Windson or use the old way to put all their aircraft installed five lines of lightning ball teleport to the distance to detonate. This time windson deliberately increased the weight. Aircraft when they didn’t open the defense device under the five elements of thunder ball is even worse than tofu.

Sort out all the clues. Windson ready to directly to the universe alliance.
"It seems that those materials can’t be moved at will, at least to solve the black hand behind the scenes and lose money. But the people who are caught still want it, so use the money they bought. Ha ha. Fluttershy should have some ways. " Windson thought of here let Fluttershy control the body according to the interstellar map teleport all the way to the central planet.
In windson ready to think about the plan on the road when they suddenly now he is standing in a very prosperous city center or square. Surrounded by people in a hurry. As windson consternation Fluttershy’s voice sounded in my head.
"Big Wolf. We have arrived at the central planet. " Fluttershy’s voice is very proud, but Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to this, but she was a little lost in thought by this fact. Before I heard Fluttershy say that she could instantly span countless galaxies in the universe, Lin Feng wasn’t quite sure, but this time the fact in front of me made Lin Feng have no doubt. Fluttershy was really amazing. It was a year’s journey with an ordinary aircraft, and she was able to arrive in an instant. It seems that it is not empty talk that she said that she could teleport back to Earth.
Thought of this, Lin Feng has a bottom in his heart and is ready to do a hard job, but he has to save people first. Lin Feng looked around the road at the touch of all kinds of aliens. Now most people are similar to the people on earth, and only a few aliens have that strange appearance, but Lin Feng didn’t care about these. Lin Feng considered his own identity.
"Fluttershy, can you get me an identification card from the relevant departments here? It is best to be a businessman. " Windson know Fluttershy work miracles and see if Fluttershy can help him get his identity.
"Yes, I know what you want. I’ll prepare a full set of identities for you, as well as your house. Yeah, and get you some money. How much are you going to ask? " Fluttershy didn’t do anything funny this time. She knew what windson was worried about these days. She was glad to be able to help.
"Well, the more, the better. It is best to indicate how many planets I own, some of which are mineral planets and need a lot of labor." Windson exultation said. Get a few planets in urgent need of labor, so that you have reason to save the original planet people here by buying labor.
"No problem. Here is the identification card I got for you. You have an identification card with the functions of both credit card and ID card. There are ten trillion cosmic coins in the dead account I got for you from the cosmic bank, which is enough to buy the central planet. I didn’t expect that there are so many dead accounts in the banks here. " Fluttershy giggled here.
"Lin Yifeng male Maya planet. The 150-year-old Maya galaxy is the largest seller of mineral resources. Sole proprietor of Maya United Chamber of Commerce. It owns fifteen mineral planets. Two commercial planets. Worth a trillion cosmic coins. This time I came to the central planet to buy enough slaves for my new mineral planet. " This is Lin Feng’s identity. It’s not bad that even the entry instructions are in the identification card.
Windson looked at the data displayed in front of him and suddenly froze. In fact, he just casually asked and didn’t really expect Fluttershy to have any way. After all, Fluttershy’s ontology is a magic weapon in the fix-true world, which is somewhat out of place with the products of high-tech society. Want to know now windson hand these things can be through the Internet as a hacker to get even windson himself the top hackers of the federal earth are not sure where the science and technology level is higher than several levels of the federal earth to get even the simplest identification.
Looked at windson dull Fluttershy Xi Xi a smile immediately.
Windson this just return to absolute being embarrassed smile for Fluttershy fairies and have a new understanding. He pretended to look at the information for a while and said faintly, "It’s good, but it’s hard to say that I have such a big identity without some followers." Let’s go to my place. Didn’t you arrange it for me? Blink past? "
"It has arrived." Fluttershy said.
"ah? This is your home for me? Why is it so luxurious? " Windson didn’t feel anything, and now he has changed his place. This time, he was shocked by the scene before him. Windson once again ignored his teleport in a strange way.
