Li Jihe raised a smile and sat over and took Guan Ya’s shoulder. "Don’t be afraid, we don’t mean anything, but just find someone to teach her a lesson without hurting her. Don’t worry, just ask her out as I said. The child is Zhang Yuxi’s weakness. Then you will say that she will meet with you and leave everything to me."

"Is this really possible?" Guan Ya is skeptical. Although it is to teach Zhang Yuxi a lesson, according to Li Jihe’s temper, she can really keep her promise and learn a simple lesson. Don’t expose this woman and sell herself.
"But you have to believe me." Li Jihe held down Guanya’s shoulder and looked at her patiently. "You have to think about Zhang Yuchen unless you really want to divorce her."
Shoulders bear Li Ji’s efforts to make Guan Ya suppress her frown and earn her, then get up and walk to the center of the living room and put her hands around her chest. "I still feel strange. Besides, I made a mistake with Yuchen, and now I blame all the mistakes on Yuxi. This is not a bit far-fetched."
Guan Ya is not a fool. She has her own considerations. If she listens to Li Jihe’s suggestion and finds someone to teach Zhang Yuxi a lesson, what about after that? Besides, the person who asked her to meet is herself. After the sunrise, I don’t blame her.
Li Jihe, the sofa behind Guan Ya, shoots resentment at her white and slender fingers and holds the sofa cushion bit by bit. Is it because she is wrong that Guan Ya will not be easily fooled?
No, it’s come to this. We can’t fall short.
Li Jihe got up and walked to the front of Guan Ya. At this time, she didn’t gently exhort her, but bluntly warned her, "Guan Ya, even if you are wrong first, how can you explain why everyone can’t find Zhang Yuchen and let Zhang Yuxi find it? If she didn’t provoke you, Zhang Yuchen should call you now instead of continuing to hang you."
Guan Ya was unmoved, but Li Jihe was anxious. She pinched Guan Ya’s shoulder and stared at her eyes. "Do you want Zhang Yuchen or not? If so, this is your only chance."
Guan Ya saw the confusion in Li Jihe’s eyes, and she also saw Li Jihe with desire. She knew that Li Jihe had always been jealous of Zhang Yuxi, and now there is no lack of selfish revenge. She didn’t want to be a gun, so she slowly withdrew from Li Jihe’s imprisonment. "Let me think again."
Suburban villa
Zhang Yuxi resumed Yin Ning’s identity and changed into a household outfit. Long hair was lazy and she was busy in the kitchen with an apron.
When Junling came out of the room, his hand was still approaching the kitchen. When he saw such a woman fading away from the aura of a strong woman, the little woman at home was busy in the kitchen. It should be said that this is every man’s dream to have a wife who loves himself and himself deeply and is willing to be busy with three meals a day.
The smell of rose cake in the distance reminded Junling of her mother’s making rose cake in the kitchen when she was in the city. She was very interested in learning and almost didn’t leave her mother’s hands. Later, her mother privately revealed to him that she knew what the girl was so interested in a rose cake.
He shook his head.
The mother joked with a smile on her lips. "That’s because I said that you never like sweets on weekdays, but this rose cake is your favorite. I didn’t expect the child to take it to heart. It’s also your blessing that she is so kind."
It’s his turn to smile, and the smile on his lips deepened. When his mother saw him, she said he looked like a big boy.
Yes, with a wife, how can his heart not be soft?
In the kitchen, Yin Ningluo was trapped in her arms by a pair of powerful arms. At first, she was frightened by Zheng. Later, when she was familiar with a man’s arms, she smiled gently and asked him, "All the work is finished."
"Well," he raised his hand to pin her hair on her cheek and put her back jaw on her shoulder. "It smells good what we eat today."
She smiled and looked back at him. "It’s all because you like to eat. Go wash your hands and eat immediately."
"Yes," he gave her a military salute and then went to health.
Yin Ning’s eyes return to the kitchen, and her lips smile is not diminished. That’s what she wants to live. The flashy fireworks linger. On her or his wealth is noble, she is just an ordinary person. In ordinary life, there are many servants at home, but most of the time they are decorations like kitchens. She thinks that this is two people’s lives. All ingredients will be decorated with love to make a delicious meal for him and her to share. She likes to cook and understand his preferences. Once, she will make the ingredients she likes and present them to him. This is life.
