In addition to danger, of course, it is also rewarding.

Today, I have gained a lot of magic energy by removing the contribution point of Lingshi.
Now the magic energy in Jiuding Magic Furnace has reached 110,000 points, which is enough for Muhai to exchange 11 strengthening potions.
Of course, there are many magical powers.
Removing the harvest residue is stress.
Yi Zonghao bet that Yi Zong’s strength had reached Yuanying in two months and could break through at any time.
To get absolute assurance, you must practice hard.
Finally, there is a chance of winning the magic baby in two months.
Apart from Yi Zonghao’s gambling, some other pressure comes from the killing of Liu Kun’s three presidents.
In the secret service academy, they won’t do anything. Once they go out, maybe the three of them will use various means to kill themselves.
Only with strong strength can you save your life.
Besides, Yang Wendan’s cauldron in Tanaka has always been a stalk in Muhai’s heart.
When the students’ training is completed, we must find a way to pick up Longcheng and see what happened to Yang Wen.
Finally, stay in Longcheng, find out the master behind Yang Wen and kill him.
"Anyway, I haven’t stopped practicing and I haven’t been in a hurry. I sometimes learn the Burmese language now."
Muhai andao nodded his head.
Then he clicked the identity token to reveal a language learning interface.
Muhai directly ordered the Ministry of Language Learning and Divinity of Myanmar to learn from the heart.
The language department of Myanmar is printed in Muhai’s mind, and I can’t forget it.
In fact, Muhai also has plans to learn the Burmese language.
This reason is that it was in Myanmar that Zhou Qinglong bought Longyu Mine.
It’s a good thing that no Lingshi has been mined now. When Lingshi or Lingshi comes out in a few months, I’m afraid that agents all over the world will flock to it and it will become a disaster.
Mu Hai, the owner of Shenlongyu Mine, naturally doesn’t want this to happen.
So it was Zhou Qinglong who blocked the Longyu mine without mining.
Although this method can effectively keep secrets, it is not a long-term solution.
There is no windtight wall in the world. In case the stone owned by Longyu Mine disappears and leaks, it will definitely make people crazy.
You know, even in the secret service academy, all the lingshi are
Middle lingshi is several times stronger than lingshi.
A stone with the same spirit is worth a hundred.
This is the second and most important thing is to increase the cultivation speed of practitioners by several times, but dozens of times.
This is not crazy, not to mention that in the future, the Longyu mine in the world can also extract extremely lingshi.
Studying the Burmese language in Muhai is a preventive measure.
In case someone invades Muhai, he will definitely go to Myanmar to make an example for everyone, so that everyone will be afraid to dare to think about Longyu Mine again.
After a few hours, Muhai stopped his eyes and let out the Burmese language. He had finished learning it well.
"Learn other languages later"
Muhai nodded and learned another language.
The more languages you will learn, the more opportunities you will get when you go out.
In this way, Muhai quickly learned …
Chapter 276 Health Training
The rocky desert is located in the west of Yunling, covering an area of one million square kilometers and has the title of "Dead Sea".
Like Yunling, it is a forbidden area for human beings.
It means you can’t get in and out.
There is little precipitation in the desert, but the evaporation is extremely high.
In the absence of water, it is extremely difficult for even then practitioners to live in it for a few days.
This time, the Devil’s four-life training was chosen in the rocky desert.
At 1: 00 p.m. on March 13th.
"Shout …"
A plane flew across the rocky desert.
This is a large military plane with dozens of people in it.
Mu Hai, Ping Yinghao, Zhao Hu and Yu Tai sat in it.
Few other people are in the sea. They don’t know each other. They are all students from the other three hospitals.
These students looked at the sign of Muhai’s four-person West Courtyard. They couldn’t help but shake their heads slightly, and their eyes were filled with disdain.
Turn a blind eye to these bad eyes, and pay no attention to them.
"Everybody, pay attention to the rules."
"This training will be life-threatening, and now it’s time to quit."
A temple chief coldly looking at a cabin staff said
However, no one moved
"It’s beautiful. You’re so sure."
"You will live in the rocky desert for seven days, and the college will not help you. Even if you are besieged by monsters, no one will save you. Everything can depend on the players around you."
"In addition to getting the secret service team established, you also need to get the secret service team token. There are four tokens distributed all over the rocky desert."
"That is to say, your 20 teams are competing for four secret service token houses. You need to guard against, search and so on in addition to life. It depends on your mastery of secret service skills."
"Once again, warn not to trust anyone except your own team members, or you will regret it."
"Which team can complete the agent before the identity token union if it gets the agent team token first"
The officer said a lot, and all the students listened carefully
"All right, get ready to parachute. All members of the Dark Moon Team come here," said the officer.
Soon, several students who were marked by the North Yard went to the engine room and hit them, and they jumped in turn.