This is not a plague at all, but someone is planning some ulterior plot in the soul of a stranger.

Sure enough, is the whole thing still related to the cultivation of immortals? In addition to cultivate immortality creatures who would be so vicious magic! Regardless of the lives of ordinary people to achieve their own goals!
This conspiracy must be stopped, or the whole human world will be damned for these people’s wanton foolishness!
Pan Hui doesn’t think this kind of thing can be done by one person. It must be a group of people and a group of unscrupulous people!
She will suddenly gush out the violent breath in her heart and say, "Sister Chikupan needs a favor."
My little girl blinked her eyes and asked crisply, "I wish Sister Pan had something to say. I will definitely go."
Pan Hui took a look at the white tiger not far away and solemnly said, "Sister Pan not only needs your help this time, but also peony. She can see the living soul and find out the source of the plague. Sister Pan needs your help."
See the pool barbary pan hui serious and unconsciously solemn up my little girl nodded heavily, "no problem! We must help Sister Pan find out the root cause! Never let those bad guys continue to do bad things! "
Not far away, Paeonia lactiflora growled discontentedly. Obviously, it was very dissatisfied with Chiyu’s independence, but in the end it just growled and didn’t protest again.
The pond "Chengcheng" went to the white tiger and patted it on the back. "Peony, you are going to change back soon. It looks so scary!"
White tiger made a ringing nose and turned his head to one side to ignore her.
Chi Yong kept patting it until the white tiger shook her body very uncomfortable. She timidly jumped aside but still didn’t give up. "You changed back!" If you don’t change back, I will let you carry me away! "
Paeonia lactiflora gave her a hard stare, but she was very reluctant to curl her body into a ball and a light smoke came over. A boy who looked about thirteen or fourteen years old appeared beside Chibu, dressed in black and white, and the white tiger fur was exactly the same color.
The teenager squinted at the pool and raised his hand, which was a chestnut knock on the little girl’s forehead. "Who asked you to help me make up my mind again?" How many times have I told you that it’s up to me to decide my own affairs? Don’t take me with you every time I promise others something! "
Ikebuo’s flat mouth was wronged, and his hands held his forehead and he was knocked at that place. A pair of big eyes suddenly stored a pack of tears as if the other party could cry immediately after yelling a few more words.
When the teenager finished cursing in disgust, he just brought the small hand of the pool and stretched out his hand and rubbed it. The little girl’s forehead was slightly narrowed and her eyes were full of impatience, but the movement was very gentle.
Ikebuo’s mouth is still flat and he sniffles. There is a little crying in the soft waxy voice. "Peony has hit people again … Ikebuo will tell Master when he goes back!"
The teenager immediately said with a fierce face, "Don’t you dare!"
Ikebuo snorted, but he twisted his neck and said, "Don’t you think I dare!"
Pan Hui was watching the two men, but I didn’t expect that the white tiger would be a male. She also gave birth to many island brothers, all of whom were female. She had seen that Lin Ling, Pu and Chi Cui were female, especially that Lin Ling was a pan, and it was really strange that there would be gender.
Paeonia lactiflora immediately took back her hand when she heard the words of Chikuang. "Then go and help your sister Pan. Don’t pull me! I, no, go, go! "
The small mouth of the pool was about to cry when it pursed, but it was stopped by Pan Hui’s words.
"The right hand of Paeonia lactiflora is still bleeding. Help it dress up!"
Pan Hui doesn’t intend to let the two children pestle around here all the time. Now it’s dark. Let’s say that the soldiers in the dying Eastern Zhou Dynasty may have died again, regardless of whether they are safe in this mountain forest.
I couldn’t find the reason before, so forget it. Now I know about where the strange place is, and how can I let koo’s life pass away again!
Chi Cong was really distracted by Pan Hui. When he grabbed the peony right hand and stared at it, he asked, "How did you get hurt? Can’t you stop the bleeding yourself? "
Paeonia lactiflora hum a didn’t answer, but it turned its attention to Pan Hui’s long light and had some fighting spirit.
