However, Sun Hao is very tenacious and tenacious, and his fighting consciousness is extraordinary. Although the wind has fallen slightly, it is difficult for a Dapeng bird with platinum wings to completely defeat Sun Hao.

The battle of Fengyuan is glued together.
Sun Hao will often be hit by flying, often pressed into the ground, or even directly hit the body, but after flying, he will come back to the ground and still get up, but he will recover soon after being injured.
Sun Hao, like a fighting machine, tirelessly spent time with the platinum-winged Dapeng bird.
After fighting for three months, the Platinum Winged Dapeng Bird was born and raised in the scenery, and felt that it was never tired in this wind attribute. The Platinum Winged Dapeng Bird was upset and kept growling, not only moving, but also powerful and powerful.
Sun Hao’s injured area suddenly increased. Although he couldn’t do anything about himself, his senses were not very good.
After two days of confrontation, Sun Hao growled at the sky, and his head shrank rapidly. He became a Xingtian witch with a shield in his left hand and an agarwood sword in his right hand. He flapped his chest, bellybuttoned his mouth and growled constantly against a Dapeng bird with platinum wings.
Suddenly, the opponent became bigger, which startled the Dapeng bird with platinum wings, but then he flew into a rage and the attack became more and more fierce.
Sun Hao’s subjective consciousness simply incarnates the ghost spirit and runs to hold the tombstone to practice his own Yin-Yang combination solution. Sun Hao feels that practicing this Yin-Yang combination solution can complement Yin and Yang when he fights as a witch spirit, which is very beneficial to the common progress of Yin Rabbit’s cold jade strength and wild Xingtian strength.
Sun Hao’s tombstone spirit was driven by Sun Hao to emit bursts of feminine strength. It was very unexpected that Sun Hao found that after years of self-cultivation, the tombstone spirit has also made great progress, and the feminine strength has become more refined and pure, and it has also brought a bit of roundness because of its yang nourishment.
Mino Hayou’s face in the remote palace is flushed again, and his heart says, Damn it, after all these years, you finally think of my mother. Well, this time, I won’t turn you over and sing.
After half a day, Mino Ha Yoon Nai muttered a good little progress, which was faster than the old lady. You closed your eyes and cooperated with the double major.
The subject consciousness fell into the practice of combining Yin and Yang, and was handed over to Xingtian after the battle. The only thing that drives the subject consciousness is the sword of small wind.
Then it is even more unreasonable to wrestle with the scenery and play Xingtian’s witch-spirit state. Sun Hao is arrogant and arrogant, and a shield and a sword are entangled in the struggle of the platinum-winged Dapeng bird
I think that in those days, there were many fights in the ancient tomb of Xingtian, and sometimes a fight was calculated for hundreds of years, but now it’s just another interesting opponent
Double Sword Bone Ridge Wild Xingtian Strength and Witchcraft State Sun Hao’s fighting spirit is full of Jingfengfengfengyuan’s long-term battle with Platinum Winged Dapeng Bird.
This fight has been going on for more than a year. Xingtian’s witch spirit is still alive and kicking, and she will never back down.
However, the platinum-winged Dapeng bird is frightened. Even though it doesn’t have much intelligence, it can still be strong in the face of playing with its skeleton left, and the battle can still be swallowed up in its stomach. The opponent also feels that he can do something.
It’s true that the Dapeng bird with platinum wings is very strong, but in terms of lasting combat effectiveness, it is estimated that few monks and animals can drive Sun Hao and Xingtian to the witch’s body
There is no reason to fight.
Life is more than fighting.
This is the true core fighting spirit of Xingtian’s witch body, which is also suspected to be more in line with the essence of wild Xingtian’s practice.
In the state of ghost cultivation, Sun Hao can clearly perceive that his wild Xingtian progress has driven him to practice quickly.
When there is a dogfight, it is really suitable for the fearless Xingtian Wu Bo to come out to practice for a while, so that the fighting opportunity will be handed over to Wu Bo to deal with himself, and it will take some time to practice.
I don’t know how long it’s been. Anyway, it’s not short. Xingtian’s witch fight has stagnated. Sun Hao waited unhurriedly for two days before the war resumed.
Then the battle went into a state of continuous interruption, and it stopped for a while. It should be that Xingtian Wupo occupied the wind and pursued the platinum-winged Dapeng bird
Bian Mu and Xingtian Wu ‘o are the best partners. No, Sun Hao’s pursuit of the platinum-winged Dapeng bird is absolutely a witness to the war every once in a while
However, the platinum-winged Dapeng bird is extremely fast, and I’m afraid it’s hard for Xingtian Wupo to really catch and kill it. It is estimated that this chase will eventually go away.
When Sun Hao was considering whether the body consciousness took over the body, he accidentally heard the sound of border herding. "If Sun Lao Da doesn’t come out, it will be a great opportunity to wave again …"
Sun Hao’s mind is full of divine knowledge, which dominates his magical body.
Sun Hao suddenly found himself standing on a hill with a shield in one hand and a sword in the other.
And the medium-platinum-winged Dapeng bird quacks one to one, but it just can’t hover. It wants to pounce and dares not sample.
Can’t help but look at his side with Sun Haohua’s eyes.
Bian Mu saw Corleone look at himself and couldn’t help crying, "Boss, it’s good that you’re here. This is the first time I’ve caught the birds in Tucki, but every time I fight, I forget the business and the big birds have robbed the birds in Tucki …"
Sun Hao saw that the side grazing paws pressed a meat, and the feathers didn’t grow plump yet. The Tucki bird was struggling endlessly, and its head stretched out towards its mother, screaming and screaming.
Pay attention to Sun Hao again. Don’t cross the body and graze. This guy is really too much. One claw holds down the bird, and the other claw keeps scratching it. The strength of the newly developed part of the bird is estimated to be not small, so that the bird can keep whining.
When Wu Po was with Bian Mu, this guy was really capable of anything without control, but it seemed to work well, and Dapeng with platinum wings could not hover and moan.
Sun Hao bellowed in the air, "Come to the first world war or kill the bird."
The strength of the border shepherd’s paw is stronger, and the dog fights with the strength of the people and yells, "Not bad, not bad, let’s fight, or the dog will not show mercy."
The bird screamed again.
The high-platinum-winged Dapeng bird can’t stand it anymore.