Especially looking at her staring at the little thing, wondering and meditating, Li Chengzhu’s Adam’s apple couldn’t help but move and start. Little DD pulled the lever and was about to revolt. Climb Li Chengzhu’s old face and put his hand into his trouser pocket without coloring. Press little DD to hold his head high and barely say, "Miss, what’s up?"

Staring at the little thing, the charming woman noticed that Li Chengzhu’s perfect smile suddenly bloomed. Her face was big and her eyes were bent into a crescent shape, and she threw a glad eye at Li Chengzhu. "Is this spirit beast you?" Say that finish out Sandy jade hand pointed to the little thing.
This woman gives Li Chengzhu a strange feeling, which is like … like right, just like when they went to interview some units and enterprises, the bosses arranged senior bed chaperones.
But this woman gives Li Chengzhu a feeling that it is not complete. Although this woman is charming, she is not lewd.
Staring at her little white hand, Li Chengzhu’s face turned redder for a long time before she calmed down and shook her head. "It’s not me, it’s just following me." Since that little thing gave her life to save her, Li Chengzhu never regarded it as a spirit beast.
The little thing seemed to understand Li Chengzhu’s words, reaching out to pink small tongue and licking his old face, making Li Chengzhu’s face sticky and uncomfortable.
The woman smiled more happily next to her. "It’s quite spiritual." After that, she seemed to ask casually, "Is this a treasure hunt mouse?"
Li Chengzhu wondered, "Treasure Hunters? I don’t know if it’s what I usually call a little thing. "
The woman looked at the little thing, fat and charming, and smiled. "Little thing is really an appropriate name."
"squeak!" Little Li Chengzhu’s shoulder protested against the woman’s ridicule
"Don’t you know what spirit beast it is?" Women seem to be interested in little things.
It is true that Li Chengzhu touched the head of the little thing "I don’t know, I have never seen it before". After wandering in the forest for more than two months, I only saw a small thing like this, and Li Chengzhu knew nothing about it except the Chinese bearded bird in the celestial world.
The woman stared at the little thing for a long time before she seemed disappointed and sighed, "Maybe I was wrong."
Li Chengzhu also irrepressible curiosity mouth asked at this moment "treasure hunt rats look like little things? What’s there? You seem to be interested in it. "
The woman looked puzzled at Li Chengzhu, as if surprised. How could he not know that the famous treasure-hunting rat in the celestial world could not see that Li Chengzhu was lying for a long time? Only then did she say, "The treasure-hunting rat really looks like this little thing of yours, but it is a little smaller than it, and its big tail is about half as long. Although it is a second-order median spirit beast, it is the only spirit beast in the celestial world that has an induction to the place in the aura. Just listen to its name and you will know that the treasure-hunting rat can come to treasure and is infected with enchantment spells."
Li Chengzhu was taken aback after hearing the woman’s introduction. I didn’t expect the treasure-hunting rat to have an epidemic of enchantment spells! Now he can be sure that the little thing is the so-called treasure hunt rat, because when it stole its first stone, it set up an alarm barrier to enter and exit, but the alarm barrier didn’t respond at all, and when it first saw it, it was half its size.
Li Chengzhu skimmed his head to see that the little thing had been cut off by himself until now, and he didn’t grow much. He couldn’t help praising himself for cutting it well. Great.
Think of little things ability Li Chengzhu seemed to see the mountain genius treasure heap made a great deal in front of yourself.
The woman looked at Li Chengzhu drooling and said with a laugh, "Can you sell it to me?"
"squeak!" Before Li Chengzhu could answer, the little guy raised his front paws and cried. A few hairs beside his nose stood up demonstratively as if he were dissatisfied with the woman’s words
"Ha ha, I said it’s not me, it’s just following me. If it’s willing to follow you, I won’t stop it." Li Chengzhu wiped her mouth and said heroically, "But the little thing has deep feelings for me. I don’t think it’s very willing to … follow a stranger!"
Before Li Chengzhu finished, he saw a picture that made him want to bite off his tongue.
The woman took out a piece of cat stone in her hand and smiled at Li Chengzhu cunningly, then turned to the little thing "It’s delicious to come to my sister."
Before Li Chengzhu could respond, the little thing jumped into a woman’s chest and plunged into her breast, then grabbed the secret stone and chewed it up.
Li cheng’s stigma blue veins burst out
Him? I’m deluded! This little beast
The woman seemed to have won a great victory and said to Li Chengzhu, "Did you keep your word just now?"
Li Chengzhu’s mouth twitched. "A man’s words are a promise!"
The woman was satisfied with turning to the little thing to exhibit the Huairou policy. The tone can’t be gentle. "Will you follow your sister?" I’ll give you this kind of good food every day. "
Ba Ji ba Ji
"I still have a lot of better food, many times higher than this!"
Ba Ji ba Ji
"I want you to sleep with you every day after following my sister, okay?"
Ba Ji ba Ji
Li Chengzhu’s face flushed like blood and he stared at the small things in the arms of women.
A secret stone was eaten by a little thing for a while. After eating it, the little thing looked up and clung to the woman’s mouth and squeaked.
Li Chengzhu stared at the woman’s chest, which was picked up by the little thing’s front paws. In my heart, I couldn’t help but burst into a flurry of ghost paws. It didn’t hurt you so much. You caught the old one hard, even the old one.
The woman looked at the little thing and frowned slightly. "Aren’t you full?"
Li Chengzhu gloated with his arms around his chest. It’s hard for a woman to buy off a little thing by relying on a stone!
The belly of a little thing is a hole in the bottom
Chapter V Stealing by nature
Looking at Li Chengzhu’s smug appearance, the woman gritted her teeth and took out a piece of cat stone from the ring to reach out and hand it to the little thing, but her eyes were staring at Li Chengzhu. "Come on, sister, I have a lot of this stuff."
Looking at the woman’s hand, Li Chengzhu’s eyes are coming out.
That’s a secret stone, and there are two pieces of my own property. This woman actually feeds it to little things. This woman is either burning her ass or crazy.