"Miss you? Exaggerated my mother put me at home for 3 months to practice what element nv sword. I somehow came out for air today. "

Yun Ni was born a beautiful woman, with slender limbs, white and beautiful, but childlike, only 16 years old.
When Hu Hu comes, a monkey comes from a tree with a broken bag on his back.
Xu Shao said, "This is the old two sisters Hu Hu." Hu Hu grabbed the first sister? No, Baiyunhai said, "What is Hu Hu’s back?"
Inside the bag was a dark red bow, three dirty arrows and a long/big sword.
The sea of clouds picked up the bow and said, "What an antique ~"
"God, my brother can’t pull a bow, Xu Shaoge, don’t you think?"
Sun arrow? Treasure bow? Who has heard of it? "Grandpa can’t sit still." What? I know it’s said that it was the first bow of Houyi, an ancient fairy, that killed ancient beasts. It’s impossible, isn’t it? That’s just that the sun arrow can’t really shine, can it? Hehe, "Grandpa finally said after playing for half a day," These are definitely magic weapons. I don’t know how powerful they are. Please be careful. Maybe you are destined for them. They have always been magic weapons. It’s hard to find magic weapons if people want to find them ~ "Then I went back to my house to check.
"Since Grandpa also said so, thank you Hu Hu" "If you have indecent intercourse, I will give you my dry Kun armor." "I’ll give you my white Y crown." Hu Hu wears armor and wears Y crown immediately without refusing. "
Finally, Ni stopped crying after Hu Hu jiā gave birth to the snake-crowned pearl. Everyone made an appointment to go to the martial arts field early in the morning and go back to rest. In the evening, the white fox also quietly came to show Xu Shao a bowl of Ganoderma lucidum. It took five years to entertain an altar of homemade food and wine before the two guys went away.
The four stalls in the martial arts field are filled with all kinds of fruits, delicious food, hundreds of homemade wines, grilled fish and Wang Liu’s exotic things and various weapons. Everyone took the opportunity to exchange goods for jiā.
The villagers are all familiar with each other and you’re welcome to meet each other for a long time. What kind of parents Zhang and Li are short of jubilation? Suddenly, an ice-like beauty came over with a group of tall teenagers, and it was cool and refreshing. It was Dong Guo Bingqian who had always kept her eyes above the top, but when she saw Xu Shao’s eyes, she flashed a heart and thought, "This is the Wu Yuan competition that made me recruit. That man is now as handsome as a lion."
And the soul of the sea of clouds had already flown. Mama Yunhai and Aunt Wang said in Beicun that the girl Xiao Yi had come to see the graceful figure of Xiao Yi, and the saliva in the sea of clouds was almost dripping to the ground until she saw Xiao Yi’s brother Wang Da’s enemy face and eyes behind him.
Once every three years, Wu Yuan Wushu Yuan Village can win a Wu Yuan competition, and Wu Yuan can be promoted to Changcun, and the 3-year-old village can be promoted to the Presbyterian Church. If the 2-year-old Wu Yuan has to be an elder, it can be seen that the seniority in the village is serious.
However, our generation must practice martial arts to resist foreign aggression and protect the weak from all kinds of beasts. Our village can stand tall. This year, there will be 64 people in Wu Yuan, plus six fair fights. I will wait for five people and the village head to take charge of six venues. Everyone can fight with all their strength. There are really dangerous moves. I can cope with six people in time. The meaning is really much higher than that of my grandchildren.
Xuanyuan sword cast by Huangdi is 4 feet and 5 inches long, which coincides with the number of bronze handles in Kyushu. A brass sword stands for the two veins of Yan and Huang, and a jewel stands for the ten counties. It is said that the sword also contains a map of secret treasures. The villagers don’t know that the treasure that has been lost for a long time in the Central Plains actually appears here. If this sword enters the Jianghu, I don’t know how many bloody battles it will bring. However, it is only a wild man cheering here.
Xu Shao went backstage to see the village youth Toshihiko almost all coming, but they were all family members crowding around, but they were all alone. They didn’t swallow a mouthful of the hip flask and experienced a burning sore throat and tears, but they didn’t know that a pair of wonderful eyes were looking at him intentionally.
