It is a stone pillar that is high or low, thick or thin. It seems to be naturally formed, but the thinnest stone pillar seems to be only one foot thick. Such a thin stone pillar grows from the bottom of the cliff to the top of the cliff, which can’t be pure natural! ! !

There are a total of 20 such pillars between the cliffs of more than 100 feet. Some of them are far away, some are close, some are high and some are low, which seems to be completely irregular. They are just hidden between clouds, and some of them will even be completely blocked by clouds from time to time. Under normal circumstances, no one will ever think of jumping to the other side of the cliff through these stone pillars, because it is similar to dying. However, this is the test content of the second half of Xiao Wen and others …

Chapter eighty-one Jump
The rules have been said long ago, and there are still 30 people left. Who will jump first becomes a big problem … At present, the first jump is naturally the most uncertain, and the people behind can at least sum up some lessons from the people in front.
Almost all the testers were not fully sure, and for a moment they stood on the edge of the cliff and hesitated. Lu Yuanji obviously expected this situation and said, "There are five high-level fairies, so let’s start with the high-level fairies. I have five lots here, so you can draw them."
Xiao Wen and other middle-ranking fairies almost applauded, and it was unfair to arrange the high-ranking fairies to test with them, but no one dared to mention it. Now I finally want to give special care to the high-ranking fairies.
Soon after smoking, the order of the first five people "jumping off the cliff to die" was finally established, and the next step was the real jump.
Unexpectedly, at this moment, Lu Yuanji actually added, "Every time someone jumps, the positions of those stone pillars will change, so there is no need to write down their positions and learn the jumping method of the people in front." Everyone has a brand-new way of jumping, which is fair. Let’s start. "
These stone pillars are really made by people!
The first person to jump is a young leader from a sect, who is also in his early twenties, but he feels quite capable. Have to say, some Daimon Masaru valves will indeed cultivate the second sai-jo, but the second sai-jo will never get the test qualification of Ming Jianzong, and the first leader to jump less is obviously developing in the opposite direction to the second sai-jo.
The little boss didn’t speak, first he stood on the edge of the cliff and watched for a while, then he took a deep breath and jumped out!
The first stone pillar is still quite thick, with the top full of ten feet wide, and only a little more than ten feet away from the cliff. After a pause, the little head easily landed on it and jumped to the second thinner stone pillar in the northwest.
I don’t know if it is man-made. At this time, the clouds in the Rift Cloud Gorge suddenly became rich, and the few owners jumped forward five times and completely disappeared into the clouds. People here simply couldn’t see it! However, at the beginning, all the people saw that the sixth jump was the most dangerous one for the little boss. What they wanted to see most was that the little boss jumped the sixth jump …
At this time, I can’t see it anyway. Do you want him to jump over, or do you want a scream suddenly coming from the clouds?
No one can see through other people’s ideas, but to some extent, there is no 100% competition between them, because Ming Jianzong obviously didn’t stipulate how many disciples could pass the test. If they can all pass, they can all become disciples of Ming Jianzong.
Xiao Wen’s heart had already hung up. Although it was someone else, he was just as nervous. However, as time went by, the screams finally didn’t come, and it seemed that the little boss had jumped further.
After a while, Lu Yuanji suddenly opened his mouth: "Let’s get ready for the next one."
Then I saw those stone pillars moving in the Rift Cloud Gorge, some just moved, and some even rose or dropped. However, at this time, due to the heavy fog, people could only see a few stone pillars that were close to each other, but as for the cliff opposite, they couldn’t see at all.
The second man made a little preparation, and finally jumped out, and soon disappeared in the eyes of everyone.
A moment later, Lu Yuanji spoke again: "The next one is ready."
So repeatedly, all the first four people jumped over soon, and the fourth one was the little prince from the grassland.
The last high-order fairy also jumped out under the attention of everyone. At this time, all those middle-order fairies felt that this kind of jump might seem scary, but it might not be difficult. After all, the success rate was there.
