A sigh came again, and a figure appeared beside Shennong. Shennong said, "I didn’t think that since you are so determined, it’s worthwhile to send me to save you!"

The bearer is the Luo Ya, that is, now the incarnation of the quasi-saint and the good corpse. Pu Pu’s carelessness caused the Terran to be slaughtered by two groups of witches. Although the killing of the Terran by the two groups of witches was determined by heaven, Pu still hung the title of Terran Saint. Such a great event happened to the Terran, but he failed to help the Terran at this time. Think about how the Terran revered himself when he was in the Terran, which made the Terran Saint feel guilty.
It’s been more than 300 years since Pu went out, and it’s not that I didn’t think about going to the Terran to ask for justice. However, when the Terran experienced the disaster, it didn’t get a response because it asked for help from its own saint. After more than 300 years, it was gradually forgotten by the Terran. Plus, at that time, Pu also knew that the Lich War was about to call back to Luoya to continue to practice.
This time, Luoya made joint efforts with Jieyin to put the original purple gas belonging to Hongyun HarmonyOS into a thorough understanding in less than one hundred years. Although it has not been repaid yet, it is also a way to make great progress. Although the strength is the first and the oldest than that of the saints, it can also be evenly matched before the original and Tongtian are motionless.
Although all this is just Luoya, it is estimated that the final fact remains to be verified, but Luoya is no longer afraid to act like that. As soon as Shennong left that famous mountain, he let himself pick up the incarnation and come to protect Shennong. After all, san huang has a great influence on the Terran in the future. It is of great benefit to make a good fight with san huang Shennong now for Buddhism in the future.
It would be very difficult to deal with Shen Nong’s body poison if it were handled by Luo Jin Xian Liu, but it was not difficult for the sage and the good corpse incarnation to be quasi-holy and later cultivated, and the bodhi soon solved Shen Nong’s body poison.
It didn’t take long to wake up after the toxicity was removed from Shennong.
When Shennong woke up, he found himself surrounded by a kind-hearted and well-dressed person. Shennong saw that he couldn’t see through this person’s early repairs in Jin Xian. That said, this person at least has the ability to pick Jin Xian’s early repairs and then link the past with the future. Shennong is also white, so he must be the one in front of him
"The junior Shennong thanks the immortal for saving his life!" Shennong saluted Pu Xie Tao
San huang, a man of heaven and earth, respected his status after he returned to his place, even if he saw a saint, there was no big gift. Although Shennong has not yet obtained the throne, his prostration is not the incarnation of a saint and a good corpse. If Bodhi can withstand it now, the cause and effect of Shennong’s gift will be too big to be counted in the future, such as calculating Buddhism!
Pu is still very clear about this. He released a magic power to stop Shennong from worshipping and said, "You’re welcome to be original, but it just happened to pass by here. Besides, how can you be original in from ruin?"
"Immortals grow up to be righteous. Shennong Pei didn’t ask Immortals to be called?" Shennong got up when he saw Fabai and made a kowtow to Pu.
"Being original is a name of Shan Ye savage, even if it is said that the owner has never heard of it, it is better not to say it!" Pu laughed
"The immortal has a life-saving grace for Shennong. If you still hope that the immortal will tell you the name, Shennong will remember the immortal grace!"
I didn’t expect Shennong to be so stubborn, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or laugh. "Being original, Bodhi!" "
The name Pu is familiar! Shennong thought about it in his mind, and then tried to find out where he had heard this name in his memory. Finally Shennong remembered that when he was very young, he heard the elders in the tribe say that there was a saint named Pu in the Terran a long time ago, but later he didn’t know why he had never appeared in the Terran again.
"Is it true that the immortal is my Terran?"
"Ha ha can’t think of so long or someone didn’t forget me! Good being original is the former terran saint "pu quite a bit self-deprecating laughed.
"Terran Shennong sees the holy master!" Shennong hurriedly salute again after hearing the words of Pu.
