A few people looked around and saw no traces of zombies as if they had never appeared before.

"May be stunned by our speed and ran away! After all, it’s easy for us to win the Olympic gold medal quickly, "Yan Huang said with a relaxed face."
"Tick-tock …"
Just as he was complacent, a drop of sticky and foul-smelling liquid dripped on his lips.
"Lie trough! Who is so unselfish? " Chinese people denounced a vomitted two toward the ground and looked up at the roof.
Many zombies are crawling all over the side walls of buildings on both sides. A humanoid variant in armor has blue claws in its hands.
"even!" Everyone followed his eyes and made a bad sound at the same time.
"Run!" I don’t know who shouted that one or five people once again entered the escape.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Life-saving vehicles
Zombie lords are like watching their toys trying to run out of the palm of their hands. They look at five people running away not far away. The masks are buzzing and the laughter is full of disdain and irony.
Li Xiangkun and others ran for nearly half an hour. They ran from the center of the city to the suburbs, and the surrounding houses gradually changed from high-rise buildings to low-rise buildings.
"Whoo-hoo, why have you been running for so long … haven’t you run out of the city?" The Chinese people panted heavily as if they were carrying dozens of kilograms of sandbags.
"What do you want to good! I want to run out of the city in half an hour. Do you think the city can turn around several times in ten minutes like your backcountry? " Yao Shun jokingly said that his regular physical exercise is much better than Yanhuang’s.
Although the strengthening agent can strengthen all the abilities of the human body, the effect is different according to the foundation.
Imagine that if a weak wind blows, people can fall down, and everyone can be hanged if they are vaccinated with enhanced drugs. What is the so-called balance? That makes those men who insist on exercising every day feel embarrassed.
Yan Huang heard this sentence and quickly retorted, "My beautiful town with beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery, blue sky and green grass, don’t you envy it every day?"
"Our metropolis has advanced science and technology, convenient life, and all kinds of transportation and communication methods. There are many high-rise buildings and the extraordinary charm of modern cities. What do you think?" When Yao and Shun saw each other refute this little stubborn temper, they began to discuss the difference between urban and rural areas until the state affairs could be described as a master of changing the subject.
Two people are happy, but three people are sad when listening to them. You can’t gag people, can you?
"Line line! Now is the time to argue about this topic. Let’s talk about it after your line. It’s important for us to flee for our lives now. "The deluded eyes showed their extremely domineering side. She twisted her wrists and winked at the two men.
"If any of you don’t want to talk, just come and try."
Men can lose, but they must not wait to lose momentum!
Men can lose momentum, but they must not lose dignity!
Men can lose their dignity, but they must not lose to women!
Adhering to this concept, Yan Huang and Yao Shun got up and walked step by step towards the bewitch eye.
Bewitched eyes clenched iron fist warily to come over two people nu way "what do you two want? Come closer to me and don’t blame me for being rude! "
Who wants to "bang" two people directly kneel and cry and say "big sister! We are wrong! "
Li Xiangkui smiled secretly. These two schoolmates are really clowns. It’s really relaxing and pleasant to have their company during the boring chat trip.
Suddenly there was a loud noise and several people came around. They looked around warily and found a big pit on the ground less than 2 meters behind.
"What is this?" Bewitched eyes asked doubtfully.
"I’m afraid we’ve been chased again." Sunseeker chuckled as if she were talking about her own business.
Sure enough, there were several big holes around them, and a bare bone arm emerged from the hole
Five people didn’t hesitate to continue to run hard towards the front, and from time to time threw a few attacks behind them to slow them down.
"We run so also is not a way! Is there any better way? " Yanhuang has reached the limit of his body, and now he feels that he has no strength to open his eyes and his voice is just like smoking.
Li Xiangkui looked at both sides of the street and suddenly found a commercial car parked on the side of the road with its lights still on. It looked fairly intact.
"Is there a way! Let’s drive there. Come with me, everyone. "Li Xiangrui whispered a greeting to four people and followed him towards the commercial car.
After running to the side of the car, Li Xiang pulled open the cab door, and the seat inside was very comfortable. The car key was inserted in the keyhole, which proved that the driver was in a hurry when he fled.
It’s also cheaper for a few people. After all four people sit in the car, Li Xiangrui stepped on the accelerator and clenched the steering wheel to gallop further in the suburbs.
There is not much oil in this car, and it can run less than 100 kilometers at most. You should find one in the distance to refuel.
"Open the navigation to find out where there is any refueling nearby," Li Xiangkun said to the co-pilot.
Sunseeker language obediently car brain lit opened the map navigation.
"The signal here seems to be a little poor, and the network connection is a little unstable." It is often an error to see the brain map open very slowly
"It’s okay! Try a few more times and you will definitely be able to open it. "Li Xiangkun is very free to drive with one hand. This road is very deserted except for their one car.
"Search for the nearest refueling distance in Z country. Up to now, there are still 75 kilometers. Go straight for 5 meters and then turn right. Please pay attention to the speed limit." The mechanized woman in the navigation said without any emotion, which can’t help but remind Li Xiangkun of his little black, but unfortunately she didn’t drive the sports car out.
"Go!" Lee sang-soo rolled the window to speed up and galloped towards his destination to MD speed limit!
They found the location of the car. Zombie lords led a large wave of corpses and found that the five people had disappeared. They couldn’t help roaring angrily. He grabbed a poor six-level mutant and tore it in half directly.
"Ow ow …"