Five dragons pull the chariot, the royal sword flies, and a group of people overlook the earth in the air and visit the scenery. Although the speed is not fast, it is not slow. After half a day, they finally stopped.

"Almost, the young lady is going to come out and walk around. You go first."
Such as light satisfaction nodded, this half ri time, she has basically determined the coordinates of the unstable shakotan coast, and it will take another half a month at most to get through the space channel preliminarily.
Once the construction of a small secret realm is officially started, the test of mixing demons encountered in the middle can help her refine her soul, eliminate her demons and realize the realm of quenching the six-fold [evil fire] realm. Her qualification is not good, but she asks about immortality, but she also has a fiery heart. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to stand out from many handmaids who followed Lingweizi a hundred years ago and become a full member, above ten thousand people under one person.
"That’s not much trouble. If the seniors need anything, just ask them directly."
Spend no night performance is very diligent, his eyes shekinah scurrying about, eyebrow fly se dance, let Chen Shaobai even suspect that he is actually trying to display the "honey trap", yu to alongside the strong woman.
During this ri time, the people in the Five Dragons Golden Jubilee never said a word, but silently operated their magic and practiced quietly, making it impossible to guess their identity. Although Chen Shaobai can use the divine power of j and jīng to mop up, the action of doing that is too obvious. No matter whether the people inside are Miao yuqin or not, it will be regarded as disrespectful by Ruguang, which is very bad for his next action, so he suppressed his impulse all the way and behaved fairly.
Now that the Lord has spoken, Chen Shaobai doesn’t say much. He just takes a deep look at the white jade chariot, and he is ready to leave for the time being.
Come to Ri Fang, he will always have a chance to identify himself.
But just as Chen Shaobai was about to leave, the dream glass fairy in the white jade chariot suddenly spoke: "If you don’t leave, just rest here."
His voice is crisp and gentle, as sweet as an oriole, but there is a slight fly in the ointment. Between the lines, there is a strong dead breath, and even a stupid person can clearly feel the meaning of his heart.
Hearing these words, Chen Shaobai felt a quiver, and the pure white sword trembled, which caused all the mana and qi and blood to surge.
Finally, he can be sure that the beautiful woman sitting in the white jade chariot is his fiancee whom he hasn’t seen for a long time, and it is the sweetheart who makes him dream and can’t sleep at night.
"What’s the matter?" See Chen Shaobai suddenly froze in situ, spend no night some worry.
It took him so much effort and endless manpower and material resources to break the ice. If there is a moth here in my fellow martial brother, it is really not worth the candle.
"Just now, I realized the mystery of some new techniques."
Chen Shaobai’s god Se has changed so rapidly that he didn’t show any clues. He turned around and smiled apologetically at Ru Guang, who was on the alert: "The younger generation has just broken through the triple quenching, and the realm is still unstable. Please forgive me."
"Nothing, you go."
Such as light with the wave, a little impatient. She has been traveling long distances and tired for months, and finally got a little rest time. Naturally, she doesn’t like being disturbed.
Chen Shaobai immediately turned back to the ground, found a place, sat in practice, and realized the magical power.
Although he acted as if nothing had happened, in his heart, a fiery flame was brewing silently …
The next ri.
Qian Shan in autumn.
Strange flowers and grass, bamboo and Qiao Song. Thousands of old cypresses, ten thousand knots of pruning.
Five golden se dragons crawl among bamboo forests, greedily enjoying this leisure time, and secretly trying to break through the imprisonment. And the "Dream Glass" seems to have made the white jade chariot a residence, and the dead house is inside, practicing like a robot, and not eating or drinking Lazar, which is really like a fairy middleman.
Standing in front of a hundred-knot indigo bamboo, like a bare finger dotted with dots, sent out an agreed signal. Soon, a group of Jin Yuanmen disciples headed by Qiu Wanfa came here one after another.
"Afterlife, you also have the strength to refine the array. Should you be able to capture the coordinates of the spatial array?"
Her tone is not like asking, but stating an objective fact.
Qiu Wanfa’s body emerged more than 300 pieces of apricot-yellow flashing training symbols, demonstrating his good accomplishments in cultivation.
"Very well, I have roughly delineated the area where the spatial coordinates of that little secret realm are entrusted. You just need to help me capture the nodes."
If you are bossing around, you are not polite: "This little secret place in Long Mai is not stable. If you want to stabilize it temporarily, you need a lot of resources, which is very self-defeating. You can call those two boys from the Qing Dynasty yesterday to help. After the job is done, their benefits will be indispensable."
After that, she flew into the sky, pulled out a whip as dark as ink from her waist, poured mana, whipped it back and forth, drew a series of sky marks, and divided the mountains into pieces.
