In the end, the world means that we stay here now, but when the seal is opened and we choose to move on, it is likely to be a dead end. This is our last chance to choose.

Treasure phase continued
Since everyone has come here, I don’t think anyone will choose to stay.
Yang Tian, this is just white. These younger brothers will be here. Now they must be here to rest until they are in the best condition. But I didn’t expect it, but it caused troubles because of muddy talent.
At the same time, I wonder if the graveyard demon has left himself here.
I’m sure some people will stay here, and most of them have been satisfied. It’s a wise choice to choose to stay in doubt. Of course, for those of us who participate in Dabidi, even if there is a dead end ahead, we will continue to walk because we all have greed and desire.
Treasure phase a slight sigh some bitter way
Greed, desire, and thinking of Buddha are not invisible, but also magic, don’t you think?
Yang Tian chanting a look at Bao Xiang smile and asked
Where is the master? Where is the Buddha? Where is the magic?
Bao Xiang smiles and asks
Yeah, hahaha, I’m persistent, hahaha.
Yang Tianwen one leng and then suddenly looked up and laughed crazily. At this moment, the lotus operation was accelerated by a slight shock.
In a few simple words, Yang Tian’s understanding of the nature of Lotus Pagoda was even deeper. At the same time, Wan Liyun flashed in his mind, and I came to a word to faintly feel that the two have the same effect.
Yiyi looked at Yang Tian’s crazy appearance and a smile flashed in her big eyes, although she didn’t know that Yang Tian was suddenly so heart-wrenching.
Yi Bai Xiao Yiming heard the two people answer, but they all frowned and pondered.
Psycho, what’s funny?
Still on the side, Hua Xiong saw Yang Tian’s crazy appearance and looked at the smiling treasure. He couldn’t help but frown and curse.
Yang Tian’s mood has greatly improved at the moment, and he didn’t care about it. He glanced at him lightly, but Yiyi didn’t want to.
That bear thinks you are handsome but a scumbag. If you don’t leave here, forget it. Why do you call names behind your back?
Yiyi jiao fumes that although the tone is extremely contemptuous, Fengming Qingyue is pleasant to hear, and everyone is startled to look at Huaxiong’s mind. At the same time, Hua Xiong can’t help but hide behind his back and call names.
Hua Xiong smell speech was tongue-tied, and Gu immediately smiled bitterly. Rao is that his thick-skinned city wall is despised by a fairy in public at the moment, which is also embarrassing.
Looking at Hua Xiong’s embarrassed expression, Yang Tianxin laughed and felt happy.
At this time, the atmosphere in the field has slowed down a lot, and three people, Hua Xiong, have been in Yang Tianyi’s strength one after another, and no one dares to casually hand.
However, although they didn’t continue to attack, they didn’t disperse, especially Bai Yi and others won’t stop there even if they know that Yiyi got the damaged device. They have a common goal in their hearts, that is, killing Yang Tian successfully is the biggest gain of this trip.
Punishment feather day renzongdi also eyeing up in what idea they have clear.
There are still six magic emperors lurking outside. They want me to wait, but we may not be able to get away.
Bao Xiang suddenly read Yang Tiandao.
Maybe they will find it difficult. I want you to leave Yang Tiandao safely without me.
How can we abandon you after Yang Xiong’s great kindness? Besides, when the demon god’s younger brother, the dark demon emperor, arrives, we must unite with all the demons to seize the Garo token. At that time, I was afraid that the monks and others would be in danger, and we would not be able to compete in one place.
Treasure phase slightly shook his head nai way
This is the only chance to go now. We must rush to Wan Shaoyang at one stroke. This fellow colludes with the six magic emperors and must have known this situation. Once we let them unite, we can’t go even more.
Yang day decided way
The little monk is also interested. After the first world war, Bai Yi and others have not recovered, and most of them will not leave Yang Tian immediately.
Treasure phase some worry way
Don’t worry about fighting again.
Yang day simply way
The two of them made a decision very quickly and instantly. It’s a long story, but it’s also a blink of an eye. They also secretly said that several people knew it.
Finally, Yang Tian looked at Hua Xiong’s eyes with a flicker of hesitation. To be honest, although he had a very bad impression on him, he did help himself a lot just now. Throwing him at this time is likely to push him into danger.
Take me
Hua Xiong is cleverer than seeing Yang Tian and seems to guess its meaning immediately. He actually made a delicate and touching look and stared at Yang Tian and secretly pleaded.
How can this guy be so good-looking, even if he is not inferior to Yiyi? Why can I compare her with Yiyi?
Hua Xiong’s eyes met instantly, as Yang, as this strange idea suddenly appeared, he had to take advantage of the fact that this guy looks really handsome, especially those dark eyes still rippling in a Wang Qiuhong, and the two stars were clever than at this time, showing a trace of sadness.
Well, what’s your roommate?