"I’ll see the queen!"

This time, no one will interfere with Shinohara’s path and no one will doubt her heart!
When Shinohara walked one step at a time, she dragged dozens of meters behind her, and her skirt shone brightly!
With the harsh sun shining on the earth, people knelt all over the floor outside the Ronghua Palace!
When walking on the steps, Shinohara seemed to see everything before her eyes!
When she was too young, she had enough freedom to do whatever she wanted!
Now she has become the third queen of South Xia, and this vast country has been her responsibility ever since!
She walked all the way alone, and finally she reached the highest peak here after throwing all the imperial women’s departments into the imperial tomb!
There was no happiness or excitement, and the phoenix robe tied her tightly. Since then, she has been completely imprisoned in this elegant but impersonal palace!
When Shinohara Snow walked all the way from the steps and finally reached the highest place in front of Ronghua Palace, she slowly closed her eyes and sighed!
Soon she turned her eyes inch by inch and skipped everyone in the temple!
Then she lifted her robe lightly with her lotus root arm and embroidered with flying phoenix on her sleeve.
"Aiqing … Stand up!"
Shinohara snow momentum such as rainbow phoenix robe and body at the top looking at the first kneel down all!
In a word, I fell down and congratulated him. "I am grateful for your grace! Congratulations on your honor in the hall! "
Even the forsythia beside Xiao Xue feels honored and glorious!
This prosperous time is as she saw!
"I’m on the big story today thanks to you! In the future, Tianrong and Dingguo Xingbang are my own!
When I ascended the throne, I decided to grant amnesty, reduce taxes for three years, and rest for half a month to comfort your ministers! "
This is a chapter 745 [Shinohara Snow Fanwai] 53.
"Xie positions long en amnesty! Xie Long’s Amnesty! "
Although baiguan doesn’t know that Shinohara Snow will take a break for half a month at the same time on Amnesty Day!
But officials must have their own decisions!
No one thought that Shinohara’s move was actually the time to win for himself!
If she wants to be the queen, she will certainly take care of what she has done in the DPRK!
Fortunately, the court is single-minded and this is also thanks to the bloody wrist of the mother emperor!
Now she doesn’t worry too much about the court. She just needs to make the country prosperous!
Following the ceremony, although the move is grand, it is also slightly simple!
After all, the first emperor has just left, and all the ceremonies and celebrations are simple!
It is from this moment that Shinohara’s identity is no longer the Tainv of the Southern Xia Kingdom but the third queen of the Southern Xia Kingdom!
Therefore, her palace is no longer the Tainv Palace but directly transferred to Weiyang Palace!
This is the rule set by our ancestors. No matter how much she doesn’t want to, she can’t ignore her ancestors!
Little by little, it’s certain that Shinohara Snow will become the Queen of South Xia Kingdom!
Near the evening again, Shinohara Snow has already taken off a phoenix robe and sat in the backyard of Weiyang Palace in plain clothes.
"The little emperor is here!"
The sound of forsythia comes from a distance to Shinohara Snow. When you look askance, you will see the pity of your little husband, like Jin Yan, running with his calf!
"Mother …"
Shinohara’s snow face suddenly bloomed with a gentle smile and got up to catch Jinyan’s small body and put it in her arms. "Jinyan hasn’t slept yet!"
"Mother, I miss you!"
Jin Yan said softly, rubbing her face with Shinohara’s snow neck!
Wen Xiaoxue’s heart is like eating honey, and she hugs Jinyan more and more. "Mother misses you, too!"
"Aunt Niang forsythia said you want to go out! Really? "
Sensitive Jin Yan looked at her pitifully as soon as he heard that Shinohara Snow was going out!
While Shinohara Snow looked stiff and glanced at Forsythia, which could truthfully answer, "Mother really wants to go out …"
"Mother with me, ok? I don’t want to stay by myself, I want to stay with my mother! "
Jin Yan begged for small eyes to make Shinohara Snow want to say no in his heart, but he couldn’t say it!
It seems that Jin Yan waited for a long time without waiting for her answer. "Mother, can’t you?"
Such a question immediately turned Xiao Xue’s heart into a spring water!
She couldn’t look at Jin Yan’s small appearance and nodded. "Jin Yan can rest assured that this mother will take you!"
"The mother is the best! Then if we go to Qichu, will we see Sister May? !”
Jin Yan keeps thinking about May, but he doesn’t know what happened in Qi and Chu!
But for a while, Xiao Xue couldn’t explain too much. She could smile and perfunctory "Well, I should see it!"
Two days later
In Weiyang Palace, Fang Xiaoxue sat in a phoenix robe while the dragon case sat with seven ministers of the humerus in the DPRK!
Among them, there are two older women who have been invaded by the years and have climbed around their eyes!
But although they are old, their eyes are still bright, which also shows that they are not ordinary women!
"You and I are going to visit Qi and Chu. I believe that some time ago, you also heard about the palace situation!
Taitai Qi Chu Huang was ordered by Emperor Huang to visit the first emperor in Southern Xia. Now I have just succeeded to the throne, but I have to go to Qi Chu with a gift when I arrive at the stable development institute of Southern Xia Guo Ping!
We need you to take care of the palace when we get here!
I will come back as early as possible if I have a half-month holiday!