"Brother, don’t worry, my brothers will meet again in the final". Xu Shao is bullying the sixth group.
On the third pole, Lin Yiliang listened to the three elders shouting "The Mountain Gods are here to welcome everyone". A bunch of savages all worshipped to listen to a humanitarian in Buwai. "The gods in Taoyuan Village represent the spirits of Longshan and wish you a good harvest." Everyone panicked and kowtowed. Hearing "Boom", the figure disappeared around the cloth, and the sacrifices disappeared. There were loess flying and bearded, but it seemed that they were in a hurry, so they made haste to chase the trees that disappeared in an instant.
Yunhai said, "eldest brother, do you suspect it is ~?" Xu Shao immediately stopped "Xu" and then pointed to his nose and smiled. Soon Hu Hu came back with a pair of depressed Yang who didn’t seem to catch up with half of them.
Today, Taiwan saw that it was really a dragon and phoenix with a face like a mountain. Yueshi attracted bursts of little nv sharp calls to Zhou ǐng. Although it was everyone’s younger brother Zhou Jia’s ace, he was almost lost in the battle of Secao Village. Zhou ǐng was born with arrogance and didn’t answer. He picked up his back and made progress with a double-headed silver gun. He leaned forward and plunged into the black dragon marksmanship all the way. Zhao Zhigang also made him superb. You’re welcome to pull out the snake sword in his hand. Look at the 36-way marksmanship, which didn’t stick to
"Phantom Magic Gun" and "He has developed the phantom posture of Zhou’s Juexue". Zhao Zhigang was shocked to see Zhou ǐng’s foot shadow behind the scorching sun. He was thinking about two gun tips to avoid and avoid. His teeth were facing each other, and there was no shadow. Zhou ǐng’s sword was in front of him. He listened to "when" the gun tip went through Zhao Zhigang’s back and then disappeared for a long time. See Zhou ǐng, God threw the gun and said, "I lost.
Xu Shao said, "Can you use this marksmanship again?"
"Mama ah, I dare not go or die." Yun Ni’s mouth can eat his fist.
Opponents bow repeatedly. It is the barbarian who respects the warrior’s etiquette. The barbarian turned out to be a strong opponent of Zude until Zude complained that after the barbarian crisis was resolved, the two families treated each other as brothers and even made several vigorous love stories.
Xu Shao frightened savages are most afraid of other people’s competition, just like looking down on them. "Don’t spare the old 2" The sea of clouds has just slowed down after ten strokes. The bear killer has covered him like a storm, and it is almost impossible to get out of an archery. It is difficult to cast four swords. Just after passing through the phantom of the giant feet, it flew over and hit me. In an instant, it has reached the platform to avoid the inevitable fierce Hara. A bear with both hands was struck from left and right, and the leaves were blown away by the strong breeze. "Both sides are similar to hit the center" Xu Shao called
After coming to Taiwan, Meng Hara came to hug the sea of clouds and held it high, just like an adult holding a child. He lifted three talents and put them in the mouth of the big mother, which means an arrow and so on.
And Xu Shao is the most favored junior in the session. After entering the top, he lost to Bing Qian. Three years later, he is already the strongest Tibetan male group. It’s really a pity that the villagers were simple and even the group players met before the group finals, but the will of the mountain gods cannot be changed. Both sides immediately appeared.
Xu Shao immediately fuels and says, "Brother Ba"
"That’s my brother, too. I’m coming." Say that finish, the sweeping of bāng in front of my bow is a virtual trick. After that, bāng smashed four breaths from the back of my head. Everyone thought that such a simple move was the most unstoppable and the power range was so large. If my opponent retreated, I had to hard-connect. Second, if I changed my roots, I couldn’t pass this trick. See Xu Shao, don’t hide, don’t hide, stretch out his hand and grab the sweeping of bāng, and call the whole person to be left behind When left bāng turned, he tried to call Xu Shao to give up and see Xu Shao turn around like a gyro, or he grabbed Spike bāngbāng’s head and "let go" to bully him with great anger.
"Liba lost" shouted.