Windson at this time standing in the mansion’s interior are all high temperature resistant and fireproof alloy materials, complete furniture and all kinds of luxurious decorations, which make windson dizzying. Outside, there is a garden building covering an area of one hectare. But there is no one in this mansion, not even a servant, which makes Lin Feng very depressed.
"Where did you get this mansion in Fluttershy?" Windson turned for a long time after enough eye addiction asked.
"It’s a rich man’s bankrupt and cheap house that has been hung in the auction house for more than a year and no one can afford it. I got it for you. How’s it going? Not bad, right? " But when he said this, how did Lin Feng feel like a voice behind him? Windson looking back.
Fluttershy is standing behind windson smile happily of looking at him.
"When you appeared, I didn’t respond at all. So weird. By the way, Fluttershy, did you get all this through the Internet? Why is the firewall here very weak? " Windson, of course, know that the firewall here is certainly not weak. After all, there are tens of thousands of years of alliance science and technology level, which is naturally not too low.
"Of course not weak, but who am I in the network? I can ignore any password firewall and other shielding protection measures. Traveling on the internet is like wandering in your back garden. And no tail will be caught by others. " Fluttershy used to give windson the impression that he was virtuous in Shu Ya, but now windson Fluttershy has the momentum to show in the direction of savage girls.
Windson rubbed his temples and thought of whose fault it was. How did you turn such a perfect woman into a savage girl?
"Distressed!" Windson sighed and said.
Fluttershy frowned and said, "What are you worried about? I’ve fixed everything for you. What are you going to do next?"
"It’s easy. I’ll get the escort out first." Said Lin Feng, releasing Ape Liang and Somme now and telling them about the current situation. Of course, the mystery man didn’t say anything but that he was going to buy all the slaves. Now the manor needs guards and servants to enrich it, so that when they go back, they can prepare a escort of 1,000 people, and let them bring some Warcraft over more than 100 to look good and have strength.

Chapter three hundred and thirty-four New identity (below)
Windson brought Qin Xinyu all of them out, let them get familiar with it as the hostess first, and of course, there are many Warcraft squads led by Nicholas, the strength progress god, who are their guards, and more than one hundred female guards also came out together.
As for windson’s own guards, there is obviously no room for so many people here. Such a big mansion must have bodyguards’ residence and training ground.
Windson came to a mansion on the right side of an obvious training ground with the size of two football fields. Behind are rows of houses, which are separated from the mansion, which is enough to arrange an escort of more than 2,000 people.
Windson once put more than one thousand people out on the training ground, and all kinds of Warcraft accompanying them came over at the same time.
"Good apes bright somme here is your residence after the safety of this house to you. Som heard that you used to be the captain of the guard of Duxing Palace, and you should be good at protection. It’s up to you. Good cooperation. " Windson arranged for them and then got out the servants of 200 people who had been waiting for a long time. Most of them were Hemudu people, among whom there were more middle-aged women. They were not very talented and strong in uniting. After knowing that Windson needed servants, they volunteered to come, and there were still many who were not selected.
"Arrange things here after apes bright and somme you two classes one led two hundred guards as my kiss. By the way, can you change your figure? I don’t want others to show my close relationship with you. If people think that I am from the original planet. I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if I buy a lot of slaves again, but I’m not afraid that there will be many uncontrollable factors. Our first goal is to rescue the most allies. " Windson said this for fear that these two people have any misunderstanding.
Ape Liang said: "it’s okay, boss. We are very grateful that you can help us do this. As for the change of body shape and appearance you said. We can all practice from the source, and the fundamental thing is the body. = = It’s easy to make some small changes in the body. "
Said the ape’s bright body began to change, and all the hairs actually shrank into the body. Height decrease soon a slightly stronger man than windson appeared in front of us.
Lin Feng looked at his heart and said happily, "Good Som, where is your mastermind? Is that okay? "
Som nodded and said, "No problem, but we mainly practice in bones, so we can only change in height and shape."
