In front of the gate of Tianfeng Business Association in Tiancang City Business District, Falk came slowly from the steps with a lux staff in his hand and protected by four guards.

Although he is a wizard, Falk’s position in Tianfeng Empire is incomparable, his economic mind is excellent, and his keen sense of business makes him the financial officer of Tianfeng Empire, responsible for the economic construction of Tianfeng Empire.
This guy is Isabel II. If the target says that Marshal is a gun, then Falk is guilty of that gun. It is he who has reached the order that will lead to everything later.
Falk’s economic mind does not doubt that he drained the last drop of bone marrow from Dongsheng Empire. The nobles killed and robbed their property. The civilian department sold them as slaves in exchange for a lot of money. Although the royal family members could not move, their relatives were still worth a hundred times and all of them were high-ranking slaves.
It can be said that Falk planned to completely destroy the Eastern Holy Empire, and there is no possibility of a resurgence. He has sold out the Eastern Holy Empire.
Although Falk never went to the battlefield or even the Dongsheng Empire in the end, his sin was never in people. At the beginning, he perceived the colorful gem mine of the Dongsheng Empire and advised the Tianfeng Emperor to occupy the Dongsheng Empire.
People such as Ye Tian watched Falk and his party of five people turned a corner and walked towards the carriage side of the street. They were told by Ye Tian to take part in the assassination, and their teammates relaxed to avoid sending out special breath to let the other party notice.
Fortunately, these five people, after all, are all masters of the order, and although their strength is not low, their experience is obviously not strong enough, and they are not aware of the strange atmosphere around the street.
A line of people came to the splendid carriage. Two guards respectfully knocked on the door, and the other two inertia watched them around. Even the master of the holy order couldn’t break through their interception at once. It would take a little delay for the bodyguards to come at once.
Seeing that Falk stepped on the carriage and was about to enter the carriage, a flash of gray light flashed through Falk’s head and brilliant red blood was instantly sprayed.
Seeing this, four guards fiercely stood one leng at this juncture. A gray figure appeared from the carriage and grabbed Falling’s head. When the four guards reacted and drew their swords, they suddenly disappeared into the street.
Wind walk, yes, is a high-flying warrior. wind walk, although this stealth can last for a moment, it is enough for Essien. After rushing for a certain distance, Essien quickly switched to the treasure hunter by hiding from the carriage body and quietly left the scene.
This assassination was really neat. Even Ye Tian didn’t expect this assassination to be so smooth. Although it was not investigated in detail, it is certain that Falk was rarely assassinated before. Neither he nor his guards were so careless that he was paralyzed and didn’t even notice Essien, who had been hiding at the side of the carriage.
Strictly speaking, Essien doesn’t hide at home, so it’s easy to check it. Unfortunately, the other party is obviously careless and used to the front of the car and didn’t check it.
Moreover, the four guards are too careless. Obviously, they are dealing with errands. They should be a little alert. That knot may not be the case. It is good to be able to stop the assassination a little bit. It is bound to fail. It is good to say that Essien alone can not be killed.
However, it’s actually wrong to blame the other side for his careless words. The main reason why he can be so neat this time is that Aisin Jian is too fast, and the gray-black iron sword is almost flashing, and it’s hard to attract people’s attention because the four nine-order warriors didn’t react.
Secondly, the assassinated Falk actually felt that Essien had quickly opened the flame shield before he died. Unfortunately, Essien’s toy-like gray-black subway sword sealed the magic sword according to all elements.
To be exact, once Essien leans to his side and takes the initiative to launch an attack on the mage class, it’s hard to be lucky that the mage doesn’t wear armor and energy shield doesn’t care about adding the word Essien is probably dead with his weak body facing the magic blade.
If I were a samurai, I’m afraid Essien wouldn’t be so successful. Even if they can’t stop this sword, they can quickly move their bodies and change their lives. At present, Essien’s strength is difficult to kill many opponents who are much higher than himself.
