The leopard let out a roar. Everything happened so fast that it was too late to see the flaw. Who are these people? If they are ten campers, they are like breaking out of their own elaborate array. Twenty-one elite security guards can deal with a few unknown guys without blowing off dust.
"My Lord, this drama is really tiring."
In the past, Lin Fengyin suddenly became less domineering and confident, and in the feminine, she complained a little. She just sat down on a stone arm and kept patting her slightly sour legs.
"Who are you?"
"I forgot the business." The leopard opened her eyes and couldn’t believe that she had been dealing with herself all the time. It didn’t make sense to explain that she didn’t want to be cheated by such tricks as windson. "Lu Jun is an unpopular play."
"It’s good to be yourself!" Lin Fengchang breathed a sigh of relief and achieved the goal of confusing his opponents. He changed his identity with Lu Jun from the moment he set out from Beijing. This is also true of Feitianyan. One person knows that the leopard group is suspicious. Lin Fengzao will probably meet people in his usual way of speaking and tone, and of course, the most important thing is to deal with the leopard.
On the day of departure, the backyard of the tenth battalion
"My Lord, what should I do once the other party really does it?" Lu Jun looked at windson with a pitiful face. After all, it was an evil security and there was more than one person.
"No, the other person’s purpose is to trap me. Now I’ll teach you a few simple knife styles. Then you need to do what I taught you. Those people will not dare to do anything else. Let me do it."
"All right, but it must be done quickly."
"Believe in yourself"
"Leopard, what else can you do?"
"I don’t care. If you have the courage, come and have a fair fight with me."
"Fair what is fucking fair? You told me that thirty people are fair to seven people? If it is Lin Feng that you catch at the moment, are you willing to give me and my brother a fair? " Windson glared at the leopard, which made the leopard face up to it.
"admit that I lost."
"You don’t need to tell me that you have to tell everyone outside the valley that the 10 th battalion defeated you. The leopard group depends on whether it is a matter of playing a little trick behind it. If anyone is willing to challenge Windson again, he will always be there."
"I’m not afraid of who will come." Tang Niu shook his fist and flew to the sky. With six people close to the tenth battalion and seven people on the left side, Li Huyou just won the cool breeze valley battle with clever layout.
Xiao, Ray, and Feng Long straightened up one by one. The former reserve camp was humiliated at this moment. Looking at these so-called elites, they were depressed. At that moment, their hearts were more proud. This pride belonged to the 10 th battalion and everyone paid for it.
"Lord Kim, don’t forget to bet a thousand taels with the villain. Lord Lin shouldn’t mind!"
"Of course not, but I’m afraid you will be killed if you lose your identity as an adult, unless you join the Royal Guards Chengshi Camp, Lin Feng guarantees that no one dares to touch you."
"How can such a scary thing be forced to make people think about it?" Lu Jun mostly sang a lot of plays and never changed his tune. Tang Niu shivered and retreated to one side
"Don’t choose your car in life. It’s just a trick. Sometimes there is no way. Give me an answer on three numbers."
"I promise" Lu Jun ha ha a joy would have moved the mind is now windson a scare is more happy.
"Ten Battalions have another good brother."
"Speak well after a pretty boy, or Tang Niu can’t stand you."
"Don’t worry, Lu Jun, the eldest brother of Tang Dynasty, is also a bloody queen."
"Jin Qian please"
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Method of Anticipating the Outcome
It’s a foregone conclusion that the machete in Lin Feng’s hand takes back everything. At the end of the first world war in Qingfeng Valley, there is an implied wisdom and courage competition between the two people. If you don’t rely on Feitianyan to spy on the news of the leopard group overnight, Lin Fenggen doesn’t know that the other party has carefully prepared the phalanx, and there will be no ever-changing drama. Lu Jun joins in.
The leopard has a face of nai, and finally it’s a move. Lin Feng not only understands that people are superficial, but everyone can form a containment on their own elaborate layout, especially the fake Lin Feng. One person almost contains most of the strength of the leopard group, including the outstanding knife method. How many endings the leopard himself once expected? Fast, glorious and proud, including cheers after victory. Everything is completely lost with Lin Feng.