Wash stop Yin Ningluo has put the food on the table.
Braised shrimp with tomato sauce, winter melon seaweed soup, hydrangea silver cod, boiled Flammulina velutipes, and small rapeseed with garlic.
Junling likes to be a vegetarian. Wax gourd seaweed soup and garlic rape are his favorites. Just like others, Junling yearns for simple and ordinary dishes to eat happiness.
At the dinner table, Yin Ning Luo filled a bowl of soup for Junling man to take advantage of "Ning Er, I have something to tell you"
"What" Yin Ning collaterals asked him.
"I have two classmates, husband and wife, who also met in B recently. I talked to them about you. They want to get together when they want to smoke. I want to introduce you to them."
Yin Ning smiled at her husband and wife, and probably even Junling himself didn’t find that he was talking a little abnormal today, right?
"Good" Yin Ning collaterals should come "Since it is your classmate, it is natural to meet"
She seldom cares about Junling’s private life, including some friends around him. Junling has given her all the time in the past three years. Now that she has recovered, it is necessary to integrate into his circle of friends and let all those who know her know her.
"Then I’ll call them after dinner. Let’s go out and get together." Jun Ling said that the husband and wife classmate had a need to admire him in poetry before school, in case that girl didn’t do anything to make Yin Ning misunderstand.
"Well, you decide."
After dinner, Yin Ning’s winding nest in Junling’s arms. Two people sat in the living room and looked at a plate of rose cake on the tea table. She took a piece and handed it to him to "taste it."
The rose cake is in her hand. Jun Ling holds her hand tube and leans forward to hand it to her. The rose cake is in her mouth, and the lights are tender. Jun Ling’s eyebrows smile and look back at her and say, "It’s delicious."
After being praised, you should laugh, but Yin Ningluo can’t laugh. How can this man be so tender and tender in winter? It is really unimaginable.
That night, a servant passed by and saw this scene on the sofa. Their hostess held a piece of rose cake in her hand and fed it to the male host. The eyes of the two of them were glowing relative to the male host’s eyes. This situation could not be said to be gentle and touching.
The next afternoon, Jun Ling booked the restaurant. It turned out that he and Yin Ning got there first, but it was robbed by Lu Tianhao and Leng Shi Yun. On the first day, I saw Jun Ling’s eyebrows smiling in the restaurant, ignoring her husband’s presence, and ran over to give the man a big hug and hit Jun Ling with a full heart.
In this scene, Yin Ningluo was very surprised. On the other hand, the husband man sat firmly on the sofa and raised his hand to hold his forehead. He was used to these things. Although his wife is usually elegant and moving, there are things that she can’t control.
Seeing Jun Ling’s cold rhyme, he laughed, "hi, I haven’t seen you for a long time."
In the face of women’s enthusiasm, Jun Ling smiled awkwardly and couldn’t help but look at Yin Ningluo beside her and explain to her that "this is my college classmate’s cold rhyme"
After introducing Leng Shi Yun, Junling introduced Yin Ningluo’s "Poem Rhyme My fiancee Yin Ningluo" to Leng Shi Yun.
After Jun Ling’s introduction, he pointed to the man behind the cold rhyme and stared at him with a cold face before saying, "That’s her husband Liu Tianhao."
Two men’s eyes meet in the middle. Jun Ling shoots like Lu Tianhao. Why don’t you come and take your wife away?
Lu Tianhao spread out his hands and made a nai expression. I can’t help it. You used to be so good. My wife regards you as an idol. I respect my wife and follow her.
There are two men with hot eyes. Here, the cold rhyme looks kindly at Yin Ning’s eyebrows, which are light and elegant, but there is a kind of unutterable elegance all over her body. It is the kind of beauty that can be dazzling without makeup. Look at her again, and you can see at a glance how possessive the man is of her. He wants to laugh at "her cold senior finally has the ability to control others."
"Hello, my name is Leng Shiyun." Leng Shiyun generously extended his hand to show his kindness.
"Hello Yin Ningluo" She held out her hand and also evaluated in her mind the gentle and graceful female eyebrow eye with smart and beautiful eyes, and acted like a child.
