Look at her. Her lips are dry due to fever and loss of water. Her lips are moistened by drinking soup. Liang Juanbang’s eyes are stretched and there is a sense of pride spreading. He can understand why Longteng steals something for eating early. They are all in the same mood.

Yeah, this is him. People want to feed him early? That can’t be
"Is it delicious?" Liang Juanbang couldn’t help laughing when he saw his tongue sticking out from time to time to lick his lips early.
"Well," I put my thumb out of my long sleeves early. "First-class. I’ve never had such a good soup …"
Liang Juanbang stretched out his hand to wipe the soup from his lips for her, and there was a trace of gratitude in his smile.
"Master liang …"
Shengmen really dare not and don’t want to interrupt them, but they do have something to say. Liang Juanbang looked up and glared at them. "What is it?"
"You … come here."
Can’t Liang Juanbang well get up and pinch early face fingertips cold and he love dearly so do fierce "hurry up to drink don’t freeze! The body is too bad for a while and it should be frozen again. "
"Hee hee know you go to busy!" Eyebrows bent early, and his ferocity didn’t matter to her.
Watching him walk away early and holding a soup bowl makes her feel warm. Perhaps this is the hardest time for her in my life. But why would she be so upset? The corners of her mouth are unconsciously raised and she doesn’t know it.
Ear footsteps to longteng see early this face smile sample not joked "so happy? Liang Juanbang, is this a small stove for you? Yo, how dare he talk about me? What to eat for you? "
"Hee hee" looked at him early and greeted him with a smile. "Do you want a bowl after hard work?"
Longteng sat down to the ground at will, unceremoniously picked up a bowl next to him, lifted his neck and drank it. He opened his mouth early to stop him. "Hey, Xiaolong, change a bowl!" That bowl is easy to filter out for her.
But longteng fast already belly a face of ignorant looking at early "what’s the matter? Can’t you drink this bowl? Toxic? "
"Ah …" Face shan shan shook his head early "not … nothing" What can she do if she drinks it all?
Longteng unpreparedness to report the data just received to her. "By the way, Zhi Jing, look at these data … I’m not very professional and try to follow your instructions …"
"Well" early nose to him gather together gather together "let me see …"
It’s really uncomfortable to see her squatting like this. You know, squatting is also very exhausting. Longteng took off his coat and spread it around. "You’re sitting here on fire … warm and not tired."
"No …" Early and late, Longteng had already laid out and dragged her to sit on his coat.
I am very embarrassed early. "Really, aren’t you cold?"
"Huh?" Longteng heart "it’s okay to be a little cold and not frozen … you are quick to see! If you are in a bad spirit, don’t waste it … "
Probably afraid that she would continue to struggle with this problem, Longteng quickly handed the data paper to her, and indeed it was diverted early. Looking down carefully, Longteng lowered his eyes to see her carefully compare and analyze the appreciation color in her eyes.
"Hmm …" Nodding while watching early in the morning is hard to hide the excitement at the end. "Done!"
She tugged at Longteng’s hand and smiled happily. "Xiaolong has become!"
"Ah …" Longteng one leng also laughed, but he laughed more because of her.
"Ah …" Excited early. "I didn’t expect it to happen! I can’t believe it! Great … Will this help you? Did I help? Is it, isn’t it? "
She asked the longteng smile and nodded in a row "is a big help! To appease the residents, we have a much better chance of winning. Maybe we won’t fight. "
"really?" I’m so happy early. I forgot to let go of Longteng’s arm.
Liang Juanbang and Sheng’s master were walking this way when they finished talking. This is the scene he saw. His eyes fell on Longteng’s arm and hand early, which stung his eyes.
But reason kept him calm and he walked past with a calm face.
"Junbang!" As soon as I saw Liang Juanbang early, I immediately ran to him. I rushed to his arms and was in a hurry to report the good news. "Our state has become! I really have something! Xiaolong said that maybe we can go back without hitting us! "
When the time comes, they can also make a contribution and make a deal with Long Cheng this time!
This is really good news. Liang Juanbang is not so happy at the moment. "Really?" Great. "
He turned his eyes to Longteng Longteng, and at this time, he picked up the bowl and drank soup. When Liang Juanbang saw his anger, he grabbed the bowl from his hand and growled, "Who told you to drink?"
"…" Longteng is a little stupid intuition Liang Juanbang is too specific to him these days, and it is clear that it is because he admits to his early thoughts, but he does say that he will not go out of line.
Liang juanbang is not happy like this.
"Liang Juanbang you in? What happened to your bowl of soup? Jing Jing let me drink! "
Liang Juanbang itches when he hates his roots. "Don’t mess with my things!"
"It’s really puzzling!" Longteng a jilt arm two people tense, strong.
There is absolutely something wrong with early busy before pulling Liang Juanbang "our state, what’s the matter with you? Don’t be angry! I let Xiaolong drink, and I can’t finish it … Xiaolong is also very hard, and the materials are so cold … "
Liang Juanbang looked down at him and his face became more and more gloomy. He was full of doubts early. What happened to our country? I’ve never seen him argue with anyone about such a trivial matter!
"Can you give anything I give you to anyone?" Liang juanbang depressed for a few days, and his mood finally broke out at the moment, which startled him early, but he couldn’t hear it very well.
"Our state …" Opened his mouth early to ask a white.
"Lieutenant General!" The deputy came along.
Chapter 67 Our early Christmas
Because of this, Liang Juanbang’s face suddenly swallowed half of it and looked very uncomfortable.
"…" He looked at it and glanced at it early, turned around early and left with his deputy.
Longteng see this situation change with behind him "what’s the matter? Can you let me listen? "
"Hum!" Liang Juanbang glanced at him back and snorted. "You? Don’t you have work to do? There are still so many second young masters who have just become a family. It shouldn’t stop here! "
There is nothing wrong with Longteng being stuck in his words, but what is such a pair of thorns?
"Our country …" I was deeply disturbed early, but I could see Liang Juanbang’s tall figure go far in the first two steps. She was silent for a long time, pouting with grievances, and bowed her head and our country gave her such a look.
"Ahem" Longteng looked at and could not bear to bow his head to persuade her that "Liang Juanbang has something to do. Don’t be sad. He is definitely not rushing at you."
At this time, I also know that I can’t have sex early in this place, otherwise it will ruin our country’s affairs. She adjusted her mood and looked up and smiled. "I’m fine … there are still many things to do. Let’s go back now. This matter needs to be promoted …"
Longteng know what she said is busy nodded "well, I have nothing else to do … I’ll help you"
I wrapped my coat early and took two steps forward. After all, I was exhausted and my feet were vain. I was busy reaching out to hold her eyes, but I didn’t care early. "Can you be careful?"
"Nothing is important to do business" is to support her early, which is what she can do to help our country and herself.