This is indeed the case. One reason why Xu Feng will not be afraid of death now is that there is still a chance to live without telling others that Xu Rui has a share. Because when he first entered the Millennium Mirror, he specially told Xu Rui not to help others to revive things too early, otherwise he would have appeared beside Xu Rui.

One thing is that now that he is a statue, it means that he will be resurrected again. Even if the consumption of these years makes his statue worse, it is not reborn. He can have it.
After struggling for a while, Xu Feng made a decision, and his momentum suddenly soared. But at this time, he found himself in a cave when his eyes were dark and bright, and he found himself in a cave when his horizon was restored.
Before the professional seal can see the situation clearly in the cave, there are two strong winds that attack him from the left and right sides respectively, because he has just come out of the Millennium mirror and is ready to blow himself up. Some professional seals have no reaction, and one of the attacks actually hit him directly.
I didn’t see who attacked me clearly. The professional seal was directly hit out of the cave. As soon as his front foot was shot out, Hu Yingxue also appeared in the cave. There is a big difference. The professional seal was kicked out and Hu Yingxue rushed out by himself.
It turned out that just at that moment, I went into a deep sleep behind the separation of good and evil. Before I woke up, I found that a guy was going to blow himself up in the mirror. I didn’t want to let the dreamland of the mirror collapse under his influence, so I immediately threw the professional seal out.
I really don’t know whether to sympathize with Xu Feng’s luck, or whether it’s just that when bad things are done too much, Xu Feng has started the self-explosion mode. You know, once this mode is started, it is irreversible, that is to say, no matter how much you regret, Xu Feng has to continue to complete the self-explosion
Although Xu Feng’s strength has shrunk a lot, it should also have the same strength as Jin Xian. If he is allowed to blow himself up in the valley for less than a kilometer, he will be bombed and there will be nothing left to see how Xu Rui’s body and breath will be kicked out. Someone will immediately pick up the stick and continue to kick people.
When Hu Yingxue ran out of the cave behind him, Xu Feng had just been kicked into the hurricane valley, and found that he was still in the hurricane valley. He wanted to rush out of the valley directly, and Hu Yingxue stopped and kicked him out of the hurricane valley.
There is a feeling that I will be sent out by the Millennium Mirror, and it should be caused by the professional seal. Because of this feeling, she kicked her foot and drew a particularly long parabola in the middle, which actually fell directly outside the scope of the card set up by Heiyao and others.
Kick fly Xu Feng Hu Yingxue saw a group of people outside the hurricane valley, and when she saw her black glory, she lost a treasure bag for her "to be prepared by the teacher and the teacher."
I stopped to kick the professional seal before, but I didn’t do it for some time. I didn’t do anything before, but I found that I seemed very nervous. I didn’t want to say much. Hu Yingxue could throw in a hurry, "We’ll talk later."
Say that finish before black Yao responded to Hu Yingxue Marten and found Mu Tianxuan in the east, Wei Chihan Yu in the west and Li Feng in the north, and she rushed to the south. That direction was just the direction in which the professional seal was kicked out by her. She galloped over there and passed by the professional head that was about to land.
Before, I just felt that I didn’t have a chance to come out of the Millennium mirror before I wanted to blow myself up. Who ever thought that I had already started the self-explosion mode and would be thrown out? Seeing that I was free from the shackles of the Millennium mirror, he had already changed his fate by himself.
As luck would have it, the place where Xu Feng fell was a carefully hidden camp, and the people in the camp happened to be his son Xu Rui. When he saw that there was a deity in it, Xu Feng immediately shouted, "Break my Qi Hai point quickly!"
I found that someone had fallen, and Xu Rui’s group of hands were nervous. When I heard Xu Feng’s propaganda, someone consciously wanted to do what he ordered, but when the weapon was raised in his hand, I suddenly woke up and found that the fallen person was very similar to their demon Lord, so I dared not attack again.
At this time, Hu Yingxue passed by the end of the professional head. It seems that no one can make a white professional seal to suppress the body riots. When Yuan Xufeng was annoyed, he looked up and saw that she immediately raised her hand and hit Hu Yingxue. Who wants to see him attack Hu Yingxue? Hu Yingxue hasn’t dodged, but the people in the camp are scattered.
Seeing the reaction of all the people in the camp, Xu Feng saw the follower Hu Yingxue moving and robbing the cloud. Immediately, there was another surge of qi and blood. Just raising my hand to attack Hu Yingxue was the limit. At this time, he could watch the flash split on himself.
Hu Yingxue’s crossing is to cross the God’s robbery and thunder order, of course, it is close to the God’s order. Although Xu Feng has previously repaired himself to the level equivalent to Jin Xian, it is good to condense his physical strength in the Millennium Mirror. This warning component is mostly robbery and thunder can’t bring him harm.
Not being chopped into slag doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any effect on the professional seal. Lei’s unique numbness instantly eroded all corners of his body, which made his previous efforts to suppress the body riot force become a success. The body force lost its suppression and immediately erupted with the volcano that had been brewing for a long time
Listen to a loud bang Hu Yingxue couldn’t help looking back. Just now, she didn’t see that professional seal wanted to sneak attack her. She didn’t pay attention to knowing that Jieyun wouldn’t let herself attack when it was not ready. Sure enough, professional seal stole chickens and costly, and gave him Mi Jielei and let him blow himself up.
Hu Yingxue moved very fast when the professional seal blew itself up. The range of the wave was almost crushed. air billow washed it down. She stopped when she heard the sound, and it became very heavy. She turned her head and looked around and found that there were no Tibetans around, so she fell there at a glance.
