There is no good way for Liang Juanbang to clean his clothes, wrap his hands early and tear a piece of cloth to hang in front of her, which will make the blood flow slow and stop faster.

"What should I do now?" Hand asked longteng.
Longteng looked at Liang Juanbang and analyzed, "Those people have definitely not walked around yet, and it’s definitely not working … These people are not necessarily going out with the news. I think we’d better walk around. What do you think?"
"Well" Liang Juanbang nodded back up early "let’s go! You can’t stay here. Go ahead and find a way. "
In the dark, they groped their way forward and experienced a thrilling and life-and-death scene, and their moods were different from each other
Chapter 35 Our early friends
The sky lit up a little and the line of sight became clear. Liang Juanbang walked and found that the movement behind him was small. Looking back, Longteng and them fell a lot.
"Xiaolong, hurry up!"
Liang Juanbang lowered his voice and urged him to carry them back early. Can they still fall behind?
"Oh" Longteng promised to step up the pace, but Liang Juanbang and his hands could see that there seemed to be something wrong with his leg.
"Dragon less …" Hand stretched out his hand and gave Longteng a hand.
But I was pushed by Longteng. "I have nothing to help."
When he approached Liang Juanbang also frowned and asked, "What’s wrong with your leg? Is it an old injury? Old injuries are not so serious! "
Longteng shook his head. "I’m really fine … Let’s go!"
The three of them walked on, lying on Liang Juanbang in a daze early, and woke up to find that the situation seemed not very optimistic. Liang Juanbang and them seemed to be unable to find their way. This large forest grew everywhere.
"Junbang" patted Liang Juanbang on the shoulder early. "Let me come!"
"Well, are you awake?" Liang Juanbang covered his forehead with a thin layer of sweat, and he and Longteng were both waiting to wake up early. Their lack of resources and equipment for several times these days brought them hope early.
"I don’t know where it is here." Liang Juanbang helped her to tell the truth. "Can you find the direction by looking at the map?"
"Well," I nodded early to dig out the map and made a "suggested compass" before, and thought hard for a long time. After all, I looked up and shook my head. "The direction is correct, but I’m not sure where it is now."
When others listen to it, they look dignified. The first problem they face is how to go now.
Early on, I analyzed that "the direction can be found. If I go straight ahead, I don’t know if I will encounter obstacles and the road won’t pass. This is the second. I’m afraid we don’t have the physical strength." In the past two days, everyone has spent a lot of physical strength.
"Well," Liang Juanbang nodded and looked at the sky. "It would be best if you could get in touch with the outside."
Longteng twisted his eyebrows and showed reluctance. "I can’t let people know about my actions."
"hey!" Liang Juanbang sneered, "I didn’t expect you to be with me, of course …"
He looked early. "Is there any way?"
Show your eyebrows tight early, take out your mobile phone in your pocket, and there is no signal after it comes in, otherwise they won’t prepare the walkie-talkie, but the walkie-talkie can connect them to the outside, which is simply a fantasy.
Seeing her hard, Liang Juanbang held her hand. "Forget it, don’t be hard on yourself if there is no way."
Frowning early, I’m still thinking that the mountain is too steep and the signal is blocked. Is there any way to get a signal from my mobile phone?
Longteng they simply sit on the ground. "Hey … if you can’t figure it out, you don’t have to be hard on yourself. We can’t just go out for a while. Liang Juanbang and I will definitely take you out. Don’t worry!"
"Yes!" Liang Juanbang took an early seat and raised his hand to rub her head. "Although the method is a little stupid, we can do this even if all our equipment is lost."
"Well" nodded early and sat against Liang Juanbang, but still didn’t stop thinking.
Liang Juanbang packed his backpack to get something to eat. "Well, let’s eat some bread and instant noodles!"
It’s nothing to come here, but they don’t know how long it will take to go out now, so Longteng is a little dissatisfied, frowned and shouted, "Are you sure we can persist in eating this until we go out?"
"Cut the crap!" Liang Juanbang stared at him. "Who lost everything?"
"hey!" Longteng pouted and muttered, "Small family is like a woman … I’ll get you something delicious!"
"hey!" Liang Juanbang naturally guessed what he meant and glared at him. "Don’t make any noise to attract people!"