When the leader of the Ministry was the last to be present, the meeting also started.

Li Chu sat and listened for a long time before he understood what the meeting was about today.
He thinks it’s still a matter of the medicine tossing out.
Many countries put pressure on China through an organization such as WHO, believing that Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine or even those prescriptions should be published, and everyone should jointly evaluate a standard.
Listen, those experts in the front row talked big, and Li Chu felt that his body’s wild power could hardly be suppressed. He had lived for more than 40 years and never wanted to spray people like today.
He turned to look around at the evil fire that suddenly crushed his heart.
Some people look as black as the bottom of the pot, some people are worried, and some people have a full face, otherwise they nod their heads, and I don’t know if he agrees with those people or what.
Just Lin Sanshou also looked at him at this moment, his face was calm, but his eyes were very angry.
"Are you coming or should I?"
"Uncle Shi, be calm and listen again."
An expert in the front row soon finished, and his speech was very enthusiastic.
To sum up, his speech is to support Chinese medicine to go global and all countries to participate, so as to promote the better and faster development of Chinese medicine.
There’s nothing wrong with this at first glance, but I can’t think about it carefully. Li Chu wants to go over there and knock his head open to see if it’s all rice fields.
At this time, the leader of National Taiwan University said, "Let’s discuss the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Why don’t we see experts in traditional Chinese medicine speak? Why don’t you also talk about it?"
After the leader spoke, many people in the field of Chinese medicine began to speak, including doctors who have worked for a generation, presidents of Chinese medicine colleges, researchers who specialize in Chinese herbal medicine, and even people who are responsible for cultivating Chinese herbal medicine
I can see that the Ministry is still hiring people this time. Although some people didn’t come, they covered all aspects.
These people have their own reasons for agreeing and objecting. Generally speaking, they speak enthusiastically and moderately.
Chapter four hundred and twelve Open spray
But when Lin Sanshou took the microphone and began to speak, the style of painting suddenly changed. He opened his mouth and asked an expert sitting in the front row.
"I heard that a certain achievement has just been developed in your college laboratory recently. Can you publish the specific experimental steps?"
The expert was anxious when he heard it. His college also pointed to this multi-point research. Besides, the research has not been completely completed. What if it is published and someone else picks the peach?
"Why should the research in our college be published?"
"How do you know what to say now?"
In just two sentences, there was no stupid person in the whole venue. Everyone understood what Lin Sanshou was trying to express.
Sitting next to Li Chu, he smiled gently and stretched out his hand and took the microphone from Lin Sanshou. The pressure can’t let Martial Uncle carry him alone, and he can’t carry it. Come on.
Besides, the old man is old. What if he is angry at some point?
When Li Chu took the microphone, the experts, both on the podium and in the front row, looked up to hear what this man could say.
"Ahem, leaders and comrades, I said my opinion on this matter.
First of all, I definitely support a doctor of Chinese medicine to let Chinese medicine go global. I definitely hope that Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine will develop better and better. "
His sentence "doctor of traditional Chinese medicine" made everyone smile, and even some people laughed.
Even the leaders of the rostrum smiled and shook their heads.
You’re a Chinese medicine doctor. You’re a bit of a big name.
Take this opportunity to Li Chu also stopped and took a sip of water from the cup in front of him to see that it was quiet. This just went on to say
"I just saw how many comrades laughed. Am I wrong? Aside from the question of who to see a doctor, I am indeed a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. I also live by craft, okay?
Ok, let’s not talk about this. Then I said earlier that some comrades said that the technology in Europe and the United States is more developed than ours, and we have more money to let them get involved, which can make Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine develop faster and better.
Many places in our country are indeed inferior to those developed countries in Europe and America, and I don’t deny this fact at this time.
But is this an excuse for our generation to give away what we have inherited for thousands of years?
I just saw many experts and scholars sitting in the front row, almost all of whom came back from studying abroad. I want to ask you whether those countries in Europe and America will share some of their scientific research achievements with us.
Just now, those people who shouted scientific boundaries are just talking nonsense. Science and technology really have no national boundaries, but it is not developed by people. It still depends on people to show whether this person has national boundaries.
Please don’t make a fool of yourself here when you talk after the children understand the truth, ok? "
No one thought that the front talk has been light and Li Chu suddenly broke out.
Sitting on the rostrum, Vice Minister Cheng raised his hand and stroked his forehead. He knew that this product would never be handled with care. If he didn’t spray a few words, it wouldn’t be him at all.
Next to him, a deputy minister turned his head and looked at the big leader sitting in his eyes. He gave an inquiring look, which meant whether it was necessary to interrupt Li Chu’s speech
The big leader shook his head quietly and gently. He knew this was inevitable from inviting Li Chulai to attend the meeting, but this is exactly what he wanted. Some people danced a little too happily and wagged their tails a little too fast for their Lord.
And those experts and scholars in the front row, some of them turned their heads and glared at Li Chu, and some of them blushed like monkeys and bowed their heads, embarrassed to look at others, which was somehow a little ashamed.
After coming to Li Chu to say these words, he was ready to be stopped, and no one stopped him.
He looked in the direction of the podium and continued to talk to make sure that no one would stop him.
"Chinese medicine or Chinese herbal medicine is our ancestors from generation to generation. Do we have Chinese medicine abroad?
Even if there is, it’s Chinese, right? The local roots can’t become a climate. What criteria for evaluating Chinese medicine need foreigners to intervene? Shouldn’t this standard be what we say? Like now … "
Speaking of which, Li Chu got up and pointed to a front row of the most hilarious expert who just yelled.
"As far as this expert is concerned, I have the impression that you are the vice president of a school of medicine in Shanghai.
I said that you have vertigo, that is, what your western medicine says, hypertension can be felt by all Chinese medicine practitioners, and the conclusion will be the same.
So when we say this, it is the standard. Does this standard have to be said by foreigners before it can be regarded as the standard?
Why do we study things for thousands of years and foreigners can set standards just by looking around?
And how many of those prescriptions are treasures of our nation? Have you given them to foreigners at the touch of your lips?
If you really want to do this, you are a traitor. Bah ~ nothing! "
Speaking of which, Li Chu threw the microphone in his hand to a worker’s hand in the aisle next to him, and then Shi Shiran sat down
He just pointed at the nose and scolded the man. At this moment, his face turned blue and red, and suddenly when his eyes closed, he slipped from the chair.
No one dreamed that such a thing would happen in this venue, and the leaders of the rostrum could not sit still and greet people to see if something really went wrong.