I was afraid of being found out and left in a hurry! Later, I intercepted the love song halfway, and I believe the princess knows everything about it! "

Yun Shu slowly explained the ins and outs of things and Su Ling’s expression was unpredictable, by the way!
"It seems that cloud girl is very lucky! Even the antidote can be found! Otherwise, I really have no antidote for bone erosion pills! "
Su Ling’s remarks seem to be a sigh, but on the other hand, she also reveals that she doesn’t believe in Yunshu lightly!
After all, this woman talks too evasively! And everything is too natural in her mouth!
Sure enough, Su Ling’s eyes flashed unnaturally when her words fell!
But when she looked away at Hector even love songs, the deep love in her eyes was sincere!
Yun Shu’s eyes wandered on the cheek of Hector’s love song, and immediately his eyes focused on him and said, "It’s normal for Princess Dust to have doubts!
But this time, Princess Lao remembers love songs! Before leaving, I specially came to Wangfu and the two roads to take care of them! From now on, I believe that love songs won’t worry you any more! I will take good care of him! "
Yun Shu’s words suddenly made Su Ling feel strange at this moment!
In her opinion, Yun Shu and Hector even love songs seem to be dominated by Yun Shu!
On the contrary, even the attitude of love songs has always been silent. No!
Su Ling carefully observed the almost interactive phenomenon between Hector even’s love songs and Yun Shu. Although a little surprised, it seems that love songs are indifferent to this!
After all, she is an outsider. Since it is a love song, she still respects her choice!
"Yun shu! I want to talk to Su Ling alone! "
Suddenly, even the love song suddenly began to talk when Yun Shu was talking!
And YunShu smell speech was a breath eyes slightly narrowed eyed Hector even love songs as if considering what!
Su Ling, an outsider in this situation, can’t help wondering about their mode of getting along like this even if she is calm!
Xu had seen YunShu look and don’t believe Hector even love songs unexpectedly a calm high voice "what are you thinking? !”
Hector even love songs with such a high voice and with a little anger attitude really made Yun Shu slightly stunned!
And it was not until this moment that Su Ling realized that the two of them were obviously Yunshu who cared more about Hector even’s love songs!
Another romantic concubine. Interested in a story? !
"Well, then you can talk slowly. I’ll wait outside!"
Yunshu finally got angry at Hector even’s love song for a moment, but all her indifferent amorous feelings and gestures converged!
Maybe it’s because of a woman’s intuition that Shu Yun couldn’t help wanting to express herself at the first sight of Su Ling!
But after all, ignoring her in Hector’s love song still failed!
Yun Shu, graceful and graceful, went to the main hall door and stepped out of the door. At the moment, she looked back at the two of them with a look of unease!
Silently sigh for a moment, Yun Shu hangs his eyes and folds his eyebrows to step out of the door!
And at the door, Yu Su and Bi Rao will directly open the three doors and close the door before seeing this!
When the door is closed, the sunshine outside the back door is blocked by wooden boards and the light in the room is dimmed!
At that time, the cheeks of Hector’s love songs were generally dense in the dark, and the edges and corners were so soft for a moment!
He turned his eyes for a moment and looked at Su Ling immersed in the dark color, and his cheeks flashed with pain!
"Su Ling, I am sorry!"
This apology was blurted out by him when there were no outsiders!
It turned out that he would be particularly embarrassed and embarrassed to meet again!
But at this time, even the love song is full of gratitude. Su Ling’s performance is not as he once imagined!
No indifference, no ridicule, although the distance has gradually widened, it is enough!
"There is no need to apologize for love songs!" Su Ling looked at Hector’s love song seriously and knew that his heart might have been tortured. Her heart could not bear to bear it, and her tone eased a lot. "Life will meet many people and many things, including many choices!
When the love song was in the tribe, in fact, neither I nor Lao San blamed you!
As friends, we will support you no matter what you do! But you have your reasons for insisting that we also have our reasons!
It’s been so many days since all this happened. If you can let it go, stay with Miss Yunshu!
If you can’t put … "
Su Ling didn’t stop here!
She really doesn’t want to say it because of that threat!
While Hector even love songs smile at this time "Su Ling I have put …"
It seems that there are two meanings when you put it!
Did he let go of the hatred between the country and the enemy, or did he let go of the hatred that has been buried in his heart? !