I don’t want to be the identity of the Terran Saint anymore. It’s not that he feels that the Terran has failed him, but that he has failed the Terran! Jumping away from Shennong, I said, "Now I am no longer a Terran saint. The owner needs to be like this!"
Shennong, if he knew that the bodhisattva psychology heard that the bodhisattva was returning to the bodhisattva because the Terran had forgotten about himself over the years, he quickly said, "It is very wrong for the Saint Terran to forget about you, but if you are willing to return to the Terran, we must not respect you more than before. The development of the Saint Terran needs you. I hope you will be a lot. Don’t care about us!"
Pu didn’t expect Shennong to think so. He shook his head and said, "It’s not what you think, but I have a negative Terran."
Shennong was stunned at first, but soon came over in vain. He said, "You don’t have to remember what happened before the holy master!"
"You can forget, but this is a pain in my heart forever. Don’t persuade me. You are still very heavy. Don’t be in the waves."
Say that finish pu figure disappeared.
"Saint saint!"
Seeing that Pu disappeared, Shennong shouted around and hoped that Pu could come out and go back to Terran again to help Terran.
Shennong shouted for a long time, but he didn’t see Pu again, knowing that Pu was really gone. That regret in his heart!
Shennong’s poisoning has just been removed with the help of Pu. At the moment, the body is still weak, and this will miss out on being very helpful to the Terran. It’s a great deal of impatience. Wow, when I spit out a bright red blood, the bearer fainted again.
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Chapter VII Jingwei Reclamation
In fact, Pu didn’t really walk away. He just lost his figure and breath in the process. Luo Ya confessed to him two things when he sent him to help Shennong. How could he really leave one of them when he helped Shennong contact with the poisoning? However, it is obviously impossible for Shennong to find the quasi-holy late Pu in Jin Xian’s initial repair.
Seeing that the bottom fainted again because of himself, Shennong Pu felt a feeling that she had never felt before. Rao is a bodhi with a quasi-holy later period, and her monastic mind is stable enough, and her eyes are almost wet by Shennong.
On the one hand, these have inherited Luoya from Pu and have memories of later generations, on the other hand, they also talk about Shennong people.
The figure once again appeared beside Shennong. First, Bodhi put a magic power into Shennong to help Shennong recover better, and then he took Shennong to another mountain.
To say that this mountain is also famous in the middle of nowhere, although it can’t compare with shouyangshan, where Pangu’s backbone is transformed, it is definitely more widely known than Xumi Mountain, where Luoya and Jieyin are located. This mountain is called Qingqiu Mountain.
This Qingqiu Mountain is a place where foxes gather in the demon race. Nu Wa has been caring for the vulnerable groups in the demon race since she became a saint, especially since the number of lich robbers. Nu Wa’s care for Qingqiu Mountain has become more strict, and it is difficult for her to be unknown in the wild.
Due to the arrangement of Nu Wa, many foxes in Qingqiu Mountain will be married in the future. Later, Ren Huang will add some foxes to marry Terrans, and they will have a good life. Some foxes who want to be repaired will come out to look for a husband when they are moved. In the future, many foxes will marry mortals. The story says that the prototype came from here.
When Pu came, Luo Ya told me that Shennong had a marriage here, and that in the future, the descendants born of Shennong and Qingqiushan would have a great disaster. He told Pu to help Shennong when he was robbed.
After Pu took Shennong to Qingqiu Mountain, he put Shennong in front of a cave house and deliberately made a noise to disturb the cave people, and then Pu disappeared again.
As soon as Pu’s figure disappeared, he hit the David’s door and came out from the inside with a beautiful face and a graceful figure.
This woman is really a contemporary master of Qingqiu Mountain. She has been looking for land alone in the south of Qingqiu Mountain for a long time because of her quiet nature. Now she also has a mid-term study in Jin Xian.
Not long ago, Nu Wa Empress told her to be born and look for opportunities to help the Terran co-masters. She didn’t want to be disturbed by the noise made by the Bodhisattva, so she came out to have a look.
Come out and have a look. Empress Qian found a human faint in front of the cave, and this person is surprisingly similar to Nu Wa’s recent confession that she should be born to assist the contemporary terran co-leader.