"Windson, you win"
Outside the cool breeze valley, the town governors sit side by side and laugh with each other. From time to time, the corner of the light falls to Taniguchi. The surface of the first world war in the cool breeze valley of the leopard group is an old feud between the leopard and the forest air. In their eyes, the upgrade is that the East and West companies compete for ten times, and the East Company wins nine times. The only opponent who loses that time is also the forest air.
It doesn’t matter what happens in everyone’s mind. What matters is the result. Dongzhen caresses one of the accompanying security guards. The whole person is located at the back of the camp, and a pair of eyes are fixed on Taniguchi through the gap in the crowd.
At that moment, the other person’s face was unpredictable, with three points of surprise, three points of hatred, three points of expectation and a little uneasiness.
If Lin Feng sees what will happen to this person, imagine whether it is an outbreak or silence. One will betray his brother at the expense of interests, and one will get Lin Feng into trouble. Finally, he will cross over to the China special forces nicknamed "chameleon". At this time, the Dragon Group Qianlong and a Royal Guards are the most mysterious and powerful people in the ten groups.
With Gu’s call to stop, the expression of West Town’s face is becoming more and more complicated. It is impossible to win the leopard group with ten battalions and six people. No one wants to lose, especially now that West Town’s company needs an exciting victory to boost its morale. Otherwise, the trial of newcomers is not as simple as failure two months later. Once it defeats itself, the position of West Town’s father will be lost.
"Brother Liu doesn’t worry that there will be a result soon." Dongzhen caresses a face and gently taps Xizhen’s shoulder. From the back, it is even more intimate that they sit side by side. Perhaps it is human nature to always show kindness and generosity in front of people.
"Just for fun"
"Xizhen caresses her generosity."
Dongzhen caresses Gherardini, Xizhen caresses the cold hum, knowing that there is something in each other’s words. At this moment, I don’t want to refute the facts. Sometimes all words are the most powerful.
There are several elements to control a battle: time, location, people and leopard group. Of course, the most important one is the strength of leopard group. The strength of Dongfu Company is the weakest, and it is replaced by Xifu Company Wolf Group, especially the speed of Leopard’s single-handed thunderbolt knife. Although Lin Fengsheng is not calm, one-on-one does not fall in the wind for a short time.
"Come out"
Someone shouted a voice, and in an instant, all eyes fell on Taniguchi, and the leopard was the first to walk out of the moment and cheer. Those who won the bet waved their arms, compared with those who bought ten battalions, and they were depressed one by one. Even if they were prepared, they still had a glimmer of hope. Maybe the leopard group could understand the mood of this leopard group at this moment. The cheers were so harsh at this moment.
"Three thousand two hundred Mr Bro is broken"
Dongzhen caressed a face of proud figure and slowly started to "wait". Xizhen caressed his eyes and stared at Taniguchi, and then walked out of the leopard group. Compared with the leopard, the leopard was depressed and his hands were tied behind him.
"Impossible" Dongzhen opened his eyes wide and the whole crowd was quiet for an instant. He waved his arm halfway and stopped there with his mouth wide open, looking at the incredible scene at Taniguchi.
One is not bad plus thirty leopards. That root is not the winner’s proper posture. Keep your head as low as possible. There is no choice behind your hands. You can accept the humiliation caused by failure.
"Ten battalions and thousands of adults leave the valley"
Tang Niu Taniguchi shouted a voice. The leopard group camp retreated aside. Lin Feng appeared from the inside, not out of being held high by people. Tang Niu and Li Hu crossed their arms. Lin Feng simply sat down and accepted this moment as his own glory. Flying Swallow, Qianbian Opera and others walked out with their heads held high and waited for a heroic welcome.
"It was the tenth battalion of Lin Feng that won."
"It’s incredible."
"I’m lucky I didn’t tear up my gambling ticket this time." Ten times the odds, I looked at the wrong gambling ticket and my eyes flashed. That moment was not as simple as a simple gambling ticket. It was all silver.
Xizhen Fu laughed. "The wind and water have turned this letter. Be sure to remember to send it to Xifu Division for 3,200 yuan."
Dongzhen fondle cold hum a "trust lost only double back, don’t forget the couple’s trial in two months, and then compare well with a high one". Say that finish, I can’t help but look back at the moment when Lin Feng was held high and didn’t notice the hostile eyes of the other party.