Hu Yingxue spent a lot of energy in destroying the group of professional seals. First, he grabbed the array flag and laid out the array around him very neatly. Then he took out three Dan medicines from the inside and swallowed them. Then he immediately opened the array and meditated to digest those Dan medicines.
When Hu Yingxue and Du Jie seized the opportunity to restore their strength and physical strength, the hurricane valley became a mess. The mirror spirit threw the professional seal and Hu Yingxue out of the mirror, and then threw out the hands that had not been killed. Those people were not good people at first sight. Now the wind roared the beast, and the king did not continue to watch his grandson Du Jie, leaving him a god-like beast to protect Li Feng and bring other wind roared beasts back to the valley to clear them.
Besides, those Xurui hands who fled because they saw Xufeng shooting at Hu Yingxue were not involved in Xufeng’s self-explosion when they ran for a long time, but now they are going to go back and see if Xufeng has left anything. Luke and a group of people suddenly blew themselves up together, and there was no sign at all before. Many people here were all confused about Xufeng’s self-explosion note, and they also squeezed the sweat for choosing Hu Yingxue in Du Jie over there.
Chapter 459 Crisis?
That group of people have the lowest level of fairy, and the destructive power of self-explosion together is almost twice as powerful as that of professional seal. The formation of riot aura is frightening. air billow will crush around and rush to Hu Yingxue’s place in a moment
When I saw this, I was responsible for giving Hu Yingxue the custodian of Heiyao and others Marten, but when they were going to rush there with the risk of being struck by lightning, they found that those air billow seemed to have encountered stronger reasoning and abruptly responded with a 100-degree turn.
"Master said that Younger has made great achievements in Dandao, but he didn’t say that she has made great achievements in the array." Heiyao raised his hand and touched the bar. "My younger sister is so powerful and it feels so stressful to be a senior."
When I heard this, everyone around Heiyao wanted to give him a supercilious look. He said that his mouth was full of pressure, but his mouth was stuck up. This is not distress and pressure, but he is showing off.
Hu Yingxue can be said to know nothing about the array. It is better to say that she is good at it than that she is lucky and has a good memory. She is so lucky that she has always had array experts around her, so she needs to remember the array method.
It is also the fate that restored the memory. Hu Yingxue found that Yan Hui and other close disciples and several of her apprentices have their origins.
For example, Yu Cai and Xia Qing were friends in ancient times, and they were able to win many battles at that time. These two men’s laws and symbols can play a lot.
It’s just like when she laid the array around herself, it was given by the blue sky Buddha Yucai. On that occasion, she broke through Ma Tianqi when she got cold feet and was about to fall, but she was injured all over. At that time, Yucai gave this array to her, so she would not be able to resist the apocalypse and had a thrilling time.
This time, the flag order is far less effective than that of the flag array at that time, but even if the effect is not as good as that of the first thousand, Hu Yingxue also believes that it is enough for her to survive this time, and she is not worried about those who rushed to air billow, so naturally she will not pay attention to it.
Hu Yingxue was very calm and continued to recover Yuanli Xurui, but he made everything around him into dust. The people next to him didn’t dare to breathe. At the same time, he was secretly glad that the demon Lord liked to shoot things in a bad mood and never took a precedent with the people next to him. He was puzzled that Xurui suddenly went on the rampage.
In fact, Xu Rui didn’t look so good before the sudden violence. The reason is that Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu are crossing the god’s bullet. Xu Rui’s further advancement should also usher in the god’s bullet. For more than 200 years, he has always found an opportunity to make progress on his side, but there are two enemies, Du Jie. How can he not be stimulated?
It was very exciting to find that his father was kicked out of the hurricane valley, and Xu Feng blew himself up. He could see clearly that even if he could grasp the wisp of spirit in the soul lamp, Xu Rui would be reborn again, and Xu Rui was still torn apart.
Although I can’t blame his group of hands for not stopping it, he was in urgent need of venting his anger. After seeing those people running, he turned back and guessed their thoughts. He immediately gave the mother a method to let those people control their body to explode.
New hatred and old hatred add up together. Xu Rui hates Hu Yingxue. Those people blew themselves up, even if they couldn’t let Hu Yingxue fall, they would have a lot of influence on her, only to find that not only did they not affect Hu Yingxue, but they seemed to be easily resolved.
I smashed Xu Rui’s head and recovered a little bit. I wanted to sit down, but I found that my chair had turned into a pile of powder. The person next to me had a good eye, and the price might have been exercised by him. The horse took out a new chair and sent it to the past to set it up.
Not only did I give the chairs and seats, but I also rearranged them and set up spiritual wine, tea and snacks in the noodles according to Xu Rui’s preference. Xu Rui has no desire to eat now, but he is still satisfied with the people who rearranged things and raised his hand to give some rewards.
Picking up the teacup and taking a sip, Xu Rui asked, "What happened to those guys sent by Xuexie?"
Smell speech next to someone immediately came out and answered, "Report to my Lord has just received news that they are moving to that place, and two groups of people have exposed their whereabouts and are under siege at this time."
Xu Rui put the teacup "Where are we?"
Or did the man answer, "A team trying to get close to the man was found to have been destroyed."
Xu Ruiwei narrowed his eyes. "It seems that the people staring at her with blood are also focusing on protecting her. So it seems that it is possible that a boundary bead in the nether world is placed on her body."
Hearing this, Xu Rui’s eyes are a little excited. Although the boundary beads may have nothing to do with their shriveled bones, they can make the blood block up. Both Xu Rui and Xu Rui have already torn their faces. It is a good thing to block him up.