Now her life and death is not what I want. If she has been in an accident, I will avenge her.

If she is still alive and is being held hostage to intimidate me, I will try my best to save her, and it will be disconsolate to worry too much about others.
Dad, we are relieved that you can think so.
You can practice Huan ‘er with peace of mind first, so you can kiss a little bit of god knowledge and search for a celestial fairy palace group to see if grandma is in a palace as before.
Say that finish light atlas returned to his a wisp of knowledge.
LiuZhiChun even be so careful, so careful, after all, I was shocked when I saw Empress Qing Feng’s instantaneous celestial fairy.
Didn’t notice that the beach not far in front of his feet had scattered human bones?
imperial concubine
Liu Zhichun shouted excitedly for a while, and then when he saw the house decorated with Qing Feng naked, the excitement of finally meeting the empress turned into monstrous anger.
That despicable bastard, Emperor Tiandi, he, he dared to do this to your empress. It’s all because Zhichun didn’t come too late.
Liu Zhichun said as she burst into tears.
Hurriedly took off his robe in the previous step and wanted to give it to Qing Feng Empress who looked at her there callously.
Only to find out in a second that his leg was unable to cross the second step.
And he also kept it manually, holding his own clothes to give her a stiff move.
LiuZhiChun heart dark call a bad.
But he can’t come no matter how hard he struggles.
Damn it, he’s still too careless to know that the despicable and shameful God really set a trap here.
I know that if he comes in and sees such an empress, he will definitely lose his mind and forget to guard against it.
Just for a moment, Liu Zhichun’s cold sweat on his forehead came.
At this time he didn’t see the front two steps away that a pile of white glittering and translucent bones.
It is obvious that the degree of white and glittering bones has died in front of him. This man is much more profound in practicing mana than he is.
Otherwise, the bones can’t be shining like this when they are dead.
So people can’t escape from here, and he’s probably doomed
I tried my best to send an agreed distress signal, but I found it futile.
Qing Feng, who has become a puppet, is no exception to everyone who comes in. Her enchanting and perfect body will linger to lure them to induce lust.
Liu Zhichun shouted two ways to stop her from doing this, and finally found out that the empress in front of her eyes was vaguely familiar with the empress except for her physical breath. Her eyes were completely familiar with Yuan Shen.
Think again of the tail scales that have been found, and now they are rubbing against his legs with perfect curves.
LiuZhiChun even if the way is not high also vaguely understand what the emperor in qing feng empress body moved hands and feet at that time is falling icehouse heart cold to the extreme.
I can’t help but feel deeply sad. Is it their Nuwa family who came to Qing Feng Empress?
Heaven, you deserve to die.