Holding two emperors, the first saint was so powerful that it was unstoppable to even cut several quasi-emperors. Even the dragon holding the emperor at that time slowly receded after seeing the performance of the first saint.

From this, we can see that the first saint is tough, but despite his young achievements, he has reached a point where many people find it difficult to start a business.
This time, Xia Qi and Wu, the first saint, didn’t show up. They were searching for Feather Sky.
Surprisingly, however, during this period, Yu Tian actually seemed to be out of the second world!
Even the first saint didn’t show up when he got the imperial vessel!
This made Xia Qi and Wu, who were looking for feather days, suffer a heavy blow, and they could all look for it in the second day.
It took nearly half a month to search for Yu Tian, but Yu Tian finally disappeared, which made Xia Qi and Wu want to give up.
"Well, it seems that I was with the emperor …"
Wu sighed with a wry smile.
He met Yu Tian several times before Xia Qi wanted to find Yu Tian, but when he deliberately looked for each other, he spent half a month without even seeing a hair on each other.
"Why don’t we go find someone else to own the emperor and grab it directly if the opportunity is good!"
Xia Qi took the black ghost gun, and there was always some debt to Wu, feeling that he didn’t want Wu, so he failed.
"Come on, it’s just an emperor. My master has already told me that when I go out from the next day, he will give me an emperor. Now I don’t need an emperor."
Wu gave a pair of don’t care about sample way
He has a good master, Qing Di, and a younger brother, Emperor Wu Zhundie, who has an imperial weapon. That’s not a strange thing.
You know, Qing Di is a top emperor, and it’s not surprising that he can take out an emperor and give it to a horse.
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-four Hunting feather days
Xia Qi and Wu searched for Feather Day for more than half a month, but one feather day seemed to have left the second day, and they didn’t hear anything about Feather Day for more than half a month.
Although the heart is unwilling, Xia Qi and Wu all continue to search for feather days in vain. There is nothing left. It is better to search for other treasures while the second day is short.
You know, there are many treasures in the second day, and now there are two. If you are lucky enough to find an emperor, it is not impossible.
But just as Xia Qi and Wu were about to give up looking for Feather Day, the news of Feather Day came to the door.
Feather day once again appeared on the second day and told Xia Qi that the news was that Tiandaozong was on the second day.
The trail of Feather Sky was discovered by an ordinary celestial ancestor, but it was Lin Hao who sent this message to Xia Qi.
According to what the younger brother saw, it seems that Feather Day is in a very bad situation and is facing the pursuit, and it seems that people in the holy land of Zi Xia can’t protect him, so he has to flee in panic.
"Feather is fleeing?"
Wu was surprised when he got the news.
Feather day is a statue of quasi-emperor, and it is the top quasi-emperor. Its strength is strong and difficult to compete. Especially, Feather day still holds the emperor’s skyshatter blade, which makes Feather day almost bullying on the second day. How can it be in a mess?
"Haha, maybe I know that Feather is going to run away!"
Unlike Wu puzzled Xia Qi, he was in a good mood and laughed.
"What’s the reason?"
Wu looked at Xia Qi and asked
He really think impassability feather day this hold the emperor quasi emperor in the second day to be reduced to such a miserable situation.
"Don’t you forget that the corpse gods teach the silver-faced emperor!"
Xia Qi smiled and said the name of the Silver Emperor.
"Silver-faced Emperor?"
Wu still looked at Xia Qi puzzled.
Although the Silver-faced Emperor is a corpse cult, the leaders appear frequently here, but they are very low-key, and no one knows that the Silver-faced Emperor was famous at the beginning.
If it weren’t for the personal confrontation with the Silver Face Emperor, Xia Qi was afraid of learning the identity of the Silver Face Emperor
"It’s the leader of resin religion. He was the silver-faced emperor in those days. He didn’t die. He was resurrected again with the help of the corpse and practiced in the realm of quasi-emperor. It is said that only an emperor can let him return to the realm of emperor. He fought with me before, and when I tried to rob him, I finally guided him to feather the celestial body."
Xia qi said with a smile
He didn’t expect to talk to the silver-faced emperor at the beginning. He really remembered that he had gone to the feather day and wanted to snatch the skyshatter blade from the feather day.
"Compared with you, I am still too pure …"
Wu turned supercilious look and said with a smile
In fact, this style is what Wu is best at. If anyone has offended him, Wu will definitely retaliate by any means. It should be said that Xia Qi is too pure compared with Wu.
"But even the silver emperor to feather day seems to also can’t feather day drove so embarrassed! Feather day but holding a fierce emperor’s own strength is also extremely strong for the silver-faced emperor, who used to be the emperor’s quasi-emperor should be able to cope with it. "
Xia Qi frowning slightly puzzled.
He fought with the silver-faced emperor, and he admitted that the silver-faced emperor could really compete without the emperor’s weapon, and the quasi-emperor with the emperor’s weapon could completely restrain the other side’s hand because of his rich experience.
But to say that the silver-faced emperor can suppress the feather day, he has to flee crazily and can’t even help the holy land of Zi Xia. Xia Qi doesn’t believe it from the bottom of his heart.
"Ha ha, you have to worry about this. Let’s just go and have a look!"
Wu laughed unconcerned way
Knowing the whereabouts of Feather Day is a very exciting thing for him.
Get the black ghost gun and feel the power of the emperor, but lose it again. He is very much looking forward to the emperor in his heart. He wants to force the skyshatter blade into his arms and kill all directions.
Very not easy to get the feather day whereabouts news Xia Qi and Wu Ziran dare not delay more directly and quickly rushed in the direction of feather day.
Feather day is now on the run, and the position of feather day will change every second. Even Xia Qi and Wu are now rushing to meet feather day, and the chance is not great.
The strength of the two men is very strong and the speed is fast enough. It doesn’t take a long time to get to the area where Feather was before.
But it was such a short distance that Xia Qi and Wu failed to arrive.
Because there was a change in the middle.
This time it is urgent news!
Entering the second Tianyu Bell with Xiaobai has never been associated with Xia Qi. I have to experience it alone. The Daokun Emperor and his wife asked her to finish it, but now there is an accident!