He was born in the human world, and other creatures from different worlds can hurt others a lot, but after hurting him, he can’t heal the wound by himself. This long lamp is the first one. Does it not belong to the human world like him?
Mu Yan saw that Peony looked at him viciously and flashed a few lights defiantly. Obviously, he didn’t put the boy in his eyes. Now, although he has no impression of his origin, from the moment he remembered his name, he knew that he had a noble lineage, which is definitely not as simple as a vein or a fire. Therefore, Mu Yan accepted the challenge from the other side when facing the hidden fighting spirit of Peony.
Chapter 314 Plague, Living Soul (2)
Chi Yong took out some hemostatic drugs from his carry-on medicine bag and wrapped the peony wound, muttering, "You really don’t have such a small wound that you can’t heal yourself. So Master asked you to follow me to protect me. You don’t need me to protect you then!"
Paeonia lactiflora picked the eyebrows and lifted her left hand without thinking. Another chestnut fell on the forehead of the pool. After seeing the little girl’s deterrent glare, she highlighted three words: "It’s annoying!"
At the sight of the teenager’s pain, Chi Cong pressed it angrily on the peony wound and gasped in a gasp. Only then did he feel avenged and groaned heavily. He never cared about the ugly face of Paeonia lactiflora again. He went back to Pan Hui’s side and took her hand and asked, "What are the plans for Sister Pan?"
Pan Hui didn’t answer the rhetorical question. "Do you know that the plague also spread in the Eastern Zhou army and it is said that it came from them?"
Chicong nodded. "I just went out of the island this time!" Last month, brother Xianling Island came to ask Master for help, saying that even their Xianling Island pills could delay the deterioration of the disease. After figuring out that there was something else wrong with this matter, Master sent me out to see Master, saying that I was proficient in medicine and pharmacology and would definitely find a treatment plan! "
When the little girl said this, she looked smug. Pan Hui couldn’t help laughing and rubbed her head and said, "Did you find any problems?"
Chiyong nodded with a rare dignified face. "I and Peony have confirmed that this is indeed a plague and that someone has developed a malicious virus, just like Sister Pan’s’ three-day extinction’ in that year, and behind all this is to take the souls of strangers. I and Peony have not found out where those souls have gone."
Paeonia lactiflora interrupted "today can be chased" and said that he looked at Pan Hui and Mu Yan and his eyes became more and more unfriendly.
He followed those living souls all the way here, but he was stopped by this man, Yi Deng, so he lost track.
Pan Hui recognized the meaning of Paeonia lactiflora as soon as she heard it. She casually pulled the corners of her mouth and was too lazy to argue.
In peony’s view, it seems that they are blocking his way, but in her view, it is the tiger who attacks them indiscriminately, so he is not familiar with them and must care about how the other party wants to argue about a result. She doesn’t want to let the pool get caught in the middle.
Is Pan Hui didn’t think my girl also keenly recognized the hidden meaning in the peony words immediately hands rested on her hips drum gills help cried "what do you mean! If you lose yourself, you lose me. I don’t want to blame you for doing bad things. How can you blame Sister Pan? Peony, you are so … so unlovable! "
Pan Hui’s eyes suddenly twitched for two times, and I don’t know how to shape my mood at the moment. Chi Xiuxian is a good boy who can’t even call names.
She smiled and took hold of the little girl and said, "Okay, okay, now is not the time to discuss this matter. I have been staying in Zhou Guo’s military camp for the past two days. If someone is really pulling away the soul as you said, is it possible that those soldiers infected with the plague in the army are also pulling away the soul?"
