It doesn’t prove that Mo Yifan has any thoughts about Ying Xue at this time, but it is the wrong time and place that has caused him special trouble.

Mo Yifan tried hard to resist his impulse, but the effect didn’t seem to be obvious. Although he didn’t make any big mistakes, it seemed impossible for him to concentrate on the treatment.
He sighed and thought that his mind was still not strong enough, but he had to grab the bedside towel and cover it gently in the snow to hide her beautiful body quietly.
Ying Xue felt a slight warmth and felt that she was covered with something, but her shyness was slightly reduced. However, she was very puzzled by Mo Yifan’s actions and couldn’t help but open her eyes in surprise and asked Mo Yifan if it meant a big question mark.
Mo Yifan couldn’t see the soft and charming body that made him jumpy, and his look changed a lot. Seeing Ying Xue coming over, he smiled and explained that I had finished examining your wound. You can also do it through the bath towel when you come for treatment. You should pay attention to it. Don’t touch whatever discomfort you feel, you know? Besides, I hope you can promise me that you can’t treat anyone today. Can you keep it absolutely confidential?
Later, Mo Yifan needs to use his own power for treatment, which is definitely a shocking thing for ordinary people. Although Mo Yifan believes that Ying Xue’s personality is unlikely to talk nonsense about it, it is better to be careful first.
Ying Xuewen’s eyes are full of splendor. He had already guessed that Mo Yifan was not an ordinary doctor. Even if she was shot three times, the highland doctor couldn’t let her wound heal overnight. Therefore, her heart has been suspicious and I don’t know what magic method Mo Yifan had. Now when I heard Mo Yifan’s instructions, I was more convinced that Mo Yifan, a magical doctor, couldn’t help but add a few minutes to his confidence. When I think about it, I don’t want to immediately nod my head and promise not to reveal what happened today.
Mo Yifan smiled with satisfaction and didn’t say anything, but there was nothing strange about it. Suddenly, he calmed down and slowly closed his eyes, and his breathing became more and more long and steady. After a good half-day, he didn’t move-he seemed to be asleep.
Ying Xue wondered what Mo Yifan was doing, but it was not easy to move. wait for a while looked at Mo Yifan’s serene face and waited quietly.
During the long wait, I don’t know if it was because of her nervousness. She felt some strange itchy feelings in three wounds, and then this feeling spread to her throat, as if a feather had crept into her throat and kept scratching there.
This kind of taste is really hard to say. She wants to cough and scratch her throat, but she thinks that Mo Yifan has just told her to be forced to endure it. Although Mo Yifan seems to have not treated her yet, she must be preparing now. She doesn’t want to disturb Mo Yifan because of her temporary discomfort.
Fortunately, she has endured inhuman torture in that horrible desert island for more than ten years. She has suffered from this little discomfort and can’t cause her too much trouble. She just gritted her teeth and survived.
After about ten minutes, Mo Yifan finally took a long breath and slowly opened his eyes.
Ying Xue Mo Yifan was in a state of adjustment just now. It seems that she has to be treated now. I don’t know what will surprise her. I can’t help but look forward to it and get nervous.
All right, get up
Mo Yifan clapped his hands in the expectation of Ying Xue, but he was very exaggerated and stretched himself out, showing a tired look.
Ying Xue doesn’t know what Mo Yifan suddenly refused to heal herself, but she was born with a pair of external softness and rigidity. For those who are pregnant with her, she can’t wait to spread all her tender feelings on each other’s bodies. Even if she doubts about each other’s demands, she won’t refuse, so she still sat up happily, but her big flashing eyes kept blinking at Mo Yifan.
Why are you looking at me like this? Just say what you want. Mo Yifan knew that Ying Xue was full of questions at this time when she saw her, so she patted her half-naked shoulder and said encouragingly, I don’t care about you, or I’m afraid my medical skills are not high enough. You can just say what you want to say.
