Hero A came over and was about to speak. Wu Chi had said to him first, "Fake brother, let’s go to the Temple of Heaven to see where your unlucky martial brother is’ shocked’. Now all factions stop recruiting younger brother, and he can’t wave."

Wu Chi is really disgusted with this hero A. There are ten people in this small group. The names are arranged according to "A, B, C, D, E, Ji, G, Xin and Ren". It is obviously a small group that is very close to each other and obviously plays in virtual game and entertainment places in reality.
Now the biggest influence in Wudang is not Wu Chi, the chief brother, but the tenth hero A, which really makes Wu Chi uncomfortable. But now there are so many people and there is no place to recruit new ones, so it’s so bad first. But in his heart, he has replaced this "A" with a "fake" A brother. Of course it’s fake.
Offering sacrifices to the Temple of Heaven is an inherent building of each sect. Although their names are different, their functions are the same. It is a major resolution of the sect to call brothers, which is equivalent to an ultra-long-distance message delivery array with an effective distance of 5,000 miles.
In addition to one-on-one flying swords and face-to-face conversation, the whole world sword fairy game is set in the player association mode, and the news in the guild in the sect depends on this sacrifice to heaven. After the large-scale PK guild war, it depends on this thing to call for orders.
Hero Jia Fa had to follow Wu Chi, and the two men walked to the right of Xuandu Temple to offer sacrifices to the Temple of Heaven, which is a huge round stone building complex over there. Seventy-two circular pillars with a height of more than 30 meters stand around, arranged according to the direction of hexagrams. The center of the array is the cloud around the platform of Fiona Fang Shizhang altar.
Two people and an altar platform immediately enter a huge universe, and two people are suspended in the center. On the right side, there is a half-transparent screen. There is a small screen next to Meilin’s sword-practicing brothers. The picture inside is a simple small village. Baili is drinking at a wine shop, which is quite depressing.
Sacrificing the Temple of Heaven is actually a super huge multi-screen control and monitoring center, where all the brothers’ locations will be displayed for 5 thousand miles, and the leaders of the sects and gangs can see the local situation and dispatch troops and orders.
Each brother is equal to the monitored object, and every move can be seen by the people in the altar. However, the younger brothers can choose the function of keeping the door closed, so as to keep their private lives inviolable.
The leader’s order in the altar can reach the specific object alone, and the object will be displayed in a unified way, indicating that the news arrived in Wuchi. When asked, the shocked thyme was immediately surprised and delighted, and immediately replied that this person was very weak. As soon as he was in a big PK at dusk, he was hung up by people, and dozens of copper coins were left. Now he has returned to his birthplace in a small village on the ground in northern Shaanxi to earn a few pennies by killing mobsters.
Wu Chi shook his head. It seems that this guy can’t count on him, but where can he afford to buy the land gods or Lapras operators to Wudang Mountain? He comforted him and gave this channel a few words depending on his pleading expression.
"Brother A, go and ask them all to come over. I’m going to talk to you about the trial." Hero A was so happy that he came to talk to Wu Chi about it. He jumped out and called people. Halfway through, he turned around and said, "Yin Song, please call my name, brother. Brother sounds like a triad."
"Well, I’ll call you Hero A. It’s more smooth in reverse. That’s settled. Go and call someone." Wu Chi freely sent out the wry smile Hero A.
It’s natural for everyone to gather new brothers to feel strange about this temple of heaven. Wu Chi briefly introduced this construction work and then connected, "Now our first priority is naturally to test me, but if this is to help you, I already have a plan and I will tell you now."
After Wu Chi spoke out the plan, all the new brothers were silent, but the former big foreign brother’s face lit up. Wu Chi knew that this group of new brothers were unhappy and took the baggage and take the journey. "We are all Wudang brothers now, and we are a family. It is also necessary to say again how to have a first come, first served, and always can’t help you do them first. After their level goes, you can try it."
It turns out that Wu Chi means to ask these new entry-level fierce brothers to help the big foreign brother get a few grades first, and then go to the trial. Wu Chi sneers at you in his heart that when you do your own nature and try your best to help others, you may not work hard. Now let you do coolies first, but everyone should try their best to get to the next level, which is of great benefit and much more labor-saving.
Hero A saw that no one had an interface and said, "Can you help us with the trial first? After the trial, our strength will naturally become stronger, so it will be easier to help them join the ranks."
Wu Chi flatly refused, "No, it doesn’t make sense. I’m a master elder brother, and they are the first to get started. Isn’t it unfair for them to do that? Can I be public after doing things unfairly?"