Just thinking like this, suddenly there was an exclamation in the clouds of the suddenly cracked cloud gorge: "Ah! ! !”
People can still hear that the person who makes the sound is falling rapidly, and soon he is completely hidden in the cleft cloud gorge!
Did it fall? ! !
I just said it might not be that difficult! !
At that time, I don’t know how many people in the twenty-five middle-ranking fairies got nervous, and their hearts jumped "bang, bang" and their faces turned white.
Some people can’t help but think that Ming Jianzong can’t let the tester fall and die like this. What flying star boots don’t have fairy skills, and they can’t stop all the way. How can there be a way out?
It’s a pity that Lu Yuanji didn’t tell them the real situation at all, and even if they asked, they wouldn’t tell them.
Just as the stone pillars began to move again, Lu Yuanji said, "In fact, the order of each stone pillar is brand-new, and the people who jump behind are not necessarily more skilled than the ones who jump in front. Do you still need to draw lots?"
After a long silence, the boy from Zhao Ri Zong suddenly said, "I’ll come first."
Lu Yuanji nodded with a smile and said, "Good."
The young man paused at the edge of the cliff, jumped out with a whoosh, and then a surprising thing appeared. The young man turned out to be a general one, didn’t stop at the first stone pillar at all, and jumped directly to the stone pillar behind him. That’s a fast speed!
That is, after three breaths of kung fu, the boy had disappeared into the clouds, and after less than ten breaths, Lu Yuanji actually smiled and asked, "Who’s next?"
Xiao asked Zheng immediately after hearing the sound, and it turned out to be the cold young man who put his hand on the hilt!
Standing on the edge of the cliff at the moment, the young man actually put one hand on the hilt, which made everyone speechless. This guy won’t keep this posture and jump in, will he? This kind of jumping is very particular about body balance, and almost everyone is sure that the young man can’t jump in the past unless he loosens the hilt!
Then a stunned scene appeared. That guy actually took off the Xianjian scabbard on his waist and held the middle of the scabbard in his right hand. As a result, his arm can naturally swing, and it is not a problem to control the balance, but he can still keep his sword.
Take …
I don’t know how many people sighed in their hearts, and then the cold young man jumped out with a whoosh and landed on the first stone platform without stopping, and fell directly on the next stone pillar!
Feelings, this guy is fighting with the boy of Zhao Rizong?
The cold young man disappeared in the fog and didn’t have much meeting, so Lu Yuanji asked the next one to prepare. Obviously, the young man has already jumped over it, and the time spent is not longer than that of Zhao Rizong. This is really a great person!
Then one tester after another jumped into the fog, and when the sixth person arrived, he finally fell again!
It is not known how the people who fell down felt, but the testers who were still waiting on the cliff were all scared and nervous.
"Come next."
This is Xiao Wen shouting. He really can’t stand it. If he waits here again, he will be scared to death. When the time comes, his legs will tremble, and he will jump a fart on the stone pillar and jump off the cliff directly …
Liu Yuanji nodded at Xiao Wen and motioned Xiao Wen to start.
Xiao Wen had already put on his flying boots, felt it on tiptoe at the edge of the cliff, took a deep breath and finally jumped out.
"Shout …"
The whole person jumped above the crack cloud gorge, and the mountain wind filled his ears, and almost no other sound was heard. His eyes have only left his first foothold, the pillar with a fairly open top …
His feet finally landed on the stone pillar, and Xiao Wen stopped striding forward again. Two steps reached the edge of the stone pillar, his left foot slammed on the ground again, and the whole person bounced up again.
The wind filled my ears again, and my eyes were full of clouds and the little foothold, but it was too fucking small …
Good dead deathless, when Xiao Wen started to glide downward, a mountain wind blew away the clouds on the edge of the foothold, and Xiao Wen naturally saw the terrible depth below, which is really a bottomless pit! ! !
The abyss is like life, and I want to suck him in. As long as one is unstable, he can only be sucked in …
PS: Be careful if you are afraid of heights. These two chapters will make your little heart jump wildly, haha!