Ying Xue really wants to ask questions and see Mo Yifan, so she immediately turned to find a pen and paper. Who knows that Mo Yifan grabbed her sweet shoulder and turned her charming body back, staring at her watery eyes as beautiful as a clear spring with a low head, saying word by word, I want you to speak your mind in your own voice, and you can do it.
Ying Xue’s heart is even more difficult to understand. I don’t know what Mo Yifan is doing again. My heart is anxious to find a pen and paper to write down my doubts or express my feelings in sign language with both hands. However, Mo Yifan’s hands are like iron tongs, and she can’t even lift her arms.
She didn’t even get rid of her heart after earning a few times, so she couldn’t help but blurt out a name for you.
Her voice was just a mouthful, and she suddenly felt shocked. Mo Yifan’s hands were off her shoulders, and her arms recovered their ability to act. She immediately raised her hand and covered her mouth with horror and stared at the eyes with a calm smile. Mo Yifan’s weak and charming body kept shaking with difficulty.
Mo Yifan knows that the mood in Yingxue must have reached its climax at this time. This kind of great sadness is very easy to hurt the body. If it can’t be well channeled, it may leave the root of the disease. So he quickly grabbed Yingxue’s soft waist and said softly, yes, I have just healed your throat. Well, you don’t understand, but you should feel an itch in your throat. That is that I am transforming your shape. You are so good that you didn’t even move. It’s really amazing, but now you are really recovered. I mean, Don’t get too excited now. Try to speak slowly with me. Word by word, you know that you have never spoken since you were born. Now that your pronunciation organs have recovered, you often have to start from the beginning. Well, just take your time with me now. Let’s talk about me one word at a time, okay?
Ying Xue’s mood gradually stabilized in Mo Yifan’s words like spring breeze and rain, and she wiped a corner of her eye with tears and said softly, five
No, not five, me.
Well, it’s much better this time, but it’s still not up to standard. It should be me. At the end, I need a little turning sound.
Great. You can become an announcer in CCV in this way in standard Mandarin. Let’s have another word for you.
I don’t know why Mo Yifan loves this poor girl killer as much as she loves little Jenny, and is more loving and patient with her. He has taken pains to help Ying Xue speak more smoothly and more profitably, and gradually he has been able to say some comparative sentences. Although compared with ordinary people, it is still obviously weird and stuttering, it is quite difficult to reach this level for the first time, and Ying Xue is even more excited. For her, the greatest desire in this life is to be able to speak like an ordinary person, and now her willingness has been realized.
Brother Xiao Mo, didn’t you say you were going to treat my gunshot wound? Why did you cure me of my dumb illness? Is it because there is no way to get rid of my three meat balls?
Girls are all eager to love beauty, and they are also poor in English snow. Even if they say a word in this life, they will be willing even if they die immediately. But now they can finally express their meaning intermittently, but they immediately think of their three ugly and terrible meat balls and ask them quickly.
Mo Yifan smiled and said, don’t worry. In fact, those three meat balls are just minor problems. They were cured for you early in the morning. If you don’t believe me, you have a look.
Deep and true, deep and true.
The snow smell speech was surprised and unexpectedly ignored Mo Yifan, who stretched out his hand in front of him and pulled the body towel. Looking down, he saw that the protruding meat ball was still there at the location of gunshot wound in the shoulder and chest, and he couldn’t help but look up at Mo Yifan for a stay.
Mo Yifan wanted to turn his head away but didn’t want Ying Xue to move so quickly to see that beautiful and heart-pounding charming body again. He couldn’t help but feel a heartbeat. He was too busy to look at the beautiful scenery, and his voice was a little hoarse. He explained that, well, it’s really done. You should be able to drop the meat ball by gently rubbing your hand.
Ying Xue’s face showed a smile, and Bob bowed his head and bit his lip and said, but I dare not. Brother Xiao Mo, can you help me?