Unstable little secret land, its spatial nodes are moving all the time. If you want to temporarily build it into a blessed land suitable for human cultivation, you must spend a lot of J and jīng force, find it a little bit, and capture it all without pulling it. Otherwise, once the small secret land collapses, the consequences will be unimaginable.
It’s time to build a temporary secret realm, but the opportunity for Chen Shaobai to approach Dream Glass to show his identity has not arrived yet. Just when he couldn’t hold back his temper, an accident made him open the situation …
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Chapter two hundred and three Worship the immortals and ask for help
Chapter two hundred and three Worship the immortals and ask for help
Chapter two hundred and three Worship the immortals and ask for help
Misty clouds scatter colors, and the moon shines. /
Leaning alone in the close bamboos, Chen Shaobai’s gown emerged oppressive gold Se flame, and after several breaths, it turned into liquid purple Se inflammation.
The two flames are intertwined and intertwined, and they are trapped and collided, such as the Buddha beating the wooden fish, giving off waves of ethereal sounds that wash his mind.
The environment is quiet and quiet, and it is a wonderful place to practice meditation. But in this place, Chen Shaobai’s state of mind can’t be calmed down anyway. Mana and Qi and blood gradually conflict and collide, breaking away from the shackles of sword species, just like a sharp steel needle, wandering back and forth in the body.
A mantra will calm down the true spirit of blood, and Chen Shaobai opens his eyes and breaks away from the state of cultivation.
The moon is as cool as water, and Yin Hua is like a veiled cage in the body. He takes a long breath and swallows it. As usual, he changes the polluted air in his lungs, and the state is only slightly restored.
"Miao language piano, dream glass …"
No matter what you call it, the position of a caring fiancee in his heart will never change.
Just have heaven gate science as a behemoth cross before two people, unless Chen Shaobai is willing to let his sweetheart escape to the ends of the earth as soon as he passes, he will have to take a long-term view.
"You haven’t condensed true spirit busy? Is there a problem with practice? " A young man in a red robe of Xuanhua shuttled through the forest. After a few breaths, he came to Chen Shaobai’s side. Seeing that he was in poor condition, he asked with a little concern.
"No problem, it’s just a matter of achievement and personal reasons."
Chen Shaobai shook his head. The Xuanfo Gong, which he is now majoring in, was, after all, created by a monk in the Hanging Monastery. He pays attention to a self that is comfortable, step by step, and stable in origin, and does not advocate division. Therefore, he has not evolved the secret method of the true spirit.
Being as busy as Shangguan Yue, although it has made rapid progress and extraordinary combat power, once two or three of them are cut off, it will completely hurt the root and affect the road ahead. Shangguanyue’s two places at once, although only one was swept by Chen Shaobai, still hurt the source. At the speed of progress of two people, if there is no accident, she is nothing that may pose a threat to Chen Shaobai again.
The bloody lesson is right in front of us, and there is no room for him not to admonish.
"In about half a month’s time, time tunnel will be able to get through initially. At that time, if the elder Guang and Qiu Wanfa want to visit inner senses in person, they will open up a stable little secret territory and can’t get out. We will be responsible for the safety of Fairy Mengli."
Flower without the implication of the night, is to let Chen Shaobai adjust state, don’t affect the action after ri.
"Rest assured. . "Chen Shaobai’s tone vaguely with some hope, compared to want to mairenqing flower without night and others, he thought more.
With Chen Shaobai’s promise, Hua spent a lot of time at ease, and her body gradually twisted, turning into a reddish spot and melting in the air, leaving only two bytes floating in the air: "Take care."
These Rizi, who spend no night and Qiu Wanfa are so busy, besides dealing with the big customer like Guang, they have to solve many problems left over and unexpected things. They just appeared in front of Chen Shaobai’s eyes, but they just broke through the triple quenching of gas and refined into a true spirit.
When the doppelganger disappears, the received information memory will naturally return to the ontology, which can save a lot of trouble.
Quiet and tranquil again in the bamboo forest, Chen Shaobai sat down and tried to practice. However, after repeated efforts, he couldn’t successfully enter the state of concentration. He always felt that there was an inexplicable force controlling his will, and even the big killer offering Bing Xin’s tactic was still in a trance.
Knowing that something really went wrong with him, although he was not possessed by demons, his obsession became more and more profound. Chen Shaobai stopped practicing, took off his hip flask, poured his own wine, and combed the past and cleared up his heart.
The misty life in October, the fifteen years of life in the autumn magic village, which is the same as that of ordinary Orion, and the two little guesses in the Miao Yuqin for more than ten years, have been born in the house, and have entered the fairy gate to seek strength, slay demons, bravely enter J and jīng, and walk the line.