After listening to Niangniang, I know where this person is similar to the contemporary Terran co-owner, Shennong, but it is real. After listening to Niangniang, I also figured out that Shennong is a solution to the Terran’s hardship. At the moment, Tianbaicao is eating toxic papyrus by mistake, and her life is hanging by a thread. I can’t help but care for this Nu Wa Empress to help Shennong herself, but I can’t take care of many driving Shennong and going to clean up the abode of fairies. So when a beautiful woman comes out, I will play a heroic drama.
The toxicity of Shennong’s body has already been eliminated by Pu, and now the reason for coma is just mental injury caused by emotional excitement. It is natural to listen to Niangniang’s intervention in Pu. After helping Shennong back, it is natural to listen to Niangniang’s taking out Ganoderma lucidum and Xiancao, which have been treasured for many years, and assisting a variety of precious medicinal materials to be used as medicine. Shennong will naturally recover soon.
Although Shennong couldn’t figure out how he got to Qingqiu Mountain after waking up, he saw that there were many species in Qingqiu Mountain, and Shennong stayed in Qingqiu Mountain with beauty.
After a long time, Shennong listened to the feelings of the Empress, and the two soon married.
A few years later, Shennong heard that the birth of a girl named Nvwa had the meaning of commemorating the virgin of Terran and the sage of Demon.
Shennong quickly identified all the species in Qingqiu Mountain with the help of Emperor Qian. Later, Shennong listened to Emperor Qian’s suggestion to sort out his notes in his early years and his income over the years, so as to facilitate the future flow among terrans! (Tang Chen is here. At this time, Cang Xie has not yet created words. In the flood, all ethnic groups generally made Shennong, an ancient demon, and now it is also an ancient demon.)
Shennong’s extensive identification of species attributes for many years, and now it is necessary to add pharmacological knowledge to the finishing process, which is a huge short-term project and difficult to complete
Sixteen years later, Shennong’s sorting work has entered a critical moment, and at this time, the daughter girl born by Shennong and Listening has grown into a lively and active girl. Shennong is obsessed with sorting books every day and Listening has to help her. The husband and wife naturally have no leisure time to accompany the girl.
The girl is lively by nature, such as being able to stand loneliness alone, so the girl secretly runs out to play.
This green hill is located at the northern end of the vast land near the Beihai girl. As soon as she left, she came to the seaside. It happened that there was a boat parked by the sea, and the girl ran to the boat and drove the boat to the center.
Let’s talk about the girl playing in the North Sea while driving a boat. Suddenly, a blue-black nine-claw dragon flew out of the sea and shouted at Jingwei, "Where did the girl dare to mess around in my site!"
Although the girl is small at this time, she also knows that she can’t show fear at this time, otherwise she will weaken her father’s name. "I am the girl of Shennong, the daughter of Shennong, and you are a person. I am playing in the sea and you are doing it?" Nvwa boulevard
This nine-claw dragon has a lot to say, but it was specially used to pull the frame of the lich King Taiyi. This identity seems to be similar to that of a mount, but in fact it was more noble than the general lich God in those years. However, after the Lich War, the pair of the Lich King Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi fell, and the demon family became declining. This dragon was lucky enough to save his life during the Lich War and occupied a piece of water in the North Sea, which has been hidden for many years.
When Xiaolong heard the other party, he was just a little Terran. He thought that when the demon tribe slaughtered the Terran, he died in his own claw. The Terran didn’t have 100,000, but he didn’t expect that the Terran who hadn’t been out for many years had become so bold and dared to speak with himself. His heart was not angry.
"Little Terran dares to be so presumptuous. Today I will make you see me well!"
After that, the dragon gave a long chant and changed into a human shape. A square painting halberd in the hand towards the boat where the girl was located was a split of force.
The girl is just an ordinary Terran girl, except that her biological father is the co-owner of the Terran Shennong, and she is as different as other Terran mortals. She has resisted this article, and now she has a sharp blow from the dragon in the early stage of the fairy cultivation.