Seeing that 24 seconds is coming, you can’t make a mistake in your hand. Rondo saw a green figure passing by and consciously made an attack to divide the ball.

The basketball just bounced off the floor and was dropped by a yellow hand.
Tang Wenlong! !
It’s really faster to kill a dragon in an oblique way than to make a quick counterattack when he grabs a basketball. The back of No.1 quickly zoomed in Rondo’s pupil and blinked and ran across the half court.
"defense!" Pierce roared at the top of his lungs!
Gatt quickly retired from his position, and the best reaction was to quickly see Tang Wenlong break the ball and decisively retreat. At this moment, he has retreated to the three-point line and can guard the basket at any time
Tang Wenlong was carrying the wind of the ball from his ears, but the basket in his eyes was clearer than before.
The more he crossed the three-point line, the faster he went, but the slower he slowed down.
It’s changing so fast that Tang Wenlong strikes back beyond the three-point line, and it’s just a flash. Rivers looks at Tang Wenlong slowly, and suddenly a light flashes in his mind. He knows what he’s going to do!
"Be careful he wants three."
Tang Wenlong jumped high into the basketball before he could make a move, and roared and flew to the middle school.
Go straight through your heart and turn up the white net flower! 3-7 Celtics lead by 3 points with 41 seconds left in the game. Just now, Tang Wenlong’s attack was almost as time-consuming as a stopwatch free throw.
Rivers felt a sense of crisis in his heart and quickly called a pause.
City fans are excited and desperate. Seeing hope makes people cry. Did Tianwangshan end the play today?
Pause and come back. Celtics serve in the frontcourt
Rivers arranged Pierce’s low singles, and Pierce fell to Tang Wenlong in the low singles after interspersed cover and pick-and-roll substitution, which was not a good choice.
However, the remaining 76 people insisted on not fouling.
He turned around and threw a jump shot at Tang Wenlong like a tarsal maggot, covering his whole face with a big palm. He felt that he could feel the smell of bouncing back after exhaling.
The basketball missed a little bit and hit the rim and bounced to the other side.
Suddenly, two teams rushed in, and Delm Potter was like a statue of a giant spirit rising up and possessed by Warcraft, squeezing everyone to grab this key basket.
As soon as the ball arrived, Tang Wenlong responded quickly and made a pause gesture to the referee, as well as Iguodala, Lori and coach Collins.
Still 3-0! When the ball reached the 76 ers again, there were 19 seconds left. The whole ear in the North Shore Garden was deaf, cheering and disappearing. Even the air seemed to freeze!
Tang Wenlong patted Durham Potter’s ass excitedly.
"You are amazing! You are my idol!"
Durham Porter smiled foolishly. This season is the last year of the Haitian contract. He will enter the free market in the summer. It is suspected that it is the best time for him to be gilded. He is also very willing to stay in the 76 ers. The 76 ers are young and energetic, and they see great potential. Especially Tang Wenlong has great market support and he has been a teammate and even a sponsor has come to the team many times. Among them, there are business opportunities to give them extra income.
The most typical example is that after Yao entered the NBA, not only the Rockets boss Alexander made a fortune, but also ordinary players like Battier were endorsed by sponsors in China. There is no other reason because they are well known by China fans.
Tang Wenlong felt his blood boiling. It was a wonderful moment, as drunk as a poppy.
Collins’s brain clearly analyzed at this time. "The Celtics are bound to chase us for three points. We can’t just fall into their perimeter blockade. Now there are still but there are not many pauses. If we don’t have an absolute three-pointer, we would rather have a two-point. Do you understand?"
"Don, you will have a lot of offensive pressure. The Celtics will definitely keep an eye on your movements. After serving, you can walk in the bottom corner like this, and then Iguodala will cut in from the left elbow area like this."
While drawing lines on the tactical board, he greatly encouraged the morale of the people. At this moment, the 76 people are really excited after a renewed hope is surging in their hearts.
The ball is better. The Sidious Young sideline serve court is composed of Iguodala, Tang Wenlong, Lori and Meeks. It seems that the 76ers really want to gamble for three points.
When Tang Wenlong pulled Iguodala, he secretly said something.
As soon as the whistle sounded, Tang Wenlong ran to the line from the bottom corner to finish the pick-and-roll cover for Tang Wenlong. Meeks withdrew to the bottom corner position, and Iguodala came out from the elbow position to catch the ball. Tang Wenlong just gave him a running cover and Iguodala received Sidious Yang’s hit to the earth.
As soon as he took the ball without looking, he threw it at the target near the basket.
"What is crazy!" Rivers’ ass stood up like a needle.
Tang Wenlong flatters and rushes to the middle, jumps high, grabs the basketball and slams it!
The basketball stand was smashed and the audience gasped. How could they choose two points at this time? How could they dare to pick it up at this time!
Tang Wenlong fell to the floor and leaned back in the opposite direction. The close-up facial lens was murderous
3: 276 approaching to 1: 00 with 174 seconds left.
Rivers didn’t calm down. The 76ers really dared to come. He looked up and took a look at wait for a while, Collins’s old rival. His face was a little surprised and some could not suppress his ecstasy.
"This guy shouldn’t arrange an attack like this." He turned and looked at the high-five with his teammates to celebrate Tang Wenlong. "Young people really dare to play anything."
"Coach" Pierce is really depressed. The attack is disturbed and the defensive end can’t keep pace. Nowadays, young people really have no respect for the old-timers.
"Stop it. We talk about tactics. They will definitely choose foul tactics. That’s what we do."
Celtic serve is supposed to be given to free throws, and the shooting percentage is around 90% all the year round. Ray Allen is not stupid, but the 76 ers would rather have two people blocking Ray Allen than letting him catch the ball.
After receiving the ball, it became Pierce Durham Porter’s decisive grabbing of the foul and the graduation of the glorious six criminals.
Pierce curled his lip confidently, and his free throws were also accurate. This season, more than 5% of his career was close to success, but 76 people didn’t stop him. Obviously, he looked down on him. He felt it necessary to make two free throws to tell the rabbits whether their uncle was their uncle or not.
But Tang Wenlong, who walked the free throw line, suddenly smiled at him strangely, which made his hair stand on end.
He touched his nose and took the ball from the referee.
The North Shore Garden suddenly became quiet, as if a needle had fallen, and more than 20,000 eyes could be heard. The pressure came on me.
Pierce secretly swallowed saliva and didn’t even feel his heart beat faster when he made a free throw. His fingers trembled slightly.
When the ball flew into the air, all eyes followed.
At this moment, I was still as if I heard everyone sigh, which contained Nai’s sadness and incomprehension.