Plop dull ring, Farouk’s head body crashing to the ground, limbs twitching, purple and black blood pouring wildly. Seeing this scene, pedestrians in the street first froze and then screamed wildly, and a street instantly became a mess.
In the middle of the chaotic crowd, a group of people quickly left the scene and never got intercepted. It was so smooth that Ye Tiandian didn’t adapt to it. It was too good to assassinate, but think about it carefully. Although the knot is good, it may be this side if you make a little mistake in the assassination process.
All the way back to the pub, people looked at Essien in admiration. Except Ye Tianwai, people didn’t pay much attention to Essien all the time. Although I don’t know what his future will be like, he is still too young and his strength is not worth paying attention to.
However, just today, I watched Essien alone successfully protect and assassinate a fire mage in four ninth-order guards. Although it can’t be said that it was later, it was definitely the ancients.
I envy watching Essien Buddy keep shaking his head, but he has ruined everything, and now he wants to hit the wall when he looks so brilliant.
Look at the crowd and admire Ye Tianshen. Well, we have successfully completed the first two goals, but it’s hard to chew bones.
Oh, looking at Ye Tiannina doubtfully, I don’t understand. Didn’t you say there were two opponents in total? Did the goal change?
Dignified shook his head, Ye Tiankou said that the goal has not changed, but although it is also an order, this is absolutely different, because this goal is Tianfeng Empire Jun.
Everyone frowned when you heard Ye Tian’s words. In advance, everyone didn’t expect Ye Tian to be so bold as to target the successor of Tianfeng Empire.
Looking at the crowd, Ye Tian smiled and said, don’t worry about what to do well. No one knows who did it, and no one knows what to do. You don’t have to worry about what’s worse, even if they know.
Well, when people hear Ye Tian’s words, they raise their heads and look at Ye Tian with flashing eyes. Yeah, even if they know, so what? Who’s afraid of who?
Excited to look at Ye Tian Baggio’s heroic way, anyway, I’ve been mixed up in the bucket of death for more than ten years. Don’t be afraid, it’s not afraid of death. Give me this to solve.
Gave Baggio a cross look with a smile and shook his head. Ye Tian said, No, this goal is not for you. You should know that although the goal is the strength order, there is a holy level peak around him and a master who understands the holy power.
What did Baggio jump up when he heard Ye Tian’s words? I couldn’t believe it. Looking at Ye Tiandao, how could this be the peak of a holy order? And I realized how could a master of Holy Power be willing to be a bodyguard.
Glancing at Baggio, Ye Tianping said quietly, it’s really a peak of understanding. The master of the holy power and holy order disdains to be a bodyguard, but in everything, this guy is definitely not only a bodyguard, but also a master jun to protect his disciples. This is what should be done.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Baggio frowned tightly and hesitated for a long time. Baggio carefully asked this holy order peak guy what his occupation was.
Facing Baggio’s inquiry, Ye Tianshen said that he was a high-flying warrior and realized that the holy power was spinning, which could not only defend but also make his opponent feel as if he were caught in a hurricane. His strength was slightly weaker and he was directly torn to pieces.
Oh, my God. Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Baggio covered his face in pain. It may not be difficult to kill the emperor, but it is even more difficult to get close to him. I’m afraid that the wind blade master will let him get the first hand at his speed, and the other party can intercept it.
You know, Baggio is just an order now. Although the emperor is also an order, since he worships Master Gao Feng blade master, he is also a wind warrior. It is really impossible to get a blow. His master is still by his side at any time.
Looking at Baggio’s pain, Ye Tian smiled and said, I said that it is easy to deal with the fact that the goal is not order. Although this is not the most difficult one, it is definitely not simple.
Speaking of this, Ye Tian paused and then continued, but don’t worry, this goal is not that you choose to call it short size, let a samurai deal with a holy level peak, and also realize that it is really a little difficult for a master of holy power, even if it were me, it would be difficult to accomplish it.
Ah, when I heard Ye Tian’s words, Baggio opened his mouth in astonishment. No, master, don’t you just give up?