Windson patted Sommer on the shoulder and said, "That’s no problem. As long as it won’t be seen, it’s good that you are from the original planet. Now let’s be patient. When we save more people and settle them down, we can do a big job. "
Staring at the sight of two people who have similar points with human beings, Lin Feng was finally relieved.
"You two let the guards change their appearance first. Somme will arrange the division of labor of the guards today. Ape Liang led 200 people to follow me today. Please arrange for me to call you when I go out. " After windson commanded, he came to the back house with two hundred servants. After handing over the servants to Xinyu, Lin Feng asked Fluttershy to get some identification cards and distributed them to these servants. They were people who needed to go out to purchase, and then they put in 10 million cosmic coins, which was enough for maintaining this mansion and daily expenses for one year.
"Fluttershy, as the owner here, you and Xinyu will pay more attention. I have things to do. Fluttershy, can we contact at any time if you are not in the soul-destroying disc? " Windson mainly hope that Fluttershy can let himself and Xinyu know their safety at any time.
"yes. You can contact me wherever you are. As for the function, there is no problem. I can help you no matter how far it is. Besides, there is a soul-destroying disc. You can teleport at any time. " Fluttershy really wants to be outside all the time, and now with so many sisters, she won’t be lonely. So I never thought about going back in.
Windson nodded and said, "By the way, Fluttershy has time to get all the identification cards ready. We may have to stay here for a few more days. It is convenient to come out and go in. "
"It’s already done. It’s all in your soul lock ring." Fluttershy said impatiently.
When Lin Feng checked, he didn’t take them out immediately and gave them to a part of Xinyu. "These are your identification cards and the servants’. I’ll give them to him. I’m going out later, so you can eat first. If you want to go out to play, go ahead, take Warcraft and the guards, and if anyone provokes you, give me a fight. I’ll bear it. Fluttershy, please protect them more. " Windson said solemnly.
Fluttershy nodded and replied, "No problem. I’ll take care of the safety of the sisters. Nothing in this plane can threaten me yet. "
Windson finally relieved.
Hundreds of guards accompanied by Du Jie period of Warcraft protection plus Fluttershy will always accompany everywhere can walk sideways.
"Then please, this time we are playing a big monopoly businessman who doesn’t have to give anyone face when things happen." Lin Feng said, "Well, I’ll go out and do whatever you want. The central planet is very prosperous."
Fluttershy for windson nagging already impatient.
"You are busy with your work. We will take care of ourselves."
"A Feng, go and get busy. We’re fine. You should also pay attention to your own safety." Everyone, such as Xinyu and Lan Beibei, said something considerate to Lin Feng.
"That’s it, I went to busy. By the way, are there any advanced flying machines in Fluttershy? I want to come out in a very shocking way so that I can join the upper layer of the central planet. " Windson asked.
"There are waiting for you to think that it is already late. The extended luxury aircraft defense facilities I bought for you in the garage are first-class. There are more than one hundred escort aircraft. Enough for you to show off. This is the most famous aircraft in the universe alliance. " Fluttershy looked at windson with disdain and said.
Lin Feng, the innocent man, looked at his wives and hoped to defend himself, but everyone turned to the beginning and ignored Lin Feng’s help, all of whom fought back a smile.
Lin Feng said with a bitter face to Fluttershy’s beautiful face: "You said that you are so beautiful, that’s enough. Why are you so smart?"? You let others live. Ah. I won’t say it. "
Windson felt a piece of soft meat under the ribs attacked and hurriedly begged for mercy to stop hanging out with them and flee.
Ape Li looked at all the people laughing and cursing, and their faces were full of loss. Looking at the distant forest air figure, she didn’t give up looking back for a long time.
On the edge of the blue beibei accidentally saw the ape’s expression and pushed the arm of Xinyu to make signal with the lips.
Xinyu immediately knew what was going on, sighed secretly and thought to herself, "Why are you an enemy with romantic accounts everywhere?" But ape Li is still a pretty girl, so it’s not impossible to consider … "