to curry favor with him later than to wait for him to get rich. Although it’s a little risky to follow him now, how is it possible to have a high return without any risk? There will always be no lunch in this world! Yes, let’s do it!
Ghost smile is finally determined to follow Lin Shenggan.
"Wang Shaoxia, it’s useless for us to go back like this now. If we don’t abandon me, we’ll go on business!" Ghost smile crouched half kneeling said
"Oh?" This is beyond Lin Sheng’s expectation. In his view, he is now a clay idol crossing the river, but he still dares to take refuge in himself. However, he really needs to establish his own power when he is alone.
However, in order to build their own power, not all people take orders and demand nothing. It is really at the critical moment that some people who are weak and afraid of death will bring trouble to themselves.
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Chapter 49 embryonic form of power
? Chapter 49 embryonic form of power
Lin Sheng looked at half kneeling in front of him and didn’t know how to decide at the moment. To tell the truth, the more than 20 people who repaired the ghost laughter were still barely satisfactory. I still looked at the past and it was a little better than the average mercenary. Lin Sheng really wanted to accept them. After all, now is an extraordinary period, one more person will have more strength, but now he is facing a huge family to kill him. Collecting them is likely to let them die here!
Lin Sheng asks himself that he is not a mother-in-law. He has no pity for the enemy. This can be seen from the number of mercenaries he has killed these days. But if he really laughs at these people, he will be considered one of his own people. He still cannot bear to ruin their lives like this.
Aside from Liu Pojun, seeing Lin Sheng hesitate so much, he hurriedly pulled the corner of Lalinsheng to signal him that this is a good thing and a bad thing. In his view, this ghost laugh is not bad, and they are all robbers. When these people face enemies, it is cruel and they are very good at fighting for their lives. If these people join, the chances of them getting out will be greatly increased.
Lin Sheng ignored Liu Pojun hint but continued
"I can accept you, but now you may also know that I am still being chased by others. If you follow me, you will be implicated. I hope you will reconsider carefully. I am willing to follow me. I welcome you and don’t want to make a gesture. I can go now. I can also give you some travelling expenses." Lin Sheng took out some loose money tickets and said that he spent 200,000 Lingbi from the old beggar to buy the sculpture. The remaining one million money tickets have not been spent here. When Lin Sheng was in Duan Jia’s palace, he just asked Duan Xin to take it. I converted them into some 101,000, 1,000 and 101, but most of them are 101. After all, what is the face value of shopping and eating at ordinary times? There are small businesses and no room to find.
Looking at Lin Sheng promised to take them in ghost smile is very happy and said
"I immediately called other brothers to come over. I believe they are all willing to follow you, Wang Shaoxia."