At this time, Atletico Madrid defenders rushed to surround him and stretched their feet to grab the ball.

Charles Andreas reacted quickly enough to bend his legs and pull the football back to his front, avoiding the opponent’s first wave of tackle.
However, he also fell into a tight encirclement.
Hertha’s quick counterattack seems to be coming to an end!
Atletico Madrid fans cheered again.
Seeing this and listening to the cheers, Marcos Alonso was also relieved.
The Hertha counterattack is held … If Hertha scores another goal, I’m afraid her head will fall off …
He thought about how to make Salvatore white. He can’t be a center. Don’t tangle with the opposing central defender in front of the penalty area. Instead, he should be a second striker.
At this time, the original tight seam encirclement suddenly appeared cracks and the cracks are still expanding rapidly!
I can already see the figure of Charles!
Seeing that he leaned back against defending him, Atletico Madrid centre-back Ivan Amaya was a strong centre-back, but he stumbled a little when he bumped into Charles.
Then I saw Charles stepping on the football and rubbing the ball forward. He followed the football and his body. He was like a huge stone pillar in the ancient Greek temple and hit the other side. Atletico Madrid defender Jean Francois Hernandez.
The other party was smashed by him and fell back.
In this way, the original tight encirclement has gaps in both directions.
But Charles, his activity area is much larger than before!
He didn’t break out with the ball, but shot directly with his right foot by hitting Hernandez!
The football got out of the encirclement, but Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Tony was caught off guard and rushed to the football.
The football went straight past him and crashed into the net!
Hertha actually took the lead for the second time!
After the goal, Charles didn’t rush to celebrate. He just looked up and roared, clutching his fists at his side.
The whole person is like the god of war in ancient Greek mythology!
He gave Salvatore, the center, a good lesson-that’s a fucking center!
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Now you regret it!
When Charles Andreas scored the football into Hertha’s goal, he always jumped to victory!
Hertha finally took the lead again!
For Hertha, a team that is good at defending and counterattacking, leading means a huge advantage, even if it leads by one goal!
This goal reassured Chang Sheng a lot.
Not because of leading by a goal, but because of the team’s performance after losing the goal, this goal is by no means the end!
This goal is an emotional blow to Atletico Madrid’s hard-won morale-people just equalized the score, and it didn’t take long for morale to rise. I thought Hertha was finally going to show his true colors and was going to pursue it while winning. Unexpectedly, Hertha hit me with a blow and the whole person was stunned.
Listen to the sound in Calderon Stadium … Hertha fans cheer! More than 50,000 Atletico Madrid fans were silent!
Chang Sheng held his arms high and roared to the sky.
Then he was hugged by Manuel Garcia.
This time, it wasn’t just more coaches who rushed to save him completely. Rudy Gonzalez was among them.
Everyone saw the victory from this goal!
Yes, victory is not what the hell "dawn of victory" and "hope of victory" are illusory things that are victory! Very sure of victory!
These coaching staff members are very familiar with winning tactics, and they naturally know what will happen next.
Hertha took the lead again in sixty-five minutes, and there were twenty-five minutes before the end of the game.
At this time, say more, say less, say less.
Atletico Madrid have to score two more goals in 25 minutes, which is a lot of pressure for them.
In addition to this pressure, there is pressure from the stands.
Constant success angered old hill. What is it? Isn’t that it? Let the chairman of the Old Hill Club put pressure on the team?
Double pressure Atletico Madrid must be crazy!
Then they will throw their heads and try their best to attack and score goals.
For Hertha, opponents’ crazy attack often means more chances for them to fight back, and more chances for them to fight back lead to more goals.
More goals bring victory!
When Chang Sheng and his coaching staff were cheering, Marcos Alonso next door looked gloomy and could drop water.
He didn’t expect that his encirclement had formed and Charles still scored the goal.
The opponent’s ball was like a slap in the face and slapped him in the face.
Upgrade is his lowest goal, even if he can’t get revenge from Hill, this goal must be accomplished.
If you can’t even upgrade this, and he doesn’t have Hill’s bad breath, then his future at Atletico Madrid can be imagined …
For a moment, he fell into an ice cave.
Then he suddenly realized that there are at least 25 minutes before the end of the game, and it is not the time to be miserable and upset here.
When there is still time, you must even the score and then overtake!