The reason Chicong’s words were ready to get angry. Peony’s face suddenly changed. He didn’t want to argue at this time. He shouted at Pan Hui, "Lead the way quickly! I’m afraid I can’t come if I’m late! "
Pan Hui immediately scooped up the pool, held the little girl in her arms and lifted the "shrinking the ground into inches" technique, and went in the direction of the military camp.
Paeonia lactiflora slightly one leng obviously didn’t expect Pan Hui to stay so fast that people have disappeared before he quickly found the smell of the pool and followed it.
By the time Peony caught up with the two men, Pan Huizheng was waiting for him at the gate of the camp, apparently for fear that he would not get in.
However, the three men were stopped by the soldiers on duty, and even though Pan Hui said that the two men were doctors, they were still not allowed to go in.
Just when Pan Huinai, Paeonia lactiflora suddenly ran in the direction of the mountain forest and went to the pool. She quickly pulled Pan Huiyi’s corner and eagerly said, "Come on, Sister Pan, follow me! Peony must have seen the soul again. "
Pan Hui didn’t say anything, holding my little girl and chasing her.
After chasing for a while, Paeonia lactiflora stopped and looked confused.
Chisou cleverly aside without saying anything but stretched out his hand and pulled the peony hand.
The young man looked at the pool and frowned tightly with a little tyrannical breath.
He’s not very good-tempered, but he hides it very well in the face of Chibu. Now he’s lost his pride here, and it’s hard for him to control his emotions. Fortunately, Chibu is holding him aside, otherwise he might have gone straight away at the moment.
Pan Hui knew that she must have lost her again without asking. She looked around and found that this was the place where their peony and Chi Cong met before. She immediately "hitched" and silently asked, "Is there any formation near Xiao Yan?"
Mu Yan wobbled around and checked for a circle before replying, "There seems to be array fluctuation, but this array is very secret and seems to be closed, so I can’t find the entrance unless …"
"Unless what?"
"Sister Pan, do you think it is possible that this array can only be started at night, otherwise no one will die during the day, and everyone will die after dark?"
Pan Hui’s heart suddenly felt that Mu Cong’s speculation was very likely. She immediately told Chi Cong and Shao Yao these words, and when she saw the two children looking at her together, she said, "My idea is that we can come here every day to find the entrance to the array. Mu Cong has a certain research on the array, which can help us find clues to break this hidden array, and we may be able to find out where those souls are going."
Paeonia lactiflora is still annoyed that he has lost those living souls and has no objection to Pan Hui’s suggestion, so he will listen to Pan Hui’s arrangement.
However, when it comes to the problem of accommodation for two people, Chi Cong insists on living in a mountain forest with Paeonia lactiflora. She says that she doesn’t like contact with people very much. Although she has been transfigurable now, it still lasts for a short time. In case her white hair is exposed accidentally, it will be bad, but she has always been relatively safe with Paeonia lactiflora.
Pan Hui seldom sees my girl so opinionated, so she no longer insists on letting the two of them stay where they are and leave with Mu Cong.
Chapter 315 The plague, the soul (3)
Before she left, she wanted to think about leaving Xie Suixin’s whistle to Chicong when they were in danger. After all, these two children Chicong never liked practitioners and peonies … The ability to protect themselves by being wounded by a light arrow from Mu Cong is limited, so it is better to leave this whistle for help to them.
After returning to the barracks, Pan Hui checked the situation of those patients. Sure enough, several people died, and they all looked frightened before they died, struggling so badly that they trembled like cramps.
Pan Hui’s mood was very heavy, and she failed to calm down her meditation and pranayama all night. She left the camp at first light and was ready to go out and walk to the gate of the camp, but she was stopped. She turned to look at the people who had always frowned lightly without trace.
The bearer wore a gorgeous palace embroidered with the bird Suzaku, with a phoenix peony bun and a pink rosa multiflora with a somewhat gaunt face.
Pan Hui didn’t reciprocate, but simply called "princess royal is well."
Princess royal Jihe reluctantly smiled and said, "Is Miss Pan going out?"