I shook my hand, and the cold rhyme deliberately narrowed the distance between me and Yin Ning. I whispered in her ear, "Sister-in-law, don’t get me wrong. My senior and I are very pure. In fact, I have always been curious about what kind of woman can soften the ice hole of the senior. I will treat the senior. Thank you for finally getting him."
This remark made Yin Ningluo incredibly look up at the man around him unexpectedly. How did he become a big ice cube in his cold poetic mouth when he was with her for a long time? Well, it seems that he is really a man with a story. Today, he has a chance to listen to him.
At this moment, Liu Tianhao has come over and stretched out his hand and grabbed the cold rhyme waist and pinched her small nose full of spoil. "You are always so bold. Today, my sister-in-law doesn’t care about you or I won’t protect you."
Look at this. Yin Ning smiled. He probably didn’t notice their whispering just now. Otherwise, how could he be in such a hurry to help his wife out?
"Sister-in-law, I was a college classmate of Liu Tianhao Junling when I was in the United States." When Yin Ningluo was absent, Liu Tianhao reached over.
Yin Ning collaterals, a moment nodded slightly.
Four people sit at the table, mostly the three of them are talking about Yin Ning and listening quietly.
Leng Shi Yun said, "Sister-in-law, you don’t know that when you were studying, your senior seemed warm, but she was notoriously cold to us girls. I still remember that once a foreign girl in my dormitory finally couldn’t resist the temptation of her senior to get up the courage to confess to him. Guess what? The senior is warm and charming, reaching through her hair and picking her hair and winding the leaves, saying, do you know that in China, if a man likes a woman, he will personally insert a bead flower in her hair. Obviously, you will throw away the leaves in front of my female classmate before you finish."
There is juice on the table, and a drag on the cold rhyme is vivid.
Everyone laughed at Jun Ling but attached to Yin Ning’s ear trail "Don’t listen to her nonsense. It’s not like that."
I didn’t expect this to be heard by Leng Shiyun. "Why didn’t my classmate come back and tell me personally? And since then, she has been fascinated by oriental men and threatened to marry him if an oriental man is willing to wear pearls in her hair."
Perhaps I think that such a fierce story is not cold enough, and then I will increase my firepower. "Sister-in-law, you know that although the seniors are cold at school, there are still a large number of girls chasing him. If you want a lesson, the girls will hold roses to express their love. The most interesting thing is that the classroom where the seniors study is bound to be full of people. Most of them don’t attend classes and see him nearby."
Later, according to the cold rhyme, if she was obsessed with Yin Ningluo and didn’t listen, what was she doing? She was thinking about the Zhuhua incident and never thought that Junling could be so beautiful if she wanted to refuse a person’s love. This seems to be the truth behind the love, but the girl can continue to believe in love.
During the resurrection, it was a cold poetic excitement that reached her ears. "Sister-in-law, let me tell you more about Zhuhua Girl. She really found a boyfriend in China now and called me some time ago. It seems that their relationship is not bad."
Oh, really? She was right.
Yin Ningluo smiled and greeted the cold rhyme patiently. "You see, that’s right. Your foreign classmate actually doesn’t like Junling. She likes the mystery of China boys’ bodies. For her, if she is endowed with this national mystery, boys will get her favor, and her boyfriend should be glad now. You must never wronged Junling again."
The dining table was cold and poetic, with an open mouth, and she was surprised to see Yin Ning winding. She had a bad idea to provoke, but who knew that the woman couldn’t help but see through her plot and taught her from tenderness. No wonder the seniors found him in the crowd and loved her alone. Who doesn’t like this woman?
Leng Shiyun now regrets that she is nothing but a man. In this case, she will definitely compete with Junling for Yin Ningluo.
Jun Ling said that Jun Ling’s heart was full of joy, and even Liu Tianhao’s eyes were full of admiration for women. A gentle and elegant one was a perfect match when put together.
Later, Leng Shiyun opened his mouth or Lu Tianhao personally closed his mouth. "My wife now knows that eldest brother’s belly is black and eldest sister-in-law is darker than eldest brother. Do you know?"
"You hate" is a cold rhyme, saying that she bumped her elbow into a land of Tian Hao.