"It’s enchanted bāng method"
"Xu Shao, I support you"
Compassion alone can’t win this set of bāng method. It is an ancient magic that has been practiced for hundreds of years. Once it is practiced, there are few opponents in the world. Soon, Xu Shao is in danger. Xu Shao is in a hurry, not that there is no flaw in bāng method, but that the flaw is fleeting. He has stepped back from his hand and reached the corner of the table. But when he saw a horizontal wheel, Xu Shao bowed his head to bully his right hand. When bāng turned his head, he drilled into Xu Shao, and he could no longer hide from the "Danglang" sword. He broke Xu Shao
Xu Shao took the sword and looked around slowly. Li Ba took a deep breath and pulled out the epee column. Luck entered the sword. Heaven and earth started to thunder in a dark place. A long time ago, the sword body slowly shone. Even the sky seemed to be covered with dark clouds. The elder suddenly opened his eyes.
Liba smiled. "I say it’s better to change a weapon."
Liba is still making progress. After sweeping the bow, the smashing strength is twice as big as before. It is intended to sweep the table 1 foot away with one stroke. When it hits the tree, Xu Shao’s coagulation force knocks without any uā whistle. "Whoosh" Half iron bāng flies to the crowd, and the other half flies to the sky. Xu Shao, after this trick, Samsung swordsmanship knocks each other, he stands in the middle. Liba is frightened. Two half flying stars in his hand seem to fly head-on through Qian Shan, and he can close his eyes and die.
"Xu Shao Xu Shao Xu Shao" "Excalibur Excalibur" In addition to the big elders, everyone cheered and cheered. In recent years, they lost in the hands of Liba. Now seeing Liba lose is like seeing a miracle. Xu Shaoqiang swallowed his blood and fuels to everyone.
The elder announced that we would fight again the next day after today, and immediately there was a warm party at the bonfire. The girls and boys took the opportunity to express their love to their lovers, and they were accepted, shouted happily and rejected, and drank heavily.
"It’s not serious, but it’s terrible," said Elder Li Ba’s head bowed down. "Does it mean the Chinese fairy sword?"
"Eldest brother, you also can’t resist? That’s xianjian doubt "two elders.
"Don’t worry, I’ll ask, and then we’ll all go back to drinking and play again the day after tomorrow." The elder closed his eyes again.
"Who has entered my heart?"
The song was crisp, sweet and drunk.
A ray of golden sunshine from Qishan crane shines through the dense shade of trees, and then penetrates through bamboo walls and thatch. In the distance, Xu Shao’s face just woke up, a few dogs bark with the wind blowing through the wheat fields to make people feel cooler in autumn.
Look at the sea of clouds, Hu Sun, Bai Bai, Bing Qian, Zhao Zhigang, Yun Ni, and Meng Hara all sitting around young people in the courtyard. There will always be endless words to see Xu Shao get up and everyone burst out laughing.
"Yes," said the sea of clouds. "People are worried sick."
"Don’t talk nonsense, I’ll beat you up ~" said Xu Shao, raising his fist and chasing after him for a while, J: and flying dogs jumped into a ball.
"Get down to business, get down to business? Brother "
"It’s not me, it’s Hu Hu’s business."
Hu Hu said, "I saw that god, and people are so proud to come to the summit." Hu Hu’s "people talk" has made rapid progress in recent months.
"Is it a guy who pretends to be a ghost that we honor the mountain gods every year?" Bing Qian said
Maybe being young means being afraid of nothing, even in the face of death, it seems that the older people are more afraid of death, because death is so close to them, but the young people are so far away. These young people don’t realize that this decision has completely changed their lives.
One night, at first light, Xu Shao was wearing leopard skin and riding three layers of buffalo boots to hunt everything. Hu Hu led a white fox and his party to the tournament field. Just after they arrived at the venue, they were all thunderous. Xu Shao was so embarrassed that he quickly went to the players’ place to take a seat. After a while, Bing Qian and the sea of clouds came together. They all sat at the side of Xu Shao’s sea of clouds and said, "Don’t forget to kiss after the contest ~ haha"
Say ice Qian eye b not circulation hongxia again.
"in the second round, those who can fight the foul with their bare hands are out," the elder added.