The navy trident suddenly stabs, but its aim is not as good as that of Xiao Wengen before, so you don’t have to take the exquisite fire sword to block it, and you can hide just by escaping!

"Whoosh …"
Sure enough, the trident flew directly over Xiao Wen’s head and couldn’t touch him!
Xiao asked, while blowing, he also tried to inject Daoli into the flute and inject Shennian into it.
After Daoli went in, he still didn’t respond as before, but when the mind swept away, he actually felt more than before!
This feeling is quite similar to that when he refined the exquisite fire sword, which immediately made him understand that this flute is also a sacrifice, and it is likely to be higher when it is refined to the sixth level! Because he is not the original owner of the flute or for other reasons, the flute will ignore him even if it has magical powers.
On the theory that just playing ordinary music can restrain the fisherman’s fiend, even if it can’t be excavated, it’s called magical power.
At this time, Xiao Wen turned out to be pulling the distance between him and the fisherman’s fiend farther and farther through this flute. As he played the fisherman’s fiend, he acted as if he were drunk and hit the temple wall.
Xiao asked my heart just relieved and changed again. The fishman fiend suddenly interrupted and growled and looked up and stared directly in the direction of Xiao asked!
Pure Guanghua immediately she out most is not in the direction of Xiao asked, but the fishman fiend once adjusted the pure water-like Guanghua and swept toward Xiao asked!
The Guanghua hit the hall and the walls, but it broke out with great power when it hit Nan Yunqing and others. Xiao Wen never wanted to be touched by the Guanghua at this time.
Mind move exquisite fire fierce sword has been flying, and finally stood in front of Xiao Wen, and exquisite fire fierce sword has become a foot wide at this time, so it didn’t give the Guanghua SHE an angle.
"Choke! ! !”
Exquisite fire fierce sword should fly turned out to be extremely fast toward xiao asked took over!
Xiao Wen hurriedly narrowed the exquisite fire sword and tried his best to raise it while he hid in the direction.
But it’s such a batch of delay fisherman fiend who didn’t rush to the crowd, but it’s amazing! See him directly with a wave of his right arm forward the deep and remote blue breath in the main hall was he extracted a lot of direct into a thick dark blue water carrying momentum toward xiao asked boom in the past!
This is really out of expectation. Just now, it was blocked by the exquisite fire sword, and I didn’t see it before. When I heard a bang, he was hit by the deep blue water and immediately spit out one mouthful blood from his throat. Then the deep blue water leng put Xiao questionnaire in it and hit the ground in the distance!
"bang! ! !”
Xiao Wen slammed into the ground and was able to spit out a life with one mouthful blood. He lost half of it directly …
If it weren’t for his immobility, Wang Jindan was afraid that this foot would smash him to pieces and die!
How many tricks has this fishman fiend not made?
Xiao Wengen flew up in a hurry regardless of physical pain and once again blew the green Yu Di.
At this time, Nan Yunqing finally grabbed and pinned down the fishman fiend.
However, when the fisherman’s fiend pulls the blue breath in the main hall again, it’s almost as usual to complete his main attack. Instead, the trident is not so good. At the moment, the fisherman’s fiend’s body falters, and the trident does not have any firing. However, this large-scale water attack is more effective.
Xiao asked while playing the flute, it was still flustered. The more I thought about it, the more wrong it was. Why didn’t this fishman fiend instigate the deep and remote blue scented water flow means so strong? If he comes this way, the five of them will never persist until now, and even the people in the world will die half as much!
Look at this situation, this avatar is more like a fisherman’s fiend just realized!
Is it true or not?
Xiao Wen also confirmed that it was not until a moment later that he saw that the fishman fiend had another constant avatar!
See that every time the fishman fiend’s tail is swept out, it can bring up a strong pressure to squeeze the blue breath in the front of the tail more densely, which greatly reduces the escape speed of everyone behind!
He has mastered a new avatar!
What the hell is going on? !
And all these changes occurred after Xiao Wen played the flute. At this time, Xiao Wen had to wonder if this green Yu Di gave the fisherman a new avatar.
If that’s the case, then what’s the point? !
Xiao Wen thought more and more angrily, and once again poured his mind into it. He said, "If those magical powers are really caused by you, you’d better teach me a few tricks to restrain them or I’ll cut you off!" !”
He doesn’t know if this green Yu Di can understand it, but if the other party is really refined to the sixth level, the fairy can feel his mood less.
Words just say that finish exquisite fire fierce sword is flying up the tip almost arrived in the green Yu Di!