Now it’s going to hit your mother. As soon as she comes, be a good person to send clothes and swords. Now the fox’s tail is exposed. Look at the face of the brother in the big room next to him. Obviously, he’s not comfortable with this bird. Haha, his old position is a little stable
Wu Chi’s state of public and private affairs is so great and he is very determined. Those new brothers can’t always press Master Brother to do trials. They can take the initiative to bow their heads and lose in others’ hands. After a while, 35 new brothers are divided into two groups, each with four junior disciples to go outside to train.
After they left, Wu Chi laughed a lot, and then refreshed and strolled around the view. Apart from a few buildings, there are still many buildings that have not been done, so it is natural to understand.
After half an hour, Wu Chi decided to go outside to practice the level. Now he has removed the mantra that morality is too mysterious to change the sword tactic of Wudang Taiji. Once he has reached the fifth floor, he can fly the royal sword.
Just arrived at the gate of Xuanduguan, a shadow jumped out from the side of the withered tail and rushed to Wu Chi.
(End of volume)
The first volume Floating clouds gather in Wan Li. The third chapter is Green Water Demon Song.
The first cruel leveling method
The first cruel leveling method, Wu Chi was frightened to raise the sword and block it. In the middle of a scream, blood and rain splashed down that thing. Wu Chi was dismayed and didn’t go to see what it was. He has come to show that the player killed the sect Guardian Golden Monkey minus merit 2 to gain 2 experience points.
Wu Chi has risen to the first level in the five-color mountain, and now it is level 11. This sudden change has made Wu Chi look at it and cut it into two pieces. Look at the blood in his hand. It’s really inexplicable.
It took him a long time to figure out the situation. He killed a Guardian, and his merit value dropped sharply and he rose to a higher level.
"It’s true that this fucking monkey still bears a grudge, which makes me lose my moral values and loyalty." Wu Chi cursed in his mouth. He was really annoyed that the merit value of the game was only in his early 3 s until now. I don’t know how many monsters to kill to make up for it.
"But killing a level 1 monkey can actually get 2 experiences, which is 2 times more than that of monsters of the same level. It seems to be worth it." Wu Chi looked down at the carcass thoughtfully after scolding a few words.
The official value of Guardian’s experience in C game has not been published, which is a hidden setting data. Guardian’s experience is divided according to the level and spirituality, among which the spirituality factor accounts for 6%. Monkeys are animals with the closest genetic similarity to human beings, so the spirituality of Golden Monkey in Liwudang, Guardian is set at a relatively high level, although only level 1 can be experienced more than Guardian, which is many levels higher.
Wu Chi offended the Golden Monkey when he was just in the mountains, and this Golden Monkey was very psychic and very bitter. Wu Chi was recognized by the monkey as soon as he came out, and he wanted to slap him with a handful of hair. He just wanted to get a little revenge. Is the Golden Monkey a psychic of Guardian’s own or can you tell? But Wu Chi’s hand is a fifth-order magic level 1 monkey, which naturally dies at the touch.
Wu Chi will decide whether to give up an evil idea for a while. If the moral value is negative, he will not be an old nun. It is still unknown whether he can worship evil sects unless he is directly kicked out of the sect. Now that he has a ready-made sword tactic and even the Aikido method, it is really not worth the risk.
Just want to step away from the time series, there is another news. Wudang brother has many evil spirits, such as killing demons, defending the way, giving gifts and merits, and then attracting people to gain an eleventh value. Immediately, Wu Chi just lost the merit value and made it back, which is as much as 2 points more than killing monkeys.
Wu Chi was startled for a moment and then burst into laughter. Niang I was sure that Ying SHEN WOO Wisdom took over the position of chief brother the day before yesterday. Didn’t this investment pay off? Then the idea just now can also be implemented.
Wu Chi didn’t immediately embark on the evil and shameful plan. He went back to Guanli and waited for a long time. Finally, he figured out the time-shifting law of merit value. Every hour, the merit value obtained by his younger brother would be remitted and then moved in proportion. The value was as small as how many monsters his younger brothers killed, and the value was fixed. The number obtained by Wu Chi each time was about 2, which was exactly to kill the golden monkey minus the merit value.
After the data analysis, it is feasible now.
Wu Chi’s yard is full of ropes. This is an essential tool for the case. It’s a pity that there is no rope, sword and fairy in the whole Xuandu, but there is one rope to pinch the chain. But Wu Chigen dare not expect to bring it. It is a treasure sent by Wudang Town, a magic weapon of the ninth order-the dragon rope is tied up, and then the dragon beast in the Dragon Hall is trapped. Wu Chigen dare not go in that place for fear of being burned to death by a sneeze by that super big boss.
Finally, hide the sword Pool bought some first-order robes and vestments from Taoist Longlong, and then cut them into strips and made them into ropes by himself.