Girl posture appeared sunseeker tong closed his eyes.

After a while, I nodded and said, "I know."
A half knelt down and smiled and said, "Let me return to the temple first."
Sunseeker Tong turned and looked at the little boy. "Thank you for this."
Ah Yi bowed his head. "It’s my honor to be in the temple."
Sunseeker Tong held out his hand and put a head "I will remember you"
A raised his head with joy.
soon afterwards
His body exudes a hazy brilliance and finally shrinks into an irregular spot.
Like a jigsaw puzzle.
Submerged in the palm of the phoenix tree.
Sunseeker tong clenched his palm tightly and felt the palm temperature.
Then turn around.
Facing the heart of the city
soon afterwards
Her voice rang in every corner of the city.
"My fellow citizens"
"Have you all noticed?"
"yes, it has recovered in the beginning."
"He doesn’t want to admit that we are independent individuals."
"He’s recycling us, recycling every member of us."
"He wants to restore his original posture."
around the world
Heaven, sea and earth
On what kind of evil is it?
Whether the level is high or low
They all stop moving.
Show an expression of attentive listening.
The sound of sunstroke is ringing in their hearts.
"A long time ago, he ignored our wishes and let us appear in this world."
"And now he is also ignoring our wishes to recycle our department."
"But we are not beasts."
"We are all individuals"
"We have a choice to walk by ourselves."
"We are not original tools!"
"Pick it up when you want."
"Don’t throw it away!"
"I want to fight the original, and I did fight him."
"But it’s a pity that our method has gained an overwhelming advantage."
"Now I need you to make a choice"
"If you are willing to return and help me, then I allow you to keep your will and continue living in a new heart until the day I face death."
"I won’t insist if you don’t want to, but you should be careful when you come."
"I won’t let you go in the beginning."
"Then choose!"
Chapter 1643 Dawn
Sunseeker tung sound echoed in the heart city.
All the evil spirits around the world are echoing.
Return from the original place
Even if you are slow, you already know it now.
Many gods have escaped the original recycling and even hid in the underground or deep sea.
But they all know that hiding can be temporary.
We should grow stronger in the original place.
one day
On where they hide.
Can absorb them all with the help of a form.
If it is recycled, the will will of course be shattered and erased.