"Really not"

"Then keep playing."
"I …"
"If you don’t continue to bully others, I’ll let others bully you. If you don’t let me go to the theatre, I’ll watch you play. You choose."
Listen, from that cherry mouth, I want to give up, and I have myself. What’s wrong with bullying people and meeting this evil star?
He recalled the murderous look before HarmonyOS’s God-level sword, but he didn’t want to humiliate Chen Han. He wanted to finish the performance quickly and satisfy this little ancestor, and then he left, so he tried his best to make quarrelling and magic play to the limit and rushed to the stunned Chen Han like crazy.
I just heard the sentence’ hee is bullying people again, right?’ Chen Han was really worried that he met a hero or a beautiful woman who saved himself.
At that time, he always regarded each other as angels.
Is it really an angel?
Until now, he didn’t realize that this woman is a devil. The devil Xi is more horrible than Xi. She takes pleasure in bullying him. She is bullying everyone. Didn’t you hear her? If Xi doesn’t bully him, she will let people bully Xi. The root of this product is to be afraid of chaos. When a group of the most distinguished male brothers in the city saw her, it was like seeing a cat.
Continue to fight
City seems to vent the anger in my heart. The offensive is stronger than before. Chen Han has been shocked again and again.
This is a completely unequal battle, and the opponent’s realm is stronger than him, and his mind and tactics are higher than him, and his weapons also have an advantage.
"It’s boring and unfair …" The lazy woman yawned and her slender white hand covered her mouth and looked sleepy.
"Will the temple end when you feel boring?" Hee found a chance to leave.
"Too weak …"
"Yes temple you see …"
"If he is stronger, it will be interesting."
"I’ll give him a good beating when I lend you this sword."
Accompanied by "choking", Yi Long’s songs reverberate in the nine girls’ voices, especially in the middle of which a deep cyan Changhong rushes to Chen Han.
HarmonyOS magic!
Chen Han did not hesitate to grab Qinghong’s eyes and burst into hot light. "Although you are helping me with the psychological meaning of watching a movie, I remember this favor and will never let you down. Even if the old level is lower than you, even if the mind and skills are not as good as you, you will be as old as you!"
The first sentence was said to the beauty, but the beauty didn’t mean anything special, but after hearing the second sentence, Xi’s face changed greatly.
How strong is Chen Han’s body? He knows very well that when the two sides are in the gap, he can naturally suppress it. Even if he can’t kill him, he can play his backhand against it. When the weapon gap disappears, the strength gap between the two people will be reduced to an order, and the other party’s attack will form an effective anti-shock.
This kind of anti-shock will not cause harm once or twice. After all, his attack power is stronger than his opponent’s, but it will be troublesome after a long time.
The strength of the other person’s abnormal body is regarded as anti-shock in both gaps. What else can there be in one gap?
Chapter 736 Power surge
? Bang …
Gorgeous halo circles agitate Chen Han. This time, it was only shaken for more than 30 meters. On the other hand, before the city, it was almost not shaken. Every time, it was killed here with a lag in shape, but now it has repeatedly retreated four meters.
It’s the attack that has worked on him!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The disadvantage has finally been contained. Although Chen Han seems to be still in the wind, everyone can see that Xi’s attack has done harm to other methods. However, in his continuous attack on Xi, there has been a gradual surge of blood from just a little shock
If this stalemate continues, qi and blood will gradually become minor injuries, then moderate injuries, and finally serious injuries will be suppressed by Chen Han’s face and even killed.
"The temple will lose if you go to Hee like this …" Come with Hee, and a male elder brother said to the beauty carefully.
"You mean you want to take his place?"
The beauty asked the fellow to shut up immediately, but a word made him almost pee his pants. "How about this? After Hee-hee is killed, you can talk to the little princess who likes to satisfy others’ wishes best. As the saying goes, it’s convenient for people to be convenient for themselves."
Poor fellow, although he is also a magic feather Teng dragon, has good qualifications, but his own realm is not as good as that of Xi’s cold. Isn’t he dying?
They brought an entourage?
Indeed, those people are extremely superior, and one can easily extinguish the cold key. How can they speak when the Princess Hall is present? Besides, this princess hall is notorious, and even her own grandfather can run away when he sees her. How dare they kill themselves and collide with Feng Jia?
Ten minutes later, after the accumulation of humble anti-earthquakes, Xi was finally tired of injuries, and the combat power of both sides was significantly brought closer to the same level.
Pisces attacks can be counted in unison, which is very similar to Chen Han’s fighting style. However, quarrelling can also form an instantaneous outbreak.
Three simultaneous movements!
When two people release instant wind magic at the same time, the first step is to confront each other and roll up the blue shadow all over the sky. The magic of HarmonyOS waved the streamer and collided head-on, then the legs collided one after another and flew backwards at the same time. The two people once condensed quarrelling and were also exhausted in flint.