The sound of merging with mana roared out, and even faintly condensed into four empty shadows. Zhang Sidong’s long hair was messy, and a gorgeous and extraordinary treasure coat was torn by the wind, and suddenly it was a mess. Where does it look like a sword fairy with successful cultivation? It is clearly a down-and-out mortal wan ku!

Zhang Sidong was originally well-dressed, noble, and haughty. After being reprimanded by Chen Shaobai, he became this miserable appearance, which really dropped his eyes. But at this moment, no one cares about him, because Chen Shaobai just had a loud binge drinking, and with his strong flesh, he instantly burst into all his mana. Some of them were a little closer, and their brains were severely shocked. Others were weak, and they were ear, nose and blood, which described them as miserable.
Cai Raner, who was hidden in the crowd, was also white-faced. Although she was ruddy again, there was a strange and indifferent Se color in a pair of beautiful eyes: "Chen Shaobai can burst into such a sound, and his physical strength is at least five dragons."
"My" Six Yu obsequious strategies "did not achieve great success, and it may not be able to subdue him. But ….. This time, after going to the battlefield of the Milky Way and breaking through the quenching gas, I can make him my puppet. Lian Ji has such strength at the beginning, no matter what his background is, this kind of material is a treasure, much better than Zhang Sidong’s’ top grade’! When I become a true story and have a peak pulse, I can take my sister to the Qing Xuanmen. "
Cai Raner treats her classmates as a piece of training materials. I really don’t know if Zhang Sidong will regret his behavior if he learns of her thoughts.
"Wait patiently, ZhangSidong curry favor with Wang Ruoyu. Now it is XuanYutang’s supernumerary staff, carrying the general trend, and it is impossible to mainly. And that Chen Shaobai is a fiend-like xìng. Whoever gets in his way, he dares to kill, and it is impossible to retreat! Today’s world war I, both will be wasted. In any case, I can get benefits. "
A very earth mana and j: ng god storm suddenly derived in the presence, Cai Raner thinking time, needle to wheat mans two people have invisibly met several times.
With a snort of stuffy, the two bodies were shocked, and the vestments on them were like being ravaged by a pair of giant hands for countless times, and the villages under their feet were cracked, but they all had pitfalls in their eyes and were unwilling to give up.
But many things are not based on human will. Chen Shaobai is like a totem god that existed in the world in Archaean times. His body stands proudly, and his feet don’t retreat half a step. However, Zhang Sidong, who is so arrogant and threatens to dig his eyes, has retreated three steps, using the posture of occultism, and barely stands firm.
"Good down a peg or two, good domineering! I hope you will go to the battlefield of the Milky Way later and be as tough as you are now. "
Zhang Sidong’s eyes are invisible, and he has just met once. Although he is unwilling, he has to admit that he has completely lost to the current first person in the Dragon and Phoenix List in terms of mana, flesh and J and jīng power.
After all, the Dragon and Phoenix List was automatically arranged by Taixu Temple according to the law, which has a good reference value.
But fightijīng this thing, never just spell mana, flesh and j and ng god, weather, geography, harmony, state, tricks, coping, hermetic, magic weapon … There are too many factors that can determine the outcome of life and death!
Hearing the other party’s strong rhetoric, Chen Shaobai’s face was as indifferent as water, and his eyes were full of murder. The words he uttered were directed at his own heart, which made Zhang Si blush in the east and made him drop blood: "When the strength is stronger than others, it is called domineering; The strength is not as good as people, but also dare to speak malicious words, which is called imbecility. Are you still the third person on the list? It’ s a shame, and it’ s completely broken. "
This is really a heartfelt remark, which not only hits the other side, but also avoids directly dealing with such a behemoth as Xuanyutang too early.
Chen Shaobai’s strength is still weak, even if the master Wei Zhang is here, he can’t easily help him fight against Xuanyutang’s blow. After all, the light and dark peaks are thin and the power is still thin, while Xuanyutang occupies the huge strength of Chuanchuan. Now, it is not the time to put map guns around.
People who can walk to the heights on the road of cultivation may have all kinds of fatal shortcomings, but none of them is easy to be compared with their peers. Zhang Sidong is the third person in the list of dragons and phoenixes after all, and only ranks under Chen Shaobai and Hua Wuye. Although his mind is agitated and angry, he can’t wait to rush up and fight hard with Chen Shaobai on the spot, but after just one breath, he will completely adjust his state.
Chapter, se y and n in the east are as cold as ice skates, scratching Chen Shaobai, as if to cut him into thousands of pieces, eating him alive, silently counting the time in my heart, sneering repeatedly, offering a big ship of wind and fire, jumping and flashing, and sèyīn disappearing in front of everyone.
"Little white elder brother, this is the direction of Tianzhifeng. He is looking for Wang Reyu to move reinforcements. There is still a quarter of an hour before the transmission array will open. Do you want to take shelter for a while? "
Cai Raner’s face-changing kung fu seems to be born, and his name for Chen Shaobai changes instantly. His voice is sweet and greasy, and his eyes are like silk, which seems to seduce people’s souls.
Chen Shaobai coldly swept her one eye: "Even if Wang Ruoyu becomes a disciple of Chuan Chuan, he can’t directly interfere with the inner door and kill me. In all likelihood, Zhang Sidong’s trip is to ask for a magic weapon to deal with me. Building your confidence on others, even if you have great magic, you are just a buffoon! "
Say, he fell with one hand, and his face was as calm as a pool of autumn water, staring at the large array suspended in the sky, constantly improving the dark eyes of knowing the sea, and his eyes flashed with J and jīng light, which made him dare not face up to it.
Zhang Sidong acted very fast, but in a moment, he rode the wind and fire Falun from the sky, staring at Chen Shaobai with hatred and sneering.
He made a big oath of demons, and at the cost of loyalty, he asked brother Wang Ruoyu for a big killer, and his strength soared more than twice! After entering the battlefield of the Milky Way, without the shackles of the clan door, there is no worry that Chen Shaobai will not die.
Killing my stuff is indeed sinful, and I will be punished by killing Sendai, but if he just breaks Chen Shaobai’s mana source, nullifies his limbs, takes away the return token and throws him in the battlefield of the Milky Way …
The strong background of Xuanyutang is there, even if some elders are dissatisfied with his behavior, there is no way to sentence him to death!
Even if it’s been 20 years, so what? How can it be worth his humiliation today?
Feeling the sight of hatred scanning back and forth on himself like a knife and axe, Chen Shaobai turned around and smiled gently: "Don’t worry, if you want to die, I will definitely help you."
"The time has come!"
An elder who looked like a rock slowly opened his eyes. He took a deep look at Chen Shaobai and Zhang Sidong. He knows the cause and effect of the feud between the two men, but it involves the light and dark peak and Xuanyutang, but it is not a small person like him who can participate. If you have to stand out, if you are careless, you will be crushed into slag by two behemoths, and you will be squeezed out to the Li who will never stand out.
Therefore, he turned a blind eye, like a robot without any emotion, calmly performing his duties.
Dark rock blue light hits the six-pointed star matrix, and tens of thousands of calculated ofuda arrays immediately work.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-three The abyss dead wind
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three