Chushan slipped back one after another with an incredible face.

"Small have to admit that you hide deep but you and I just these means? Absolutely! "
Chushan fists a grip mana course single palm split suddenly a front momentum when condensed into a long knife virtual shadow cut open gas towards Sue should be split in the past!
Someone can’t help exclaiming, "It’s amazing to force Chushan to learn how to cut with a knife!"
"Very powerful. This is the famous stunt of King Wu’ an. With this magical power, King Wu’ an has killed many evil spirits and heretics!"
"The power of each style is increased by ten times. I wonder how many styles Chushan has cultivated?"
This unique knife is fierce and fierce, and the air knife is displayed, and all the breath is taken away, and people who can’t fix their minds and moods will be frightened when they see it.
But Su Ying was very calm.
He stood and saw dozens of air knives chopping at him, but he didn’t flash or avoid pointing out the middle finger. Suddenly, a red firm but gentle sword came out, which lasted for dozens of feet, and crashed into each other.
"What magical power is this!" Chushan was shocked way
"I created it myself!" Su Ying smiled and suddenly stepped forward with a smile. "You’ve been hitting me for so long. Now it’s my turn, right?"
Words fall Sue should be weird smile body instantly disappear moment suddenly appeared in front of ChuShan click an Oracle bone African directly buckle ChuShan shoulder.
Chushan’s face changed dramatically, and his left arm swept with a bang, and Su Ying’s right hand bumped together.
Two people actually close combat!
"Grandma Su Xiong exactly? Can crush this king’s egg and even fight in close quarters? Is your head funny? " Not far away, Zhang Jinghong got up and looked at the two of them repeatedly playing in the field and wondered
Bang bang bang!
It’s endless. Su Ying’s struggle with Chushan is a strong leg technique for a while, a mountain and sea boxing classic for a while, a basaltic palm for a while and a perfect golden finger!
His moves are unpredictable, and he even turns his fist into a palm with one hand.
A slight collision between the two men made a sound like Hong Zhong Da Lu.
In a blink of an eye, hundreds of strokes in the past, Chushan was beaten back again and again, and his face was surprised and angry. But when he saw Su Ying, he looked relaxed and remembered that his moves were unpredictable. He immediately roared, "You feed me!"
Su Ying spread out her hands and said, "I still can’t see you!"
"You want to die!"
Chushan was finally completely angered and played for so long. Not only did he always fall off the wind, but did he feed others? Is his heart proud enough to accept it?
Don’t talk nonsense for a moment, the body moves, the palm is covered far away, and a variety of strange textures are covered like rune avenue!
This is a very strong printing method!
When he started this printing method, Su Ying’s whole body seemed to be sticky and stagnant, and even his body’s mana was a little slow.
"mountain seal!"
Chushan drinks this seal and covers Fiona Fang Mu Xu. Although he is Dragon Tiger Four, this seal has the power of Dragon Tiger Six!
Wang Shijiu, a famous scholar, has been fighting and honed for a long time, and a printing method is better than his family brothers, which makes the older generation feel ashamed!
"Good avatar!"
Sue should praise a word, erect your index finger for a moment, and a lux firm but gentle will rise to the sky and turn into a sword mountain. His fingers move lightly, and suddenly the firm but gentle will rush all over the sky, sweeping through the cutting, making it as empty as a fire, rain and dragon.
In the blink of an eye, the printing method of Chushan was cut to pieces!
"How is it possible!"
This time, Chushan Dang was really frightened to disgrace himself. Every kind of magical power can be called Juexue, but in the face of this young man, it was resolved like a breeze and drizzle.
His heart was deeply hit for a moment and he thought, is there such a big gap between them?
However, before he wanted to hear more, Su Ying chuckled, "Your mountain seal is very good. I also have a mountain seal. Please advise me."
He speaks softly and holds his hands on his chest for a moment, and the magic turns like a flood that has been accumulated for a long time and can break through the dam at any time!
For a moment, Su Ying suddenly covered it!
Every time the mountain seal falls, the momentum will double!
Coming to the top of Chushan’s head is as loud as the surging sea in Wang Yang! It seems that even a mountain can be smashed!
Chushan will suddenly breathe out when he sees danger, and his eyes are cold and his whole body’s mana suddenly gushes into his right hand. In a moment, Chushan explodes and drinks "Destroy the Jedi!"
Extinction type 5!
Many people are frightened to disgrace and recognize the origin of Chushan avatar and retreat for fear of being caught by the waves.
As Chushan’s magical power uses his whole person to float slowly, his right hand condenses into a huge gray knife with a length of dozens of feet, and he splits directly at Su Ying’s mountain seal for a moment!
The knife and seal collided and saw a flash in the discerning white light, accompanied by a master of Lei Yin earth-shattering field. At this moment, almost all the eyes were opened and tears flowed from the white light!
And the huge roar shook everyone’s ears and almost no sound was heard!
This is a shocking blow brewed by Chushan’s self-cultivation strength!
White light bursts into poverty like mercury!
The rocks are broken and the waves are huge, and the ground is swept out like a carpet. Many monks are shocked and are afraid to be ground if they get closer!
Smoke and dust are everywhere, and everyone looks at the celestial pole.
A moment later, all the roaring explosions were immersed in the smoke and dust, and Su Ying’s palm was only one centimeter away from Chushan’s forehead.
Sue should be crushed by a little pressure.
However, at this moment, a panic-stricken drink suddenly appeared in the distance