Suddenly, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, looked at the sky and asked, "Are those immortals coming for us?"

"Look at their route should be!" The sky was silent for a moment and nodded and said
"How did they know we were here? Is it the earth treasure king? " Zhang Xiaotian Zheng first, then some indecision said that there are truths to see where they are.
"no! There are many natural formations in the sea of the underworld that want us to enter the sea of the underworld. No matter how strong they are, they can’t take us! " Faint responded dismissively said
"Uh …" Zhang Xiaotian was just a little surprised, not afraid! And … For faint words Zhang Xiaotian is also deeply suspicious! If the ghost sea is really as faint as it is said, then the ghost people were almost wiped out by people more than 100 thousand years ago?
May be guessed Zhang Xiao, as faint smiled and said slowly, "The sea of the nether world has a number of natural large arrays, even though our people of the nether world have only explored a small part! Since things happened more than 100,000 years ago, our people from the nether world have explored a distance to the depths of the nether world! If you go back to more than 100 thousand years ago, you will never regenerate that kind of thing! " Hear faint words Zhang Xiaotian this just white ghost people what so confident.
It turned out to be the sea of ghosts!
"Do you know the strength of those who practice Buddhism now?" Thought of here Zhang Xiaotian asked with a dignified face.
"Power now? They lost a lot more than 100,000 years ago! Are they still so powerful today after more than 100 thousand years? " Faint and … a little strange asked
"Ha ha!" Zhang Xiaotian wry smile indeed as expected ghost people don’t know the Buddha now strength.
"Just now! We just had a fight with a seventh-order Buddhist! " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"What? Seventh-order Buddha practice? " Faint and invisible face frightened.
"well! I think that the seventh-order Buddha practice is also the kind that does not fail in Buddha practice! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded lightly and said that he could feel that the earth treasure king was much worse than the Buddha! If the earth treasure king really has several masters in Lingshan, then the Buddha will not be so arrogant in front of the earth treasure king! Even the earth treasure king should be so respectful to the Buddha. It can be seen that the earth treasure king is not so powerful among many Buddhist masters in Lingshan! It can also be seen that there are many masters in Lingshan!
"Don’t fail?" Faint and invisible shocked the world more than 100,000 years ago, when the ghosts fought back, they also lost many monks of the seventh order! But practicing Buddhism is different! Invading them more than 100 thousand years ago, the highest Buddha practice was also seven orders and there was only one! Even so, they lost a lot of ghosts! I didn’t expect that now the seventh-order Buddha practice doesn’t even fail the grade. How can they not be surprised?
After a while, I looked vaguely at Zhang Xiaotian with a dignified face and asked, "Are you sure?" This matter is serious to them ghosts!
"You can ask Xiao Qing Xiao Qing also knows when Xiao Qing wakes up! Those who practice Buddhism have at least three steps to practice Buddhism! " Zhang Xiaotian said flatly.
Xiao Qing absorbs the ghost force, which seems to have reached the final stage. No ghost force emerges from the sea, and the blue wings behind Xiao Qing are also collected into the body! Eyes closed and body glowing with light purple light, weak and bright!
"Order …" Faint and invisible people are shocked and speechless. In the face of practicing Buddhism, their ghosts are better than ordinary ghosts, but not much better! They ghosts are only practicing the highest order of six now. Facing the order of practicing Buddha …
"Eldest brother! Those immortals are coming! " Just then, the sky woke up.
"Have you arrived yet?" Zhang Xiaotian lightly nodded and learned five steps and three steps before his confidence increased a lot! Let him face the earth treasure king again at this time. He has absolute confidence to kill the earth treasure king! Once was a mistake!
At the same time, more than 5,000 figures have emerged, even in the face of order monk Zhang Xiaotian, who also has confidence in World War I!
"Eldest brother! Don’t fight hard if you are a monk of the opposite order! " Perhaps it is seen that Zhang Xiao, as in the heavenly heart, pondered the sky for a moment and then advised it to say.
"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotian some confused look at the sky.
"Order godsworn extraordinary! They have mastered some laws of heaven and earth, boss. If they are right, they should teleport away immediately! " Sky shook his head and said
"The law of heaven and earth?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned. What is this law of heaven and earth?
"How do you know?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian remembered something like turning to look at the sky and asked.
They are also curious to look at the sky!
"I … I …" Hearing Zhang Xiaotian ask about the sky, the expression on his face became hesitant by one leng statement.
Just then a white light came towards them in the distance.
Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look that white light and they followed back.
See white Zhang Xiaotian not a deep breath! This degree is not slow!
Thought of here Zhang Xiaotian looked back at fat er … Sky! The sky has long since been cultivated, but according to this degree, what a distance it is! I’m afraid it’s not much worse than the yin and yang eyes at Xiao prefecture level! The former fat boy didn’t do this!
"Miss Qin!" White light to the front of a surprise sound followed up.
"Huh?" Listen to this sound Zhang Xiaotian look slightly zheng.
See bearer is a face of surprise at Qin Wan!
Bearer is a young man in his twenties wearing a purple close-fitting soft armor, with a head of purple flowing freely over his shoulders. He is neither tall nor short! Grow … Handsome than Zhang Xiaotian! Xiu ….. reached the peak level of the sixth order!
Is his fiery eyes Zhang Xiaotian is very unhappy!
"Are you … Yang Gong?" Qin wan looked very surprised after recognizing the bearer!
"Yes!" Hearing Qin Wan talking, the young man looked a little happy! I couldn’t help taking a few steps …
Seeing the youth looking at Qin Wan Zhang Xiaotian with a face of surprise is not frowned! Hou Zhangxiaotian was angry when he saw the young people getting closer to Qin Wandi!