If he had gone to Barcelona, he wouldn’t have a chance to be on this big stage now.

Barcelona season is not even eligible to participate in the Champions League!
Changsheng laughed, laughing heartily and excited.
Like Ronaldinho, he knew he was going to win!
At this point in the game, Porto can’t stop himself.
What else can they do? I blocked myself, Cambiaso and Deco, Ronaldinho and Reyes. You sent everyone to block my core, and my other players are not vegetarians.
Moreover, the two-goal lead has already occupied the wind, and now the initiative is on our side.
I want to attack, I want to attack, I want to control and defend.
And you, Porto?
You have no choice but to attack.
Changsheng knows Mourinho’s character very well. Mourinho is a very conservative and utilitarian man in his bones, but he is very gambling. When the situation is unfavorable, he usually chooses to act very aggressively.
Mourinho threw his hand to the ground.
"Mom!" He scold a way
At this time, the deduction is gone.
Now there is a way for him to go, and that is attack!
Try to get a goal back as quickly as possible to demoralize the opponent, and then try to score another goal before the end of the game to equalize the total score. Dragging the game into overtime is a penalty shootout-he specially practiced penalties before the game.
When the game resumed, he changed two people in one breath, Russian winger Alenichev and South African striker McCarthy.
He hopes that these two attacking players can bring vitality to the team’s attack.
But by this time Valencia had completely grasped the situation.
On the contrary, the Porto players seem a little listless after losing two goals, and their fighting spirit is losing from them, just like their physical fitness …
Chapter three hundred and fifty The suspense is over!
The fatal blow to Porto was not Valencia’s second goal, but the subsequent red card from Ma Niqie.
Mourinho’s loyal "running dog" Ma Niqie still defends Deco like a hound on the court no matter what problems the team is facing now.
But the referee must have discussed their problems at halftime.
The penalty scale of the half-court is much stricter.
When Ma Niqie knocked Deco to the ground again, the referee Nelson whistled and he took out a yellow card!
Mourinho was very angry when he saw this scene. He stared at the stadium and roared, "You can’t do this! He can’t do this! " Mourinho was so excited because he knew that Ma Niqie had already got a yellow card, that is, he pressured the referee to give it at half-time.
If you give a yellow card again, it will be the second card and you will be punished!
Come on, one person will be punished for falling behind … What’s the kick in this game?
But no matter how he growls, leave him alone, such as putting pressure on the fourth official
Referee Nelson decisively showed Ma Niqie the second yellow card. Two yellows turned into one red!
Then he pulled out a red card and gave it to Ma Niqie.
Red card!
Ma Niqie was sent off!
"Ah, Ma Niqie was sent off … this is really snow and frost. Porto is in a bigger dilemma …"
"Ma Niqie is not very angry. He still wants to find the referee theory. What’s the good theory? If I am the referee, you will be sent off at half time! " The Spanish commentator finally got out of his mouth and kept taunting Ma Niqie.
Finally, there are more rational people. After teammates persuaded Ma Niqie to finally leave the stadium, he looked very depressed.
Obviously, he realized that Porto’s defeat was irreversible.
In the face of this scene, Mourinho has been angry, and he just resigned himself on the sidelines.
There’s nothing he can do if he can’t accept his fate.
Deco is alive again without Ma Niqie’s restraint. He has shown people what makes him the core of Valencia and why Cambiaso and Ronaldinho can be backup.
As he combed Valencia’s attack, it became smoother.
They resumed the tactic of running fast, so that Porto could passively follow Valencia and could not grasp the initiative.
Now they still have one person missing, and the defense is full of loopholes, so Bai Ya can give full play to his support.
If it weren’t for Bai Ya’s excellent saves several times, I’m afraid Porto would be five goals behind now …
But even so, Bai Ya still managed to stop Valencia from flooding.
In the 73rd minute, Deco sent out assists, Reyes and Ronaldinho David Villa ran out, which was much easier for a shooter.
Villa stopped the ball in the penalty area and shot in one go.
The football flew into Bai Ya to guard the goal for the third time!
"The suspense is over! Valencia card is the king of Europe in the season! "
"Valencia won the first Champions League in the history of their club!"
The commentators cheered in succession.
Proud to go to Schalke Stadium at this time, Valencia fans cheered and there was no sound of Porto fans.
The Portuguese have been completely silent.
In Porto, the bench and coach’s bench are also a backwater.
Mourinho stared at the stadium with an expression on the sidelines, and no one knew what he was thinking.
In fact, whether he wins the championship or not will have little influence on his future, because he has reached an agreement with Chelsea before, and he will become Chelsea coach next season.
But … shouldn’t it be possible for a head coach to pursue the championship honor?